Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Church buddies Austin and Curtis Ying (the Ying brothers) performing their duo dance on 12/9/11 for on the spot

Walk at night while distributing Mark Cahill tract booklets (I apologize if you guys can't see me, my video camera doesn't have a light). And this was taken on 12/28/11

A quotation from my brother in Christ Will

"Building relationships to earn the right to share the gospel with people is foreign to Scripture and inconsistent with Jesus's ministry!!" -Will Shearer

Another omegle conversation

This omegle conversation that I had recently was pretty funny in my opinion. He told me during the conversation that we (as in the human race) originated from Africa and that Eve was black. So then I asked him how he knew that to be true and he said that it could not be true and then I asked him where he got his information on it and he told me that he got his info from this movie he watched (which I don't remember). This person I was chatting with was from a city in the Netherlands. Then I sent him mark cahill's site and told him to get the book one heartbeat away and have it delivered to his address. He said to me "maybe I will" and then I just ended the conversation. I can still be faithful indoors on the internet just the same as outdoors in the world. God is good. Praise Him!!! Amen.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Heaven thinking

I always think about going home. About going to the place where I truly belong. With my Savior and God Jesus Christ. As us sinful human beings we always think that the place we are living here is our home, it's not. Yes, Earth is the place God created for us to inhabit and live upon, but this "home" has been brought down by the curse of sin and everything around us is evil and we heart our loving Savior by breaking His Commandments and by that we are undeserving of Heaven. The REAL home we will be going to is the New Heavens (the Universe) and New Earth that God will create. They will both be like our present Universe and Earth, but magnificently upgraded, and it will be Heaven (our true home). And the New Jerusalem, (the huge city down below) will be like super duper awesome and more spectacular than any other city we have been to, wow!!! We can't earn Heaven by our own efforts by God's grace and mercy we can go to a beautiful place called Heaven. "He saved us not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy." Titus 3:5 I think about Heaven some of the time but when I do I explode with Joy thinking about how awesome this place will be!!! No more pain, suffering, death, tears, sadness, or anything negative there. Heaven will be perfect and so will we! Not as in like God, but as in our bodies will be beautiful and perfect but seeing our Lord Jesus face to face, that will be an experience unlike any other!!! I always imagine what it will be like to see our God face to face with our own eyes in person. I can only imagine. I can't wait to go home. Amen.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prayer book (Blog post intended for Christmas morning).

Just this morning for Christmas I got something unexpected that I did not ask for, I got a prayer book to help me with my prayer life. My dad would tell me and my brother's to make a Christmas list to write what we wanted. I wrote down a wireless mouse (that I got), and a pc videogame called left 4 dead. But then when I opened up my gifts, I got a haircut kit (which was for my stepbrother and me for cool haircuts haha), and the other was a new pair of vans shoes (I love those), and then last but least a prayer book. God is good, even when you least expect Him to deliver stuff that we don't deserve and expect, but His gift are great and God is good. Amen.

Friday, December 23, 2011


I am forgiven. Forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ. I have every reason to rejoice because his blood washes away all of my sin that I have ever committed in my life. Just this evening I felt horrible because my dad wanted me  to watch this clip and I didn't want to and my dad became mad and told me how I won't listen to him. I completely disobeyed him. When he told me that I realized again what a filthy dirty, rotten, disgusting, sinner I am and that I don't deserve Heaven. Period. But God's love is strong enough and powerful enough to lift me up out of sin and into His arms for all of eternity. Jesus the sinless Savior and perfect sacrifice came to die for the worlds sins and mine so that all who believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16  It really makes sense how we can come to the Cross after realizing how we are nasty sinners and that we have broken the law of God (the Ten Commandments) and are in need of a Savior which is the Lord Jesus Christ. We can then repent of our sin, turn from it and put our trust in Christ to save us. Praise the Lord for His awesome gift of eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ!!! Amen.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Amazing Omegle conversation

This conversation absolutely brightened my day. I was completely stunned by what this young lady was saying to me. At the beginning of the conversation she said something inappropriate but then I said "wait, can I ask you an interesting question?" And she said "sure" then I asked "if you died tonight are you 100% assured that you would go to Heaven?" Bingo! Conversation initiated! I asked her if she wanted to go to Heaven and she said "of course!" So then I walked her through the law of God which is the Ten Commandments so I could expose her sin. She was very honest with herself and even told me she told a lie just 20 minutes ago when I asked her if she ever told a lie right at that moment! She told me she didn't feel proud of it and we kept  talking and talking. And she was very sweet. I just loved her open honesty with me and she loved how I was sharing the words of Christ with her! Unfortunately the conversation that I downloaded won't open, but that's ok. She was telling me how she was inspired from me to go back to Church. And she was giving me compliments that just made my day. And I also shared one of my stories with her. She also told me that at her school there were four hundred something pregnancies and 12 were this year. I was like whooaa. Crazy stuff happening over there! haha She told me she lives in Kansas and goes to school and she is 16 years old. Her name is Mercedes. I knew this whole conversation was no accident. Praise the Lord for the divine appointments He plans!!! Amen.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Second day of adult school

My second day of adult school was worse than yesterday and today was Algebra. Even though the entire class period it's just classwork that the teacher gives us to do, it was so boring. Just having that feeling to work and work and work is so repetitive and becomes unexciting. Nothing is difficult about the class, the only thing is that it is time consuming since the class is 3 hrs and ten minutes long. But the benefit of having the class is that once I finish all the classwork, I can do my homework and finish it early there so that when I come home I won't have anything to do. Today we completed a diagnostic test which was to discover where we are currently on our math skills. I did very poorly to tell the truth. I got 16 out of 50. But nevertheless that is unimportant because it's in a temporary sense and has temporary value and will never make it on Judgement Day. So right after the diagnostic test I completed a packet and worksheet ( I still have to finish the worksheet tonight), and then we take a quiz/test. We didn't take that today because we haven't reviewed anything, since today was out first day. But other than that nothing else. Please, please, please pray that the Lord will give me strength to persevere through this entire adult school program along with my Literature class. "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13 Amen.

Monday, November 28, 2011

First day of adult school

Today was the first day of adult school. It honestly wasn't bad. I had the same teacher I had last quarter. And his humor is fantastic! Makes the class much more fun and with lots of excitement. All we do in class is take a test from the online work that we do and then we leave. Very easy. And the work is all online on his website. We basically have three books that we read online individually for each week which are short or long stories, and then we complete the study guide after we read the story and submit it after answering the questions. And that's it! Simplicity. Tomorrow is Algebra 1 and the class is from 3:40-6:50. All I do in that class is just work, work, work. Hopefully not the whole time period. But I can make it through with God's strength. "It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect." 2 Samuel 22:33 Amen.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Second chance

Well today I decided to give it a second shot at Wal-Mart after I failed the first time I was there. I knew that God would lead to the right people if I continued to be faithful and that's exactly what happened. I went in to see who the Lord had put there for me to talk to. As I came through the entrance I noticed a Blimpie restaurant on my left. I walked in and noticed a guy who was just sitting by himself and I approached him and said "hey how you doing sir. Can you help me out I'm working on a project?" He just said "don't bother me and I responded "have a great day" and walked away. That guy didn't want to talk with me and I knew that I got rejected instantly. Then I noticed an elderly woman near me and I walked up to her and asked her the question "if you died tonight are you 100% assured you would go to Heaven?" She said yes and then I said to her how she knew that to be true. Then she said "because I believe in God" I was happy and then I said God Bless you and walked away. I walked around to see who the Lord had put in my path and when I entered the movie section of the store I noticed a girl who looked like a teenager standing looking at some books. I approached her and asked "excuse me can you help me out I'm working on a project?" She asked me what kind and I said "well I am asking people the question if you died tonight are you 100% assured you would go to Heaven?" She said "no" and I asked her how she knew that to be true and she replied "I don't know." Then I shared with her about Heaven and how it's a place of no more pain, suffering, or tears and how great it is. Then I shared with her the gift of Jesus Blood shed on the Cross for her sins and that it's a gift that she can accept. Her name is Natalia and I said to her "the only reason I share this with you is because I care about your soul and where you are going when you die. And I hope that means something to you." She smiled and then at the end of the conversation she told me she had to leave. She said to me "it was nice talking to you" then she left. Next I was walking down the aisle when I noticed a man by himself that looked philipino. I approached him and said "hey how you doing sir" he said "good" I asked "can you help me out, I'm working on a project?" I don't remember what he said. But I asked him the question if you died tonight are you 100% assured you would go to Heaven? He said I don't know. I noticed him wearing a Cross necklace the usual ones Catholics wear and asked him "why do you wear that necklace? He said because it looks good. Then I said "did you know someone died on that Cross for you 2,000 years ago?" He said "no". I said "do you know who Jesus is?" He said yes. (That's a surprise, if he knew Jesus then how could he not know His significant death on the Cross for the worlds sins? Very interesting.) Then I shared with him what the Blood of Jesus Christ can do for him then I gave him a tract and left. That's my story of what happened twice at Wal-Mart again. Jesus is full of second chances. Praise Him for His unfailing faithfulness!!! Amen!

So ashamed

Today has been one of the worst days of witnessing ever. When I was at Wal-Mart for black Friday I did not witness to one single person, NOT ONE. This has probably been one of my worst trips with no purpose ever. I even prayed to the Lord to use me and yet when I was in Wal-Mart I didn't do it once. I believe it was because God was simply doing His part which was using me and I was supposed to do mine by initiating the action instead of just waiting for some miracle to happen. I never blame anything on the Lord ever. This was all my fault. Jesus was doing His part and I wasn't doing mine. As simple as that. I know I can do better. When I am at adult school, I am just going to go all out and tell people about Jesus. I know I have mentioned this book numerous times but mark cahill's fantastic book one thing you can't do in Heaven has inspired me to tell a whole lot of Jesus without fear. And I do encourage you guys to pray for me to be a bolder witnesser for the Lord. I just need to do my part. That's all. I feel so ashamed of myself now. I know I am be a better JesusFreak than that. So please pray for me to be bolder. I would appreciate that soo much!!! God bless you! -JesusSaves224

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

A thank you prayer written by me to Jesus: 

Dear Lord Jesus. Thank you for the wonderful food you have put on my plate today. You are wonderful and just simply beyond words. But most importantly above all else thank you for dying for me when I did not deserve it and for granting me the gift of eternal life. You are my Savior. I also thank you Lord for giving me the right mindset and and for giving me the focus to save souls and to tell people about your love. I also thank you for the breath that I have today and that you have still kept me breathing here on Earth to tell more and more people about what you did for them. And I want to thank you Lord for keeping me in the faith. I want to finish this fight Lord and want to finish it strong and for you alone Lord. Nothing else matters except my love for you and you using me to show it to people to draw them to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus. I love you soo much!!! <333333 In your beautiful name I pray. Amen. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The day I see His face

The day I see the Lord's face will be a day of indescribable joy that simply can't be put in Words. What will it be like to see Him in His full Majesty and Glory? I can only imagine just like the song from mercy me. "I can only imagine, what it will be like, when I walk, by your side. I can only imagine, when that day comes, when your face, is before me. I can only imagine." The Beauty and Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ is just beyond all words. Nobody can know what it will be like to be in the presence of our Savior and God. When I see Jesus the first words I am going to say to Him are "I love you Jesus. Than you so much for dying for me. I don't deserve this place. But you gave yourself for me because you loved me and wanted me to be with you for all of eternity." I don't know if I will be saying it like that, but I know I will be in joyful tears when I see Him face to face. I can only imagine. Amen.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A broken promise

Ever made a promise that you regretted entirely? Something that you wish you would have never said? I have done that numerous times. And the one I just made recently was that I promised my dad last Sunday that I would go bowling with him next Sunday (which is today), unfortunately I broke that promise and when I asked my dad if me and my friend Brent can go to the Great Mall, he said no. All because I made a promise to him and destroyed it. I was tired this morning and didn't want to get up. And one thing I don't like doing is going bowling without taking a fresh clean shower. All I want to do is go and tell people about Jesus. And my dad thinks that preaching is by shouting it to people. HEC TO THE NO IT'S NOT!!! It's all about sharing the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ in love with people, not shoving it down their throats. My secondary plan for today would be to go to Golfland and meet my friend Ray that came from Nebraska and share Jesus with him and other people there while I am present. That was my plan. Now I got a text message from my dad telling me that I can't. Now I am stuck at home. But I have an even better plan. I can share Jesus on the internet with the click of a button! How cool is that! Now that it is raining outside, I can share Jesus in the comfort of my own room! Awesome!!! "I tell you the truth, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told in memory of her." Matthew 26:13 Amen. PTL!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Witnessing Golfland 11/5/11

Today was a great time at witnessing at Golfland. I met my friend Ray and we talked a while about various topics and then later on I met a guy named Craig. I saw him playing DDR which is really popular fast paced dancing genre video game and he was just sweating a ton! But afterwards later he rested on a bench and we talked and talked about things then I said "Craig, can I ask you an interesting question?" He said that I could ask him anything. Then I asked "when you die, what do you think is on the other side, what do you think is out there after we walk out of here?" He just was thinking and thinking and then we talked about it more and more. And then I walked him through the Ten Commandments, and he admitted the sins that he committed. But what surprised me was when I got to the sixth Commandment which was murder he admitted that he did kill someone! I asked who it was that he killed and he told me it was a robber that came into his house. He said he had a gun stored in his house and shot him in the chest then directly in the head. I was shocked when he told me that and I asked him if he was serious and he said yeah. Then I was sharing about Jesus miracles what He said and done then finally the Cross where His blood was spilled for our sins and as I was sharing all of this with him he told me that he was skeptical about all of it. And then I talked about repentance and he wanted more information so then he asked me "how do you repent?" Then I explained more and he understood. He was skeptical about the whole talk about Jesus, the Cross and everything else but I could see in his eyes that he wanted to change. But then after I had to get going so I said bye to Craig and left. God is faithful even when you don't realize it! Amen!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Suffer for the Kingdom

Today was just wonderful. I was spending some time with the Lord talking with Him and enjoying His presence at school and reading His Word at lunch and during my classes. And then after school I got into my car and my brother came along with our family friend Akshay (who is a non-believer). And we were waiting for my brother's friend Ivan (Catholic). But right when we were about to leave someone I knew from school asked me if he could get a ride from me. I told him that he could and that he can come in my car. So I drove him to his house, dropped him off and was on our way back to drop off my brother's friends, mark (my brother) would physically punch me in the back of the head while I am driving! That is an extremely dangerous thing to do. And he did it twice in the car. But instead of becoming mad and raising my temper I just gently answered. And while we were driving back home my brother hit me for giving a ride to this student at our school named David. And my brother and his friends say he is really rude and they started using swear words in the car after I dropped him off. But I was doing something kind, and wanted to give him a ride. And my brother would hit me for giving him a ride. And my brother told me that the reason he wanted to give me a ride was because he would be asking obvious questions that he already knew and would have me answer them just to make fun of me. But I whatever I do I do for Jesus and I live for Him alone. Every kind deed is not wasted no matter to what person it was. But I would be continually hi and abused for my brother for doing something kind. And the Word of God says in 1 Peter 3:14 "But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed." I am blessed because I am doing what is right and my brother doesn't like it just because he doesn't like the person I gave a ride to in my car. I love everyone and I love Jesus and I will do what is right in His eyes rather than other people. If I have to suffer my brother hitting and abusing me for the Kingdom of God, so be it. Amen.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Endless pain, loving forgivness

My brother can be a real pain in the butt seriously. But I still love him even if he is still an unsaved sinner. Today had to be one of the best days that I have treated my brother with loving kindness. When we were both alone driving in the car and then my brother turned up the music. I thought it was loud and I turned it down. He got loud and started to hit me while I was driving (very dangerous). That took my eyes off the road and I got angry at my brother for doing that to me and we still can't arguing and he kept hitting me. Then suddenly he punched me in the face while I was still driving! Which is extremely dangerous. Then when we got home he kept arguing and I didn't say anything, he just said "I do it to all my other friends and they don't complain" and I just responded "good for them" to my brother. And instead of hitting my brother or taking revenge I know that the Lord will handle him, so I just handed over everything to him. And my brother switches behaviors so after all the physical hitting I took from him that did hurt, I was able to forgive him as the Lord was using me to say that because without Him I can do nothing. "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength." I forgive my brother lovingly and didn't say anything bad to him but just responded gently to him. Praise the Lord!!! His Word is power! Amen!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Mall witnessing with my buddy Austin 10/30/11

Today was truly an awesome day! Me and buddy Austin went witnessing at the Great Mall today because I was so on fire for the Lord that I invited my friend Austin to come share Christ at the mall with me today. My friend Austin was carrying a bag and inside were folded up triangular papers which were also gospel tracts in my opinion but in each they contained a message about Austin's Jesusfreak blog and a packet of strident gum. We stood at one of the entrances just giving them out to people. Some people rejected it and didn't want anything to do with it but their were people that did take it. After me and Austin finished handing out his stuff we grabbed some lunch at a buffet which his dad payed for already (very generous and food was delicious), and what surprised me the most was that my friends Brent, Curtis (Austin's brother) and Laurence were interested so they also wanted to join in. So I gave them two tracts each then we headed into the mall again to actually do some real witnessing. I was the only one witnessing but my friend Austin was observing what I was doing and then I told him while we were in a sports store for him to give it a shot. He gave it a shot, but he told me the lady he was going to witness to was too busy. Austin is my developing apprentice hahaha, but he was learning and I was teaching him how to do it based on the stuff I learned from the book one thing you can't do in Heaven. I got into great conversations including these two Latin Americans and an Asian guy named Will in Dave and Busters. He was a very interesting man, but did not believe in Jesus nor his Resurrection. But I know that man will not forget that young 18 year old who told him about Jesus and truth. Then after me and Austin walked around the mall looking for people to witness to and hand out tracts. Our time was coming close to ending so we both decided to just give out a few tracts and then head back to Church. The whole experience was just fantastic! Then when we got back to Church, we chilled and hung out there. And I also met up with my friend Jen who was playing the piano (she's really great), but I met up with her and asked her how she was doing then she asked me and she told me what I was up to and I told her that me and Austin went to the Great Mall to share Jesus. She said that was awesome and she even asked if she could tag along sometime! I said "Sure, that would be awesome!" And I shared with her what we did and how we did it and she told me "I wish I had boldness like you to share Christ" and then she shared how she felt and I listened. But I felt absolutely humbled by what she said because I know that the Lord is using me to do His Work, not my own. He is using my body to glorify Him and Him alone. Then I asked my friend Jen for a hug and she gave me a hug. (I love hugs), but it's simple acts of love that you do that people really respond to and Jen wanted to join in so I told her that whenever she is free next time that she can come join us and she said that it would be great. Praise the Lord for this marvelous day, uplift His holy name!!! Amen!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Witnessing 10/26/11

Today during lunch I was searching for who the Lord was leading me to talk to about Him. As I was looking around I was meeting and greeting people as I passed by them. I decided to go to the library and witness there and as I entered their was a student standing by himself eating his lunch so what did I do? Well I approached him and started to talk with him of course! His name is Nathan and I asked him what he thought was out there after he died. He said that when you die you lose consciousness of your brain and that whatever happens when you die happens and you can't do anything about it. Then I talked with him about proofs for a God and he found the evidence I shared with him very convincing. He told me "that's what I used to think before, but now it's different." He said that he knew what I was talking about and knew their had to be a Grand Creator for the Universe and the Earth. So then after I talked with Nathan about my beliefs and that there is a Heaven and a Hell and then I walked him through God's Standard of goodness which is the Ten Commandments and showed him his sin. He was quiet because he knew he has broken God's laws and was guilty before him, unless he knew the way out which I showed him. Then I shared what Jesus did for him on the Cross and how He can take away his sin and stand not guilty before God on Judgment day and not be a condemned sinner headed for Hell, but can become a new born again creature in Christ! Then I shared with him repentance and told him that he had a choice whether to accept or reject Christ. At the end of the conversation he shook he said to me "you know you should be a lawyer, you can persuade very well." I told him that I wasn't persuading, but sharing the truth with him because I care so much about his soul that I want to see him in Heaven one day. Then I shook Nathan's hand, gave him a tract and was gone. What a wonderful day to praise the Lord! Amen!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Witnessing 10/24/11

Today was another satisfying day. Always asking the Lord to lead me to the right people to talk to about Him. So today gave out a few tracts before I came to my first customer to witness to. I walked inside my old Spanish teacher's room and greeted him then I greeted another student ask him what he was doing, hw (obviously), then I saw this girl in the back and I started chatting with her. She was a very nice African-American and she was also working on hw too. I was just talking with her and then at one moment I decided to lead the conversation into something eternal so I asked her "Kianjra, have you ever been to a funeral?" She responded "yes, for my uncle." So we started chatting a little bit about that, then I asked her "where do you think he is now" that initiated the conversation into something eternal. she told me how her uncle did a lot of good things and that he didn't hurt anybody and how he didn't harm anyone or himself. She told me he was in Heaven by her assumption. So then I said to her "Kianjra, you know God gave us a standard of goodness called the Ten Commandments, have you heard about them?" She said yeah and so I walked her through the Ten Commandments and then I shared with her Jesus, repentence etc. Then at the end of the conversation I looked at her and said "Kianjra, the reason I share all of this with you, is because I care about your soul and I care where you are going to spend eternity and I hope that means something to you." She responded back "you know I never had anyone say that to me before. And I am going to remember that for a long time." I didn't say anything because I was sooo stunned by what I just heard! I just accepted it with a humble heart, gave her a tract and said goodbye. That conversation really meant a lot, and it was no accident that the Lord put her there in that classroom at that specific time. Praise the Lord!!! Amen!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Witnessing 10/21/11

Today as usual I was handing out a couple of gospel tracts. A few people asked what it was and then I gave it to them. One person didn't want to read it because she didn't know what it was. But I did my job and I will continue it. Well today I felt like I wasn't going to witness, until I saw a student sitting on a bench by himself, so I decided to go and sit next to him. His name is Chris (he is the first male black person I witnessed to), and he was polite and we just started talking and then I asked him "if you died tonight, are you 100% assured your going to Heaven. He said no and then I asked him why and he told me that he doesn't believe in Church stuff but he believed in God. And he said "if I go to Heaven I go to Heaven, and if I go to Hell, I go to Hell." Hell is such a horrifying place so I warned Chris about Hell and how bad it was and about the flames and the darkness and all the screaming that will occur for all of eternity. Then I shared the Ten Commandments with him, sin, Jesus, the Cross, etc. He appreciated it and said "thanks bro" and then I gave him a tract and a cool handshake and left.  Praise the Lord for things like this that matter for eternity! Amen!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

An incredible night (this is October 15 Saturday, not 16)

Tonight I asked my dad if I can go to the homecoming dance after it was over so I could meet with friends. He agreed and so I left. On my way there driving listening to my Jesus music (Christian music my friend Austin calls it, haha awesome) it was just incredible to sing and shout with your voice praising the Lord of Heaven and Earth with everything you've got in your body. As I arrived there I got out of the car and walked toward the school, I tried to find an entrance to go in, but they were all blocked and I could not penetrate through. So I went around the school's drama theater Valhalla and I spotted what looked like a girl sitting on a bench. I went over and started chatting with her. Her name is Sarah and I noticed she had tears in her eyes and I asked her what happened. She told me that she was feeling overwhelmed and she asked one of the party security if she could leave. I witnessed to her and then gave her a tract and then said goodbye. Then I came back to the main parking lot and met a parent who was standing waiting for his son, so I just talked with him a little and gave him a gospel tract. Then I left to the outside entrance and just met people who were coming out such as my friends and people I was giving out random high-fives to. It was awesome! I also gave out a couple gospel tracts while at it too. Afterwards as I was heading back to my car I walked up to a student I knew and gave him a gospel tract. I told him it is a gift and then left. As I was driving home I listening to my favorite Christian music and I felt so hyped for praising the Lord. Then one of my favorite songs came on which was How He Loves by David Crowder. It was playing when I was close to home, so I decided to take an alternate route in order to finish the song. I came by my elementary school's parking lot and just drove in there and just stopped. I opened up my car door and I put my left hand up in the air praising Jesus. It was soooo awesome, I literally can't describe it in words. Praise the Lord!!! Amen!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

He is worthy

The Lord God Almighty who is Jesus Christ is awesome. He is mighty in power, wisdom, intelligence and everything else in His attributes. His death on Cross was truly the most remarkable thing the world has ever seen and will see when they come to believe the Son of God. I raise up my forgiven hands in the air to the only one who is worthy every single moment in my life. Amen.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Disappointed, but thankful

I was really tired coming home tonight. As I was driving home, I felt like I wanted to lay my head on the steering wheel (of course I can't do that, but I felt like it badly). But I came home greeted my brother who likes to tease me and then my dad. Then later he asked me if I got my progress report to show my grades to my stepmom and himself. I remembered a verse in the bible which was Proverbs 12:22 that says "The Lord detest lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful." I was tempted to lie, but I wanted to glorify and honor God by telling the truth, so I said "No." Then my dad came downstairs and took away my car keys because he told me unless I bring a progress report, I won't get my car keys back. I am disappointed yes, but very extremely thankful because when I am driving, their are no lost people with me in the car, only me. But when I take the bus, their are lost people to talk to about Jesus. So now that I have my car keys taken away until Monday, I can now take the bus and witness to people that I would have never met, if I never would have gotten my keys taken away! Praise the Lord!!! Amen!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Never ending Joy and energy

Today was yet, another awesome day. During school I had the chance to distribute tracts to a few students during passing period and lunch. I was walking in the hallway and their was a student next to me so I looked up at him and greeted him then I took a tract out of my pocket and said "hey did you get one of these?" He said no and asked me what was it. I told him it was a gift. Then I walked away. Another time I was in the courtyard during lunch and I said to my friend matthew "did you get one of these?" He said no and I also told him it was gift also. Then I gave one to another student standing near him. And also during the end of lunch, their was a girl walking my, so I approached her and said "did you get one of these?" She asked what it was and I said like always, "it's a gift." I am sure I gave out a few more, but then after school me and my stepbrother went to Mission San Jose high school to watch my brother play his freshmen football team against them. As we entered the parking lot while in the car, we parked and got out and I told my stepmom if I could go and see my friend who is at the school. She said yes, and so I ran over with my Irvington blue crew shirt on and searched for him. In the process of it I encountered my friend and his friends and we started chatting. One of the friends that I met from my friend, his name was Nelson. We both started talking until I noticed my other friend Ryan then I confronted him and we started chatting. Then afterwards I gave a couple of tracts out to people by saying "hey did you get one of these?" After I noticed a classroom. I was curious so I went inside and greeted the teacher who was in there. I forgot what her name was (I don't like forgetting names :p) but I came in and just said hi. She was a nice teacher and we both started talking about life and stuff like that and then I talked to her about my life story. Eventually I started talking about Jesus and in the middle of the conversation she said "I don't mean to be rude, but I'm going to have to stop you right there." She didn't want to hear the truth about Jesus Christ. That didn't surprise me because a similar situation is in God's Word. Listen to what Jesus says "He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God." The conversation didn't go well and she rejected Jesus, yet I loved her enough to share the truth with her. Then I said goodbye and left. Later I met up with my stepmom and stepbrother then left to go see Mission's marching band. I saw a student who was supposed to be in the marching band but he was just sitting down. I started chatting with him and he told me his name is Mitchell. He is currently a sophomore at MSJ, and he told me he ripped something in his leg and couldn't walk. I asked him what he thought was on the other side when he died, he didn't know. Then I did what I normally did, witness, Ten Commandments, Jesus Christ, His Blood, etc. Then I gave him a tract and went back to the school. I gave out a couple more tracts. Then I met up with my friends from marching band and after I had to leave, and on my way to my car I noticed Mitchell and he did the same and said bye to me. I am so thankful for today!!! The Lord is always good!!! I will pray for those planted seeds, and if you could please pray for them also. Praise the Lord!!! Amen!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Explosion of joyful energy

The most unbelievable feeling in the world is having joyful energy that is so contagious you can't wait to spread it around to people around you. That is what exactly happened today. I call it free high five day. Today I went around and agave numerous people, it didn't matter who it was, high-fives. It was the mot awesome feeling I ever had and it could only have happened with the joy of the Lord. "Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10. The joy of the Lord is your strength, if and ONLY IF you want it. God's spirit and His joy resides in you. But the question is, do you want to activate it? You just need to ask the Lord to use you. And ask Him to do whatever He wants you to do. Today was just crazy joyful energy!!! I was giving high-fives to people, I was running all over the place. I even gave a high-five to one student I knew but my hand accidentally extended too much than it should have and I smacked another student in the face, and he got really mad that he started swearing and cursing at me. I was a little unhappy that I slapped hit unintentionally, but for only a short moment. All I wanted to do was sing and dance and clap and scream!!! Jesus's Joy is so contagious around you, that you just have to give it all away to other people you see around you. Tomorrow I am going to do the same exact thing running around with God's joy giving random high-fives to people while giving away Gospel tracts, and nothing else is going to stop me. Amen.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lunch, then witnessing

Today was another great day. Right after Church me and my Christian buddies went to eat lunch at chipotle at the Great Mall. (I had no idea there was a chipotle there), but anyway's we went and ate lunch their which was great. Then right after me and the others except one friend of mine Austin, who couldn't stick around to walk around the mall, needed to do something at Church. But me and my other friends went inside the mall to walk around. As we came in, I was stunned by the amount of people were in the mall, and I knew immediately most of them were lost people. I wanted to give them tracts (but they didn't arrive at my friends Rachel's house yet ><), but as we were walking I noticed two teenagers just hanging out talking with each other and I passed them by. I was so desperate to get into a conversation with them  so I asked my friend Curtis if I could go the other way and meet him at the store they were walking to. He said ok and so I went over to talk with these two teenagers and one was in High School, and the other was in Jr. High but was about to move soon. So I kept talking with them and started a conversation about eternal things. Their names were Cody and Jose, and Cody told me that when you die, whatever you thought about in your head you enter through a door that leads to a world that you thought of. His friend Jose agreed with him and then I started talking about Jesus, Ten Commandments, sin, Heaven and Hell, etc. And I told them "the reason I share this with you guys is because I care about your souls and where you guys are going to spend eternity." They didn't say anything, but I knew that the phrase I just said touched their hearts and got them thinking. Then later as I was walking more through the mall and I was just standing around doing nothing when a guy appears out of nowhere and said to me "hey man did you get one of these?" I asked him what is it, and he told me it was a book out of the Hindu faith. I rejected it nicely and he told me he was doing it because it made people's lives better. But I just started talking with him and he told me he is a monk. I never met a monk before, but he told me that what he believed was many things. And I asked him what he thought was on the other side after you died. Then he flipped through the book and showed me. But I know that Josh (his name) was not showing me truth, but instead showing me something that was just a belief that can never be proven. But I never told him that, he was a very nice guy and even introduced himself to me first! It was awesome meeting another person who stands up boldly for what he believes,even though it was a lie, but I appreciate what he was doing and I want the Lord to continue to bless him in his job so he can make money. Then I met up with the others. God is sooooo good wherever we are!!! Amen!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fish for souls


QUEST. The mother of all projects. This is the final and last benchmark project at Irvington and my hope for graduating High School. I do have high hopes but I feel the only way to complete this project with true success is by having my Heavenly Father above help me. People would say this is the toughest project of all when in reality it is not. All you have to do is complete the work and you will be good to go. But with the help of the Lord I can accomplish anything. I do everything to glorify Him and Him alone. Whatever project I have whether big or small is nothing compared to my God who is bigger than all. Amen.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

An Interesting day

Today was interesting indeed. As always I pray that the Lord would use me and lead me to the right people to talk to. So during lunch I was wandering around when I decided to go to my past Spanish teacher's classroom. I came in and greeted Mr. Domingo (Mr Sunday LOL) and he did the same and asked me how I was doing. I told him that I was doing fantastic. Then later two students came in so I decided to witness to them. I first asked them what they thought about the 9/11 incident, and one of the students I was talking to told me Heaven. I asked him why and he told me he was a Muslim. The other student was his friend. And I found out that both their names were Iman and Phillip. I had a very fascinating conversation with Iman and I asked him about his belief and he started telling me in concrete detail about what he believed in. I found it very interesting. Because he knew what he believed in, even though he didn't believe in Jesus Christ the Savior, he did know that he was a prophet and that what he believed was many prophets, and that their was someone after Jesus. He wanted to know if Jesus was really God and had some good questions that I didn't know how to answer well. I tried the best I could and told him that I didn't know the answer but asked Iman if he wanted to know the answer. He said yes and so I gave him my email. He was very respectful and he shared what he believed and so did I. We both had our differences when it came to belief. But what I didn't tell him which I should have, was that Jesus rose from the dead to prove that He is the Son of God. The one who He claimed to be. That's what makes Him radically different from anyone else. Then I told him to check out a book, then I said bye to him and his friend. Afterwards, I noticed a girl that I wanted to talk to. And I wanted to just chat with her. But something made me want to talk with her and I didn't know what God planned so I came up to her when she was sitting down doing her homework and started to talk. We just started talking about school then she told me she's a Christian! Her name is Yeji, and she's full Korean just like my friend Rachel. And I was really surprised and we kept talking and talking. And she's a very sweet person, even though she may look a little shy. I invited her to come to youth alive again, and she agreed. I got her phone number so I can stay in contact with her. Amazing what the Lord can do in one day!!! Praise the Lord forever!!! Amen!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A beautiful night

This evening my brother called me on my phone and told me that we were going to have Subway instead of Taco Bell tonight. I was unhappy, so I told my brother that I will have Taco Bell. He called me back and told me that I had to go there driving, eat and come back. I agree so I eventually left. I came into Taco Bell and ordered my food and while I was waiting, I started talking with a young man who was waiting for his food also. Then I introduced myself and his name is Dean. I asked him if I could sit with him, and he said sure. So I got my food and my hot sauce and went outside. I met his friend who was named Matt and chatted with him. Then during the conversation I said "hey can I ask you guys an interesting question?" Dean said sure. I asked "when you die, what do you think is on the other side?" Dean said he had different beliefs, but honestly he didn't know. Then I shared what I believed in which is the Son of God, the resurrected Savior the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for them. I went through the Ten Commandments and shared how Christ's blood can literally wipe all of his sins away. Then I gave him an index card to mark cahills book website Then I said goodbye and left. As I was driving home, I noticed a homeless guy on the side of the road, sitting in the grass. I thought to myself "Lord, I am not letting this man go by without you." So I parked in the nearest parking lot and walked over to him and talked. He was a very nice gentleman. We just started talking about homelessness and how it affects people. His name was David. So I said to him "can I ask you an interesting question?" He said sure. I asked him "if you died tonight are you 100% you are going to Heaven?" He said yes, and I asked him "how do you know that to be true? He told me that he is forgiven of his sins and he goes to Church. So I went through the Ten Commandments, sin, Blood of Jesus Christ etc. Then I asked David "can I pray for you?" He said sure, so I held his hand tightly and began to pray that the Lord would provide for him and that He would comfort and be with him because He loves him. And I also prayed and said that I loved David too and wanted to see him in Heaven one day with me and the Lord Jesus. Then I shook his hand and said goodbye to him. And then he told me that his wife was on the other side when he pointed to her. And then she said "thank you!" In a loud grateful voice. I even prayed that the Lord would lead me and use me tonight. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!! He is worthy!!! Amen!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trusting God 9/27/11

Today has truly been a great day, as every day of course. Today I witnessed to a guy named Michael and he seemed like he didn't want to talk. So I chased after him until he finally he remained stationary in a wide open area near the cafeteria. I asked him the question when you die, what do you think is on the other side?" He said he didn't know. So I shared with him Ten Commandments, sin, Blood of Jesus Christ etc. Then I told him to think about after I talked to him about eternal matters. Then I said goodbye to him. After I saw a student coming my way and I struck up a conversation with him using the survey approach that's in the book one thing you can't do in Heaven. So I walked up to him and said "excuse me man, can you help me out? I'm working on a project." He said "sure, what kind of project are you working on?" I said "for the project I'm working on I'm asking the question when you die, what do you think is on the other side? What do you think is out there?" He was thinking a little and said "Heaven I guess?" Then I shared with him my belief and all the necessary parts of salvation an what it took to be right with Jesus Christ. Then I told him to check out a book called one heartbeat away by mark cahill that's on I walked around seeing who the Lord wanted me to witness to, but the bell rang and I had to get to class. But earlier today during second period, an unexpected surprise occurred. The vice principal Ms. Palos came in and tossed me my wallet! I was so thankful. I wanted to ask her who turned it in, or where they found it, but I couldn't because she was nowhere at lunch. I believe truly that the Lord was testing my faithfulness to Him, because I wasn't worrying but saying it's ok, it's just a wallet and praised, sang, and worshiped God. And I knew that when I got my wallet back. I passed the test. When I say I trust the Lord, I mean it. Amen.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Praise Him more and more

I rode the bus again today to Church in the morning and yesterday night I prayed to the Lord and asked Him to put the right people in that bus to chat with about eternity. So I came on the bus and I noticed a young man sitting on the front seat. It was literally right next to the seat where apollo sat Friday night. So I came up to him and we started chatting about regular things. Then I began to witness to Arnofl about the Ten Commandments, sin, the cross, blood of Jesus Christ. And he was thankful for what I said to him. And I gave him a card to mark cahills site for his book one heart beat away Then I told him I would be right back. I noticed a young teenage girl in the back and her name was Jerilyn. I began talking normally with her then switched the conversation to the eternal. She told me during the conversation that she believed in reincarnation after she died. Then I asked her this question to challenge her "Is it possible for someone to believe something is going to be on the other side after they die, then when they die, what they thought was going to be there was actually not there?" She said that it is a possibility then I said "yes exactly. If a person believes their is nothing after you die, and their is something. That would make the person 100% wrong. But you can't have a wrong answer unless their is a what?" She said a right answer. I said "yes. That means their is eternal truth. You just told me. So that means you may have a wrong answer for eternity, but what are you going to do about it?" She just sat their and said nothing, because she admitted their had to be a right answer for eternity. So then I shared with her the Ten Commandments, sin, blood of Jesus Christ. And when I was talking about the Ten Commandments I said at one point "would that mean Heaven or Hell?" She looked away and said "I'm going to Hell." But as I said above I shared what God's greatest gift to humanity was. And that is Jesus Christ. And what His shed Blood on the Cross can do for her. Then I gave her the card as I did to Arnofl, and she thanked me. Then I went back to Arnofl started talking, and my stop was coming up so I had to leave. Then as I was leaving the bus, I had one more card to give to the bus driver for the link to the site, he thanked me for that too. I am so thankful for those two conversations I had with Arnofl and Jerilyn. I knew that the Lord wanted me to talk with these two people. Their was a reason I got on that bus this morning. Praise the Lord!!! Hallelujah!!! Amen!!!

Defeating dreadful anticipation

When it is always Sunday I think about the day ahead tomorrow. I think about school then adult school tomorrow. I always worry and expect that tomorrow something bad is going to happen academically. But this verse always comes to my head when I think about working for the Lord. "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving." Colossians 4:23-24 I must remember that at ALL TIMES I am working for the Lord in whatever I am doing. Whether at a job, my test I'm taking, classwork, homework, or anything. I live to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in whatever I do because I know that I will get a reward from Him specifically reserved for me. But how I overcome this anticipation of school plus adult school tomorrow is read the Word of God and praise Him. When I sing to God with all my heart, soul and strength, I experience a Joy and Peace I never knew existed. I can talk to Jesus anytime I want during the day. And He is worthy to be exalted at all times. My favorite book for encouragement and comfort is the book of Isaiah. Because starting in Isaiah 40 it talks about how God comforts His people. Here is one my favorite verses: "So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10 When I read this, I know that the Lord Jesus is with me at all times and that he will lift me up in sticky situations and that He is ALWAYS worthy to be lifted up higher and higher and higher every single day. Amen.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

God is so good 9/24/11

Today was just an unbelievable day. Well as you all know from the previous story, I lost my wallet. As disappointed as I was, I praised the Lord in the middle of the situation, trusting that He knows what He is doing. Well that brings up a fascinating story that happened just this evening. As I was walking up to the bus station to take the bus, I was waiting for it, when unexpectantly the bus passes by me! I was jogging up to it when all of a sudden people I knew from school that were in a car just gave me a quick greeting. Then I entered the bus and payed my fee. As always, I witness to people, since it's my favorite hobby. Their was a High School student sitting in the seat that I noticed first and I sat in front of him and started chatting. He told me he goes to school in livermore and his name is Apollo (after Apollo 18, makes it easier to remember his name haha). Anyway's we started talking about school life and how he's doing. And I realized that his stop is at dixon landing. So knowing I didn't have too much time on the clock, I started witnessing to him. I said "Apollo, can I ask you a question?" He said "sure" I asked him if you died tonight are you 100% assured you are going to Heaven?" He said no so then I asked him if their is a Heaven, if he wanted to go there. Apollo said "of course". Then I asked "do you know how to get there?" He said "no" then I showed him his sin by going through the Ten Commandments and sharing with him about repentance and the Cross of Jesus Christ and how Jesus's Blood washes away his sin as clean and as white as snow. Then I asked him if I could pray for him. He said "yes" and I prayed that he would commit his life to Christ and live for Him. And I just prayed the the Lord would lead him to put his trust in Him and follow him and be with him wherever he is. Then he said "thanks George" and gave me a hug before I left. I will never forget Apollo because I shared the truth with him and loved him enough to care about his soul and where he will go after he dies. Then he got off the bus and waved back to me before the bus continued forward. Then right after I started a conversation with the bus driver. We just chatted about where we were from and stuff like that. Her name is Aisha. (I don't know how to spell her name, but I apologize if I did) and she is a very sweet African-American woman. I finally had the guts to say "Aisha, can I ask you an interesting question?" She said in a very kind tone "of course!" I asked "if you died tonight, are you 100% assured you would be going to Heaven?" She said "yes I am" and I asked her "why is that" and she gave me a very strong, but true answer. She said to me "because I believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died for me." I completely agreed. Then I asked her if she has ever fully committed her heart and life to Jesus Christ and repented of her sin. She said yes again. I was very happy that she told me that. Then I told her that I am blessed to have met her and told her that it was no accident God has arranged this whole divine appointment. Then when I was about to get off the bus, I asked her "can I give you a hug?" I leaned over to give her a tender hug, just like the shepard would when He comforts His children in need. Then I said "God Bless you" and she said "God Bless you too, with a warm smile and tone." Then I got off the bus and waved to her as she passed me bye. I praise the Lord for today. If I would have kept my wallet, I would have driven to Church and not have had those two conversations with both those people that the Lord had waiting for me to meet. Now I know why the Lord wanted my wallet to be lost. And it was for an awesome reason. Praise the Lord!!! Amen.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Staying faithful

Today was possibly one of the greatest/dissapointed day of my school life. First of all I have lost my wallet and my driver's license and ID were in it. I was extremely dissapointed and thought that I can never go on with my life. So then I asked the Lord to give me peace and assurance that He has everything under control. Throughout the day today I praised God Almighty during this entire situation and kept telling Him that I trusted in Him and would never back down from my relationship with Him. It was so awesome! I literally cannot describe the feeling and Joy I had while praising the Lord. During fifth period today I asked my teacher if I could go look for my wallet. She said ok and so I wandered the hallways loooking through the trash cans and the places where I misplaced it. Then I entered into Vallhalla theater and searched for my wallet. As I was looking I was singing praises and songs to Jesus as I was looking and was telling Him that He should be golrified and magnified that I trust in Him alone. I kept on singing to the Lord outload since no one was there except me. I kept singing praises to Jesus with all my heart and soul. I even stood on the acting stage and put my hands up in the air praising the Lord by myself. Me and Him. I kept singing and singing and singing, and just wouldn't stop. Until I told God "Lord, when I walk out that door. I ask that you be with me and that you would help me find my wallet. You are my Savior and I will praise you and glorify you forever and ever." Even though I lost my wallet that had my driver's license in it. I still praised God during that entire situation. I was worried at first, but when I gave it all to Jesus, I had a Joy and peace that I cannot describe, and never can. I am always faithful to the Lord and I am not backing down ever. Whatever happens to my wallet, let it be, but I know that the Lord is in charge of it all. Praise the Lord!!! :D Amen. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Golfland witnessing 9/17/11

I decided to give a second shot at witnessing at Golfland yesterday. Well as I came out of my car. I walked to the front entrance and their was what appeared to be a high school or college student just standing their doing nothing. I found out later he is college student. But anyway's I walked up to him to start a conversation. His name was Andrew and I asked him when he died what he thought was on the other side. He told me he didn't know. Then I shared my belief with him that their is a God and how He died to set him free from his sin. I took him through the Ten Commandments and talked to him about sin and what it took to be right with the Lord. He told me he was guilty of his sin and then I told him "Andrew. The reason I share this with you is because I care about your soul and where your going to spend eternity." He just said "ok" like he didn't care at all, but I thank the Lord I had the chance to talk with Andrew about Jesus and what He did for him on that Cross. I entered through the main entrance of Golfland and played video games for a while and I also encountered my Nebraskan friend Ray and we chatted a little before he had to work. A little while after I played video games and saw a man get his groove on while playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), which really impressed me. I noticed two twin brothers playing pinball and as they were about to leave I said "excuse me" and began a conversation with them. Their names were Robin and Lee. They told me they did not know what was on the other side after they died. I explained to them proofs for a God, Ten Commandments, sin, repentence, etc. Then I told both of them to check out a book I wanted them to see and then I was gone. I started another conversation with a high school student but the conversation was very brief because he had to leave with his family. Later on after I watched this guy tear up points in Mrs. Pac-man (Man's got skill), I was about to leave Golfland and noticed a young man hopping over rails in the courtyard area in between the two buildings in Golfland. I walked up to him and starting talking. Then his friend came in and we started talking too! They were both past graduates from Mission San Jose High School and after we chatted a little I said "can I ask you both a question?" The graduate who I was talking to before his friend came said "go for it." I asked "When you die, what do you think is on the other side?" His friend who was a girl said "nothing." And the young man told me Heaven. We started talking about that. And then I brought up proofs for a God. The young lady tried to use her own logic to argue or fight against what I was saying for proofs for God. Yet I kept talking. Her logic was twisted and was believing and trusting in her own logic to fight against Truth. And I was sharing the Truth with both of them, but the girl didn't like it or agree with it. Then after I shared about the Ten Commandments and how they are both sinners. I said "since you both told me you are liars, thieves and blasphemers. Would you be guilty or not guilty on judgment day?" The girl said not guilty (a big fat lie). And when I said "would that mean Heaven or Hell depending on that standard?" The girl said another twisted dumb lie "Heaven." And she also believed and said that the bible was written by men. (Worst lie I have ever heard in my life). We just talked and talked and at the end of the conversation I said "you know this was a great conversation." Even though I absolutely did not believe at all what this lady was trying to argue against me (she is believing lies) I still shared the Truth in love the best I could and not to argue.  And when the young lady was trying to argue against me to prove her point, it reminded me of a bible verse that I found in Titus 3: 9-11 "But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless. Warn a divisive person once, and then warn him a second time. After that, have nothing to do with him. You may be sure that such a man is warped and sinful; he is self-condemned." I wanted to warn her about what was coming, but she didn't want to listen. So I thanked them and told them to check out a book. (The girl still tried to use her logic just for checking out a book). So I said bye and left. I praise the Lord for yesterday and today because He is always faithful even when you don't know what He is doing. Amen.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ

Yesterday during lunchtime at school I decided to hang around with my good friend and English teacher Mr. Phillips. I gave him a book that I really wanted to him to read which was my copy of the book one heartbeat away by mark cahill. He just skimmed through it until I told him their was a summary on the back of the book. He read it out loud and then he went through the book again until he found a chapter that found interesting to him which is called "the flames, the flames!" It has stories about all those near-death experiences how people think that their are white lights and tunnels. But most of the stories, people have reported seeing Hell and the fire. My past English teacher was so interested in the book that he was still reading it even when the bell rang for class! He told me he would read it and said to me that we'll talk about the book since I have read it also. I was really happy to sacrifice a book of mine just for someone to know the Lord Jesus Christ and my teacher Mr. Phillips is someone I want to see in Heaven one day. Thank you Lord Jesus for helping me take a soul into your Kingdom forever. Amen.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School witnessing 9/13/11

Today at school I walked over to a student sitting on a table by himself so I walked over to chat. His name is Chris and he told me that whatever happens after you die doesn't matter. So I shared the Ten Commandments with him and how he is guilty of his sin. And he just listened even though he didn't care about what I was saying. But I remember mark cahill said something very true and that statement has stuck with me all the time when I witness and he said "every single you have ever witnessed to will thank you one day." And those words made an impact to me because every person I have ever witnessed to will thank me one day whether they are in Heaven or Hell. Because they will know one day I was telling the truth about the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. So I warned Chris about Hell and how Jesus described it in horrifying terms. Then as I was leaving I gave him a pat on the shoulder and said goodbye. Then as I was walking throughout school I went into a hallway and found a student sitting on a bench eating alone. I approached him and struck up a conversation with him. Being the friendly guy as I am I introduced myself and he did also. His name is Daniel and I asked Daniel when he died what he thought was on the other side. He told me that by his point of view he said he's a Christian and believes that Christ died for us and by trusting in Him as our Savior we will go to Heaven. We talked about that for a little bit then I told him that I was a really passionate Christian who loves the Lord. Then I asked him "Daniel, do you live out your faith?" He told me the best he could. So I encouraged him and told him to check out a book I wanted him to buy and really recommended it, (which is my favorite book one thing you can't do in Heaven). And I also invited him to come to our Christian club and he said he will come. Then we both left our separate ways until we see each other next. I always pray to the Lord for divine appointments and how he sets it up the way He wants it too. He always gives me the right person to talk to and more importantly, talk with them about eternity. Praise the Lord!!! Amen. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Golfland witnessing 9/11/11

I wanted to go to Golfland to do some witnessing. I pulled out of my car and their was a man sitting by himself so I approached him and said to him "can I ask you an interesting question?" He said go for it I asked "when you die, what do you think is on the other side? What do you think happens to you after you die?" He said "I'm not interested." I tried to talk to him more but he didn't want to hear it. So I told him to check out a book and didn't say anything. Then I entered through the main entrance of Golfland. I asked the Lord as I was walking in "Lord who do you want me to speak with?" I was still walking and I unsurprisingly I discovered that their were a lot of Indian people there and as I was going to wonder why, I looked into a room and they were a having a birthday party. So that answered my question very quickly. Then I came into the second building of Golfland and I was searching for someone who wanted to engage in a spiritual conversation. I went outside and noticed their were kids having a party and three Golfland employees. As they were cleaning up the area where the kids had the party, I walked up to them and said "can I help you guys with anything?" One of the girls said they really didn't need help cleaning up anything so I went away. I cam up to the soda machine and I kept pushing the buttons just because. Their was a man near me and noticed I was having trouble with the machine. So he came up to me and said "here is a dollar and three quarters, you need to ask for one more quarter." I appreciated what he gave me and thanked him for it. I tried inserting the dollar bill in the machine but it wouldn't take it, so I went inside and asked this guy for a dollar bill and he gave it to me. I thanked him again and when I put it in the machine, it still wouldn't take it! So I walked over to these people standing in line and asked the first guy I saw and he gave me a dollar and yet again I thanked him for it. So I went and got my water and then I asked a guy inside to help me open it and I was thankful too. I walked around and I noticed this guy who was playing an extreme video game so I was standing next to him playing and I told him that he looks very similar to my English teacher at school. We were both talking and I asked him if he was from here. He said no and told me he came from Nebraska. We both started chatting and then we went outside and talked some more. He told me his whole life story and I was shocked by what he said. He told me his mom has been called schizophrenic by at least three therapists and said that she hit her sister to wake her up with a bat. I was listening to what he had to say about his life and then I explained mine a little. Then we both went inside and before I left I asked him for his phone number. He wrote down his and I wrote down mine. Then he said "here are some extra tokens I have left over. You can have them." I was surprised, because I didn't ask for any tokens! Then I left and I thank the Lord for going to Golfland. I knew that the Lord had something set up even though I didn't witness. And He gave me two rewards today! A free drink from the soda/water machine, and tokens from Ray that I met. God is good no matter what!!! Amen!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Never boring

Most of the time I am stuck inside my house thinking that I am super bored and their is nothing else to do. Wait a minute? How can I be bored when I have Jesus Christ by my side always? Here is a quotation from my good Christian friend Austin from his facebook profile :life is never "boring" with an awesome God who is always by my side. I can sing to Him, read His book, talk to/with Him, feel His Spirit, wrestle with Him, and experience and share His love in endless ways...hallelujah!" And when I read that I say to myself "wow, that is true! I have a God that I can communicate with 24/7. I can worship and sing praises to His Holy Name at any moment!" That is an awesome privelage!!! I am starting adult soon this Monday and I think to myself, "man this is so boring. How am I going to survive hours of sitting in this class doing work and work. How can I stand it?" Then when I read my friends quote, I absolutely agree. You can never be bored in God's presence, you can never have one conversation with Him that isn't boring, you can never sing with Joy and passion in your head or outloud, soft or quiet without going silly. No matter where I or you are, even if the place we are at may feel like we cannot stand it any longer, with Jesus there. He makes all the difference. Amen. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Witnessing story 9/9/11

Witnessing 9/9/11

Today I witnessed to a student today named Sebastian and he told me that he didn't believe in the spiritual realm at all and didn't know what was out there after he died. I explained a little bit of the gospel story and how Lord Jesus Christ died and rose again to defeat death and how He died to set us free from sin. Then I talked to him about sin and explained the Ten Commandments and how he is guilty of breaking The Law. I also shared what the Blood of Jesus could do for him and how it can take away every single sin in his life no matter how times he has broken The Law. Because of God's unlimited grace and mercy He always forgives, but only if the sinner want to to truly repent of their sin and walk away from it. But God begins to start a sanctification process throughout the baby believers spiritual growth. I was happy that I witnessed to Sebastian today during school. I know that he will never forget that student that shared Jesus Christ with him. Praise the Lord!! And tomorrow is witnessing day!!! Can't wait for the people the Lord is going to put in front of me to share Jesus!!! Thank you Lord!!! Amen.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A blessed day

Today was the most blessed day of witnessing I have ever done in my life. I felt really compelled by the Lord today to go out and witness to people about Him. So I called my dad and asked him if I could go to the great mall. He said that I could and I was happy. So I went out to my dad's car (which is so going to become my car I hope), but if it's not it doesn't matter to me. But I went to the car and left my backpack in it, and moved on to the Great Mall which is the nearest mall by my Church in Milpitas. Then the first place I witnessed was at a small park-like area and I chatted with these two students from Milpitas High School. Their names were Josh and Michelle. I shared Jesus and they both thanked me for the conversation and left. Before I came to the mall I entered through a place called Great Jump and wanted to witness to people there. So as I came in I witnessed to this guy at the front desk but he had to leave somewhere else. Then another guy who I thought was the same one came to the front desk and I didn't notice the guy was different until he said "wait, who's Charles Barkley?" Because I mentioned Charles Barkley to the other guy I was witnessing to until he had to leave. So I talked with this new guy named Troy. And he told me that when you die you just become a dead person or spirit and live on the earth and all you do is watch other people on earth like right now. So we talked about eternity and stuff like that and I shared Jesus Christ as always and what He did for him on the Cross. Then I said "I share this with you Troy because I care where your soul will spend eternity and where you will go after you die." He said "thanks man. You know the world would be better with more kind people like you." I appreciated what he said to me humbly and walked on.  And as I was coming to the mall I wanted to witness to this man who was coming my way and I could tell that I as approached him he didn't want to talk with me so I recommended a book to him and went on. As I came to the great mall I saw my friend and his family from my Church. I said hi and asked them what they were doing at the Great Mall and they said they came to eat lunch there. I told them I came to witness to people then I said bye and continued. I saw this guy who looked like a student and I walked up to him to chat. He told me he believed in Heaven because he was a a Catholic and talked about worshiping the Sabbath and about keeping the Ten Commandments. So I took what he said and talked to him about the real Jesus Christ and who died for all of our sins and the sins of the world 1 John. And I walked him right through the Ten Commandments and he told me as long as you are forgiven then you are good to go. The bible does mention forgiveness, but it much more than that. It is believing and surrendering your life to God and the bible says "Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness." 2 Timothy 2:19 The person must fully repent of their sins and must have a desire to turn away from sin, or that person is not forgiven. As believers we still sin, but we have a desire to be holy like our Lord Jesus Christ who took the punishment we deserved so we can spend eternity with Him. And the student I talked to, his name was Brandon. Then as I came into the great mall I asked the Lord "Lord God, who do you want me to speak with? Lead me to the right people Lord." So as I was walking through the mall I came to Dave and busters and found two High school ages students and started talking with them. Their names were Trung and Josh. They both told me they were believers but Trung was Christian and Josha was Catholic, which I noticed what was interesting about the mix there. Then I shared the gospel and what it takes to be saved and I asked them "if you died tonight are you 100% assured you are going to Heaven.?" They both were unassured and they thanked me for telling them about Jesus. And I told them "I share this with you guys because I care about your souls and where you will go after you die." Then I left. I was in Dave and Busters and I wanted to witness to someone, but I just did not know who. So their was a man who was pretty big (but beautiful in God's eyes) that I decided to chat with. He told me he was a Christian and I asked him if he died tonight if he was 100% assured he is going to Heaven. He said yes. Then I shared with him about being bold for Jesus Christ and stuff like that. And then I asked Dan (that is his name) if I could pray for him. He said yes and their I was, me and him. I was praying loud enough so Dan could hear me since the place was so loud. It was one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever prayed. Then I shook his hand and recommended the one of mark cahill's books one thing you can't do in Heaven and left. Then as I was near the exit of Dave and Busters, their was a man standing next to a water fountain and decided to chat with him. His name is Franco, and he talked about his own opinion on eternity as I listened and I shared Jesus and what His blood does for him. I recommended a book one heartbeat away to Franco and took off. I came outside and their was another High School student I assumed and as always it was. And his name was Justin. He told me he's a Christian and then I asked him if he died tonight if he's 100% assured he's going to Heaven. He said yeah and then I talked to him about Jesus Christ just in case he isn't saved which is a good thing to do, then I recommended the book one thing you can't do in Heaven to him, told him to read the bible. Then I asked him "can I pray for you?" He said sure. And then I prayed right outside in public. But I didn't care what anybody thought. All I cared was that I was praying for another follower of Jesus, to become a mighty warrior for Him. Not fearing people, but going out there and sharing the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for them. Satan can't take me down. No way. I have the most powerful person in the entire universe by my side fighting for me and is with me. Me + Jesus Christ is a majority. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you Lord Jesus. Keep using me Jesus for your glory and your glory alone. Amen.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A beautiful paragraph written by my sister and wonderful friend in Christ Danita. :)

A pretty girl wishes she was ugly so others would leave her alone. An ugly girl wishes she was pretty so others would give her more attention. Many have tried to fix themselves with makeup but more importantly: surgery. When you do so, the world will say your the prettiest thing they've ever seen, but God will say your ugly. We are all made special and unique, and the way we appear has a purpose. We are not able to choose what we were born to look like, none of us did, but what we do get to choose is the kind of heart we will have.
An artist works hard, constantly, days and months on his artwork. And when he finishes his masterpiece, he doesn't say its ugly, but glorifies it and hangs it up high so everyone can see. God is the Artist. You are the Masterpiece. If we all had the same features, it would be like making the same artwork over and over. But God didn't do that, He made you special.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Witnessing 9/2/11

Another awesome day of witnessing today at school! As lunch was coming (I was hungry), I walked over to our nearby plaza to eat at a pizza restaurant called bronco billy's pizza palace. I sat down and ate my pizza quickly because their was a man who was sitting at the beer table that I wanted to witness to him early when their wasn't too many people at the restaurant. But as I was finishing my pizza more people arrived and I'm sure God was teaching me to witness to strangers in public and not care what anyone talks or thinks about you. So as I finished my pizza I came up to the man and said "can I ask you an interesting question?" He said "school project?" I agreed and said yes even though it wasn't but it gets a conversation started quickly. Then I asked him "when you die, what do you think is on the other side? What do you think happens to us after we die?" The man looked at me and said he was a Christian and believed in Heaven. So we talked about that a few minutes and talked with him about surrendering his life to God and if he made a commitment to Jesus Christ. And he was interested in the conversation that he stopped what he was doing and listened to what I said. I even asked him "if you died tonight are you 100% assured that your going to Heaven?" He said no even though he told me he was a Christian! So I directed him through the Ten Commandments and talked to him about sin. And then I talked to him about what the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ can do for him. Then he told me he was busy with his work and had to get back with it. I wish I would have said one more thing that I regret not bringing up, but I was glad for the conversation and thankful to the Lord as always. Then when I come back to school I notice two students sitting on a bench that God was telling me to talk with so I went over and started talking and asked them what grade they were in etc. Then I said "can I ask you both an interesting question?" they said sure then I asked "when you die, what do you think is on the other side?" One of them said Heaven both they were quite unsure about their faith. So I shared the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ with both of them and told them this "150 yeas from now. It's not gonna matter whether you graduated from college. It's not gonna matter whether or not you get a 4.0 gpa. It's not gonna matter whether or not you passed all your classes. The only thing that's gonna matter is whether or not your going to be with the God who created you because you will be Heaven or Hell for all of eternity." And I also said " I share Jesus with you guys because I care about your souls and where you will go after you die." Then I left and found a student who was a sophomore and started chatting with him. And I asked him the same question he just stopped for a second and said "I don't know." Then I shared Jesus Christ with him and what He did on the Cross for him and shared the Ten Commandments, sin then I took off and left. I am so thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ for using me and giving me boldness to share with these people about Him. Praise the Lord!!! Amen.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Witnessing 8/30/11

Today was great! I walked most of my way to my two parks since my dad wanted me to gain more weight and not burn anymore calories. But as always I prayed to the Lord yesterday to lead me to the right people to talk to. And as I was walking to the park today I asked the Lord again to use me, not as a mark cahill, not as a rachel scott, or paul, peter, dwight moody, or charles spurgeon. But as a george lenta ready to be used for His service to glorify Him and only Him. I asked the Lord to use me today. Then as I came to my first park weibel no one was there so I moved on. I came to my next local park which is close by named aquas calientes which means hot water in spanish. Their was a man who looked like he was doing some sort of pull up exercise so I approached him and asked "are you into aerobics?" He said no and just told me he was exercising and said that he jogged from paseo padre to where we were. So we started talking and I forgot to introduce myself so we both introduced ourselves and talked some more. His name is peter so I said "can I ask you an interesting question?" he said "go ahead" I asked him "when you die, what do you think is on the other side?" He said that what people believe they should feel comfortable with. So I shared Jesus Christ with him and also the resurrection of Jesus Christ which is the foundation of our faith. He was so intrigued by this conversation that he stopped what he was doing and listened to what I had to say about Jesus. Then he thanked me for what I had to say to him then he started helping me with pull-ups! Then we both shook hands and said goodbye. I thank the Lord for peter today because his soul matters to me and I will pray for the seed that I planted in his life and I would love it also if you could please pray that he knows Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord!!! Amen! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maze day witnessing 8/24/11

Another great day of witnessing to people about Jesus Christ. The first person I witnessed to his name was Matthew and I asked him when he died what he thought was on the other side. He told me he didn't know at all. So I shared with him the reality of Hell and how bad it was and I also shared the true story of the Rich man and Lazarus. Why? Because I cared so much about him, I warned him about Hell, warned him about the wrath of God that will come upon you if you die in your sins if you are not born again by the blood of Jesus Christ. So I shared the true Savior the Lord Jesus Christ with him and talked to him abut sin and about being guilty before God for breaking His Law. Then after the conversation before I left I said "Matthew, the reason I share this with you is because I care where your soul will spend eternity. And I'm dead serious. That's how much I care about you." Then I said bye and left. Then later I found a woman standing by herself so I walked up to her and said how are you doing she said good. Then I asked her what she was doing here and she said she is waiting for her son to get his schedule, then I asked her what her son's name was and she said "kart." I was surprised and said "I just talked with your son yesterday and today I meet you who is his mom!" She said "ok" with mostly no enthusiasm. Then I said "can I ask you an interesting question?" She said ok and I asked "when you die, what do you think is on the other side?" She told me that she didn't know. And I wanted to share Jesus with her, but she told me she had to go. Then I went and chatted with a few people that I knew, even though I didn't share Jesus with them (when I know I should have) then I walked over to an old classmate of mine and asked her what she thought after she died. She was also a Hindu and said that you are born again in multiple lives seven times. I was going to speak more but she was interrupted by her friend and I didn't want to be rude so I found another opportunity to talk again. Then suddenly unexpected someone behind me says "hey George!" and I turn around and it's my friend Karthik. So I said "hey Karthik! How are you doing man?" He said good we started chatting about school and stuff then I said "can I ask you an interesting question?" He said ok I asked "when you die, what do you think is on the other side? What do you think is out there after you die?" He told me he was a strong Hindu believer and he strongly believed in reincarnation. Then we talked about it for a while. And finally he said he had to go and so I said bye and he left. Then the girl next to me who was just sitting their by herself. I introduced myself to her and asked her what was her name. And her name was Lauren who was a senior like me. And then I introduced myself obviously. Then I left because I wanted to find my friend Rachel but unfortunately couldn't. But then later as I arrived home I thanked the Lord for giving me those divine appointment to talk with those people he wanted to lead me to. Because He is always good. No matter what. Amen.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maze day witnessing 8/23/11

Ahh, the smell of new school year starting. Maze day was today where everybody was waiting expectantly for the arrival of their new schedule and their class id. For me it was just another day to praise God and give Him glory for what He is doing and also most importantly to share His love with people. Everyone was friendly and was happy because of the excitement going on from all senior enthusiasm. As for me I was happy and joyful because God's joy is certainly contagious for whoever consumes it. I was happily browsing around to different clubs held in an area near the cafeteria. And as always I greet people with the Joy of the Lord that is so powerful it can bring a smile to a sad or mad face. Later after going to the vice principal for getting a schedule change, a woman who I saw before was calling me to ride a plastic mechanically operated surfboard located in the middle of a blue inflatable. She persuaded me so greatly, I gave in and rode the board which was fun, but not as fun as standing in the presence of the Lamb of the God while singing glorious praises to Him. Then afterward the people who operated the machine, I approached them and struck up a conversation. Their names were Dallas and Eli that looked like they were twenty something year old employees at City Beach. Then I told them "can I ask you both an interesting question?" They said "go for it" I asked "when you die what do you think is on the other side? What do you think is out there after you die?" They both looked at each other and started talking about it themselves! The one young woman Dallas told me she believed in reincarnation and we talked about a little. Then I shared with her the truth about the crucified Lord Jesus Christ and she just nodded and nodded. Then eventually they both had to clean up since maze day was virtually over. Then I told her to check out a book which is a really excellent resource for non-believers which is one heartbeat away by mark cahill. Then I met two other guys who were just standing and chatting. I walked up to them and said "hey guys how are you doing?" They said "good" and just started a conversation like asking them about their grade etc. Then I said "can I ask you guys an interesting question?" They said "ok" then I asked them "when you die, what do you think is on the other side?" Their names were both kart and rodrick. And as I was witnessing to them rodrick believed in reincarnation, or was hoping for it. And the other guy kart talked about saying that we could be in a dream. Not reality, but a dream that we are living out. Then I shared the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ with them. And I told kart to check out a book. But I will eventually share with roderick. I'm still praising the Lord and still giving Him glory because He is still good, and is still using people to share the Gospel. Amen. :)

Park witnessing 8/22/11

I witnessed to two people on this day. One guy I was a Hindu who was a very interesting person. And the other who was Indian also, I asked him "when you die, what do you think is on the other side?" And he told me he had no idea what was out there after he died. I approached him and asked him if I could shoot hoops with him and I shared the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ with him and the other man I was talking with. The first elder man I talked to, his name was Anum. And the second, his name was Aditya. I know that these two people I witnessed to will never forget that person who crossed their path and told them about Jesus Christ. I encourage all of you to do the same also. It's a really fun and great experience when you share the gospel with lost people. Because it shows you really care about them. Before I left after talking with Aditya I told him "Aditya, the reason I just shared Jesus Christ with you is because I care about your soul and where you will spend eternity after you die." He said thanks and then I got a drink of water and took off. I encourage you guys as I said before please tell someone about Jesus Christ whenever or wherever you are before it's too late. Online, the park, mall, school, etc. You only have limited time. Do something that will last for eternity and  have no regrets on judgment day. God Bless! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank you Jesus

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for everything. For my life, my breath, the day and for the wonderful things he has done for me. Yesterday I had a very nice time with my family in California celebrating my birthday at a pizza restaurant. I also got a phone for my birthday yesterday and thanked him for it. Then today I was a little nervous for my driving test, but I pulled through and the driving instructor told me I did an excellent job, which surprised me a lot. She told me that she had never seen someone drive so great and use their turn signals so well. :) But out of everything I have, whether it's the cellphone, or the license, and everything else, I give the Lord Jesus Christ all  the glory. He is the one who provided my cellphone and license. He is the one who sacrificed everything upon that Cross for us. I now realize that out of all the things I have, none of it matters. Because I know that Christ's unfailing love wins us all. Thank you Jesus. Amen. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday praises

Today is great day. It was more fun praising and worshiping God in His Holy Presence than doing anything else. I was singing Phil Wickham's Cannons, along with David Crowder's how he loves, and also Chris August's starry night. It is such a blessed experience to stand in God's presence and singing praises to His name. Today is not about me, it's all about Him. I have a more fun birthday communicating with God because I have a relationship with my Creator. Nothing is more awesome and wonderful than that! I thank the Lord everyday because each day He gives us is a precious gift and and He expects us to use it wisely. "Thank you Lord Jesus Christ or bringing me into this world because to you is all the Glory and honor and power forever and ever. Amen." :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sharing Christ online

Since I was too lazy to go out and share Christ today (I have no excuse) I have decided to use the random stranger chat, Omegle! Since it's a chat site where it hooks you up with a random stranger, I decided to use it for a substitute for my inexcusable laziness for not sharing Christ out of my house. I had a few conversations with a few people online and most that I talked to didn't want to hear about Jesus Christ. The most recent conversation that I had with a girl (because she reveled her gender) told me she didn't care at all. But I remember in the bible it says in Luke 6:22-23 "Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in Heaven. For that is how their fathers treated the prophets." The Word of God clearly tells me I can never lose when I am rejected! How awesome is that! This is one fun way I share Christ no matter what happens. Because as the verse in Philippians 1:21 tells me "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain." Amen.

Video blogging

Besides regular blogging with writing, I have also started video blogging which I find much more entertaining and a way of expressing myself more freely. I have made at least three video blogs and about two of them talk about my experiences with talking with people about Christ. And most of the video blogs I present are from the inside of my room. I plan on making more, especially when special events are happening or when it's a special moment. It's my way of viewing my life experiences and sharing them with people.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer school witnessing

Wherever I go, I witness all the time because it is my most favorite activity out of everything. My first story in summer school this month, I shared Jesus Christ with a student leaning against wall. I approached him and said "hey man can I ask you a question?" He said ok. I asked him "when you die what do you think is on the other side?" He said he believed their were questions and judgment. As we started talking I asked him what do you believe and he said he believed in Allah. I knew he was a Muslim straight when he said that obviously. Then I shared my belief about what Jesus Christ did on the Cross for him and how his shed blood on the cross can cure all of his sins that he has committed. Of course I explained sin and how he is guilty of it. His name is Allen. So we both said goodbye and left. The next two stories of how I witnessed didn't go too well because first of all I talked to these two Asian students from Washington High School that wanted nothing to do with me and they didn't care at all what I telling them. So I told them one last thing before I left "remember their is a 100% chance your going to die, and that you will dead way longer than your going to be on Earth. Then I went up to another student who was Indian and he just nodded what I told him, but didn't care that much at all. I went over to two students sitting on a bench (one was from American high school, the other I don't remember) and I started talking to them. I explained sin and forgiveness and the student said "I believe in God, but as long as you ask for forgiveness then I'm good." That response wasn't even close to "I'm good" because the bible says you must REPENT and turn from your evil ways. You must hate sin so much that you must get rid of it all washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ. The bible also says we must be born again just like Jesus says. So those three conversations that I mentioned didn't go as planned, but I knew that God was watching my faithfulness and rewarding me for my service to Him. :) My next story was when I witnessed to two students also sitting on a bench. I came up to them and asked them what they thought was on the other side after they died. They both had no clue and so I shared a story about the reality of Hell and warned them about that place and told them about sin and how they are guilty of it etc. Then I told them about how the blood of Jesus can take their sin away. Then after the next day their was a tall black guy walking in the direction opposite of me so I asked him what he thought was on the other side and he simply said Heaven. then I said "really? "So your a Christian" and he said yes. Then I talked to him more and he revealed more about what he believed. Then he told me he had to go so he left. Another morning I went up to a student and asked him what he thought was there for him when he died. And it was a student that I recognized from my Geometry class. I shared what Jesus could do for him as I do every time when I witness and he just nodded. Then the bell rang and we left. And my most recent witnessing story was today at lunch. I walked up to a student who was sitting on a bench and I started a conversation with him.