Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today was just another normal day at school today. But this morning during second period there were students in my resource class that were going to an assembly we had today which was the black student union assembly. And so the students left and all the people that were left in the class was one of my advisory students Mrs. O'Leary and another student sitting two desks next to me. He just started chatting with me and I talked back to him and he was being friendly first which was awesome. Then the teacher called his name and his name was George. I was like what the?! Then I said to him "your name is George" and he said yeah and I said that is my name is too and he said "for real?!" I said "yeah!" Then we started chatting for a little bit more and then we both got back to our homework. As I finished my work and just listening to my ipod I was glancing at what he was doing and he was reading a book but I did not know what it was, it seemed like a textbook to me, and I was looking at the book carefully and I said to myself in my head "is that a bible?" Then I watched carefully and I said to myself again "that is a bible!" I asked him if it was a bible just to be sure so I asked him "is that a bible?" And George said "yeah." So then I got out my bible and we started chatting some more about Jesus Christ and His death, resurrection, etc. And then I showed George the passage about Jesus appearing to Thomas and he enjoyed it a lot. The passage is John 20:24-31. I asked him if he was Christian and he said he was. Right before second period ended I got his number to stay in contact, and so did he for mine. During my fourth period class I got a text from him saying if he wanted to have lunch today and I agreed. So me and George met up for lunch at a pizza place near Irvington called Bronco billies. I was planning on buying my own food as always but my new Christian friend decided to buy it for me! What a blessing. I asked him what his favorite book was and he said the Psalms, and then as we were eating our lunch I shared my story with him about witnessing and I also shared my favorite bible verse which is Galatians 2:20. Then afterwards I was telling him to check out Mark Cahill's site and I also got his facebook when we got back to my school. He goes to a different school called Robertson which is a small High School located behind a nearby community park near my school. Then me and George said goodbye and left. Let me tell you something folks. That was no accident I met a student that goes to another school named George who happened to be a believer in Jesus Christ. There are no accidents period. Praise the Lord for awesome diving appointments! Amen!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Witnessing 2/26/12

Yesterday on Sunday I just had an awesome day hanging out with my buddy Austin having lunch at my second favorite restaurant Sizzling Stone the Korean bistro grill which was great as always! And then afterwards we left to another place and I had pearl milk tea for the first time! It was great! I really enjoyed it. Me and Austin always have great conversations when were together. Then after he bought a few more drink for our other members and friends that are in our Church group, we headed back to the building and we hung out there. I was playing Egyptian War which is a card game that you slap cards to earn more and I was losing to a kid named Carson. I was really bad. hahaha But it was a pleasant experience nonetheless. After I was hanging around with Austin and my other friend Jen, she left and so did the others and me and Austin were the only ones left. Then we said goodbye and we both left. As I was driving home I had an urge earlier in the morning and during the day to witness to someone and as I was coming home I had a plan to witness at the cemetery but I drove right past it. then again the Holy Spirit was just telling me "go back, your chance is here, just take it." So I did what I should have done again and I drove right back into the parking lot for the cemetery. I parked my car and walked out and was just checking out the tombstones and the one section of tombstones where I was at were all children or toddlers that have barely lived and died for a short period of time. I was just looking at them, and then I noticed that there was a vehicle behind me with people in it and I knew that God was urging me to go in and talk with them, so finally I had the boldness to walk up to the car and I tapped on the window and the women who had two children in the car was curious to what was going on and I asked her "how you doing ma'm? Can you help me out please, I'm working on a project?" She said asked me "what kind of project are you working on?" I responded  "well I am asking the question when you die, what do you think is on the other side, what do you think is out there after you walk out of here?" And she told me that it was a very broad question to ask to a stranger and that she didn't want to answer it. So I said thank you even though she didn't help me out and she said to me good luck (it doesn't exist), but I said thank you again. I got rejected for going up to her to start a conversation and I got rejected but I know from the book one thing you can't do in Heaven that every time you share your faith, you always win! And I won! "Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in Heaven." Luke 6:22-23 Amen and praise the Lord!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

God is good 2/24/12

Last Friday on the 24th I went to my High School's dodge ball tournament at Irvington. I texted my dad during school and asked my dad if I could meet with my Christian buddy Austin to have an early dinner and bible study before we left to our Church building and my dad said no. I was pretty mad and frustrated that I couldn't go and I wanted to complain at my dad why I couldn't go. But instead I asked the Lord to give me peace and I definitely felt the peace in me. While I was at home my dad told me to pick up my brother's friends for the dodge ball tournament. So me and my brother left in the car to pick up his friends for the tournament. While I was driving I took a wrong turn and my brother dropped the f-bomb (said the f word) on me and I just told him to calm down and made a u-turn and went back and took the right turn. I didn't care what my brother said me, I don't care what people say about me, all the matters is what Jesus says about me because I am standing in front of Him on Judgement Day, nobody else. Later on I picked up my bro's friends and we left to the school and I dropped them off. I saw two students that I used to hang out with at lunch and I stopped and chatted with them. I wish I would have witnessed to them but I didn't, arghhh!!! But one student I knew named Micheal said he was a Christian, but I don't know if he was a born again believer, which I should have asked. But anyway's I was just talking with them and I also rapped a little bit of Lecrae's song haha. It was awesome! Then afterwards I said bye and I saw my dad and he said hi to me and asked me if I was going into the gymnasium to watch the tournament and I said I was and I was just waiting for a little bit. Then I saw my stepmom and me and her walked in to watch the game. The dodge ball game was pretty good so far the first half. Then later on in the evening at night it was break or halftime. And so I asked my dad if I could go outside and he said yes and so I walked outside. There I was just standing around and I noticed a new student that was in my Government and my Computer support class and so I walked up to him and said "hey Alex! What's up man!" And he said hi to me excitedly and we started talking about the dodge ball tournament and then I asked Alex what he thought about the Mark Cahill booklet I gave him. He told me that it was great and I started talking about spiritual things, proof for God, eternity, etc. Then I got an opportunity to share Jesus with Alex and so I walked him through the Ten Commandments to show him his sin and then once did that, I talked about repentance and I also shared an example of the gospel that my pastor gave which was excellent, and shared the rest about Christ, blood of Christ that takes away sin, etc. Then I said "Alex I share all of this with you because I care about your soul and where you will spend eternity. " And the Alex told me "I love you George." And I said "I love you too Alex, no homo." (people say no homo which really means that they love the person in a manly way, but not in a way that is like a strong relationship like with a girl). I wish I would not have said no homo, but that is what comes out of our mouths and what our sinful society creates and how we follow it. But I am thankful to the Lord that I shared Jesus with Alex and I prayed and was thinking about an opportunity to share God's Son with him. Even though I was upset that I couldn't meet up with my Christian friends Austin and Brian to have bible study and an early dinner that night, I got to share the good news with a lost person! God is good!!! Amen!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


"It's never too late to find the truth."

-TV Commercial guy.

When I heard this man say this while advertising for a TV show a few minutes ago it spoke to me very strongly. Even though it was talking about the television show, it said something about truth, which was it's never too late to find it. That's very interesting to think about, and lot's of people have a lot of time to put their trust in the truth which is Jesus Christ, but most of the world don't do so. The truth will set you free. "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32 Amen!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is an article about Jeremy Lin playing basketball for the Lord. Enjoy! :)


Prayer for Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a shout out to Jeremy Lin for just being an awesome basketball player and for playing basketball for the Lord which is of the highest honor anyone can do. But I also want to give credit to Landry Fields for playing basketball for the Lord as well. I ask you guys to please pray for these two players that every time they play a basketball game they will honor and glorify the Lord no matter what is happening in the game. Whether they win or lose, it doesn't matter, what matters is that they play basketball for the Lord Jesus Christ and glorify Him and only Him.

Down below is a handshake routine that Lin and Landry do before each game. Praise the Lord for these two Christians playing basketball for the Lord. Amen!!! http://godhacks.blogspot.com/2012/02/landry-fields-and-jeremy-lin-pregame.html


I have challenged myself these few days even though I never began a challenge for myself, but I wanted to implement and apply the Word of God more in my life not only at school and outside of school, but also at home. When I would be at home or eating dinner, I would try and recall bible verses to my head so I can apply it when I'm at home or wherever. Like for example: when I would be eating dinner with my family, sometimes when they are having a conversation about a topic, I would blurt out something stupid and would make me feel dumb or my brother would criticized what I just said out loud without thinking. Then as I would reading one of my favorite books in the bible the book of proverbs (or book of wisdom as I like to call it), I came across a verse that matched exactly what I wanted about holding my mouth. "When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise." Proverbs 10:19 This verse spoke to me very clearly to me saying simply that I should hold my tongue instead of babbling about something and then a word that I don't want to say unintentionally slips out. The book of proverbs is an excellent book because it contains a whole lot of wisdom (obviously) and also actions that I can apply in my life. I am taking the Word of God literally now and one thing I really want to improve is my boldness and willingness to tell others about the Lord Jesus Christ. I want God to use me and I ask you guys out of my heart to please pray that the Lord would give me a HUGE burden for the lost and that He will use me to honor and glorify Him with everything in my body no matter if my teachers hate me, or my friends, peers, family, staff etc. I want to please the Lord and Him alone. Amen.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


"If we could see how much the Lord loves us--and truly feel it--none of us would be the same again." 

-R.T. Kendall 
God meant it for good

The love of God

I have been wrestling with the love of God this weekend it is just pouring out on me like a bucket of tacos. The Lord's unfailing and unconditional love I can't understand at all. How can the Lord God Almighty, the Son of God, the sinless Savior, the King of Kings and Lord of Lord's love the husband who sexually abuses his wife, or the man that rapes innocent young women, or the person who kills innocent children still love them? Well first of all God's love is just unbelievably strong and it's so strong and overwhelming that if we even took in a little bit of His love, it would be too much. Here is the love of God which is expressed at it's best "This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." 1 John 4:9-10  His unfailing love is awesome. "May your unfailing love be my comfort." Psalm 119:76 God's unfailing love literally NEVER FAILS. That's what is sooo awesome!!! We can always trust the Lord to comfort us in our time of distress or depression. It's His love that is just so strong that it can mend the blackest heart into a heart of golden Joy. God's love never fails. Amen. <33333

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A love I can't understand

I can never understand this unconditional love from the Lord. I can't understand how He can love the husbands who abuse their wives, or the men who go and rape other women and sexually abuse them, or the person who kills small children. But God loves us so much that He wants us in Heaven. Wants sinners like us? In Heaven? That just blows my mind. Stop and think about that for a minute please. Jesus loving sinner like us who have sinned and rebelled against the Son of God, the crucified and ressurected Savior? But this is what God's love is "This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loves us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." 1 John 4:9-10 God's love is unlike any other and too deep to understand. And He will always love us no matter what. That astounds me. Wow. :DDDD <33333

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Jesus is my (UPS)



Today has been a very relaxed day for me. This morning I left to my elementary school which is only five minutes away and I met with my Quest consultant to interview her for the second and last time for my project to answer my Essential Question. Then afterwards I returned home thankful to the Lord that I had completed what I had to do. As I entered the house no one was home and so I decided to have a little free time! I played a few PS3 video games that I have not played in a while and then I stopped and charged the PS3 controllers that needed charging since my stepbrother plays a lot of call of duty hahaha. Then I came into my room (where I am typing my blog right now), and chilled then I received a text from my dad telling me to pick up my brother who was at his friends house that had slept over as a result of the party from yesterday. So I went over and picked him up and then came back. I got a few texts from my friend Joyce who is a believer in Jesus Christ (praise the Lord!!!), and she is asking me when we can hang out and have another bible study before this four day weekend ends. We kept exchanging texts until she told me that we'll talk about it later which I agreed upon. And now I am just relaxing for the rest of the day at home, maybe listen to some Mark Cahill sermons so I can be encouraged and motivated to share Jesus more. And listen to Sho Baraka album lions and liars (Christian rap), before I return it tomorrow to my friend Austin which he will give to his other friend who is the actual owner of the CD album. Well this is Saturday for you! haha But praise the Lord because He is good and awesome any part of the day and I can praise and worship here in the comfort of my own room! Awesome!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

A post from my brother in and friend in Christ Anthony

Hi George, nice seeing you today too. Hey man, lately I've been pretty confused in my life over the issue of repentance. I understand that to be saved, one must repent of their sins and trust in Jesus, but now I honestly don't know if i really repented by the definition of the Bible. I know you told me that repenting means to make an effort to not sin again, but reading 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 2 Corinthians 7:10 where it talks about how worldly sorrow leads to death, makes me wonder if i really have turned away from sin as God defines it. If i really have repented by God's definition, then I dont understand why i still give into anger, pride, and especially lust. I have also heard that true repentance isn't feeling guilty from sinning just cuz I want to avoid the consequences of sin, but rather sorrow because sin is an offense to God. And for me, I find it hard to comprehend why sin is actually a direct offense to God. I mean, i have the head knowledge and know that it obviously is, but i doubt that i truly understand deep down... otherwise i wouldn't be doing the things i'm doing. 

I'm just wondering, what goes on in your mind whenever you are tempted or just how do you avoid sin in general? When and how did you first come to the point of true repentance? I know you talk to me about spreading the gospel alot and all, and i think thats great, but even though i share the faith with others, I'm still confused where i stand with God and if I'm really saved myself. I read this article on what it really means to repent. check it out and tell me what you think:


. Is this sort of understanding not something I can acquire, unless God gives it to me. And if only God can give me understanding, how do I ask him for it, because surely i have asked for a while. If you have any answers, i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks bro

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Witnessing 2/16/12

My week this week has been a little bit stressful but nothing too much that I couldn't handle. Today during lunch I had to go to my Sophomore English teacher's room to organize his books since I was his lunch TA. There was a substitute there but I still got to work and only organized one set of books because the two others sets I had difficulty finding the spots where to put them. After I finished doing that I said hi to my previous resource teacher and talked with her and gave her a hug before I left. I was walking through the hallway when I encountered someone I witnessed to in the past. His name is Charlie Herschburger (not sure how to spell his last name haha) but I started a conversation with him. I asked him what he thought about the previous conversation we both had and he said to me that he thought I was trying to convert him to Christianity (which I wasn't) and he was also telling me how I disrespected his atheist values. I know I didn't do that, all that I was telling him was giving him evidence of the Christian faith but he didn't agree. But I remembered how God was telling me "Son it's not your job to save people, you just need to plant the seed and I will take care of the rest." I felt so much relief and much more relaxed knowing that God is taking care of Charlies's soul and that I already did my job. I told Charlie once during the conversation that I told him all of this because I cared about his soul and then he responded by saying "no you don't." I asked why and he said "because that's what they all say" which he was referring to Christians that say the same thing. But in reality I honestly did care about his soul, just he didn't really know it, and he doesn't know my heart. Only God knows it, nobody. "For the Lord searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts." 1 Chronicles 28:9 As I was witnessing him I was just talking with him and what he believes. I was using the four deadly questions in Mark Cahill's excellent book one thing you can't do in Heaven so he could explain his views about what he views. I was just listening to what he had to say lovingly and then I asked him the last and most deadliest of all questions which was "what if you are wrong?" And he told me what he had to say then he said to me "what if you are wrong?" I told him that if I was wrong then this whole Jesus thing was not true I would have been praying to someone who does not exist and that I would have wasted my life. Then the bell rang and he had to get to class and so then I left to my class as well. One thing that I know for sure is that God is faithful! Amen! Please pray for Charlie Herschburger and that the Lord would draw him to Himself. I have done my job and now I am counting on your guys to pray for his soul and that God would give him an open heart to the message of the gospel. Thank you guys so much! God Bless you guys! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Night worship

I love worshiping the Lord at night. Right before bed I worship and praise the Lord and give thanks to Him for the day and just praising and exalting Him for who He is and what He has done for us on the Cross. It's my time for glorifying and lifting Him up higher and higher. I worship and praise Him because He is just WOW.

Monday, February 13, 2012


"Repentance is not a religious act, it's turning away from something that is immorally wrong and wanting to truly change for the better." -George Lenta Jr.   

2/13/12 A cloudy day


It is really PATHETIC that a celebrity gets recognized after they die but when a real hero such as a soldier, police officer or a first responder is killed, it doesn't matter. 

-Sean Golden, brother in Christ and friend on facebook. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012


First Tebow that became Tebowing. And now Lin, that's becoming Linsanity. Linsanity everyone.

What I love about Lin is not just his superior basketball talent but the one who gave it to him. He is glorifying God with his talent and that is exactly what he is doing. Check out his awesome highlights from last night's game in NYC. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icTkbn9Sprs&feature=related

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Lord Jesus Christ is just WOW (Worthy Of Worship)


Today was just wow. Wait until the end of this blog post and you will know by wow. This morning I did not witness to anyone but I felt the urge that the Lord was telling me tow witness to the girl sitting next to me on the left during first period, but I just didn't do it. Now I have regretted that and this Friday when I have her again in my class I am going to take that chance to witness to her. Then when it was the five minute break before my advisory class (teacher just watches you and extra period to do work) I was walking to my advisory class and was waiting there for my advisory teacher to come back. Then when she arrived I went in and for the rest of the class period I was listening to my ipod and reading the Word of God. Near the end of the class I was thinking about giving a Mark Cahill tract booklet to my advisory teacher Mrs. Zimmerman. And I was thinking about being rejected then something came to my mind which was the winning, winning, winning, situation I learned in the book one thing you can't do in Heaven. I knew that if I got rejected, I would still be rewarded by God. So I applied it and went over to Mrs. Zimmerman and said to her "hi Mrs. Zimmerman. Did you get one of these?" Then she told me no thank you and said she didn't want the religious material I was giving her and she kept refusing to take it and said that should not be allowed on school property. So I said "are you sure?" And she still didn't want it so I put it in my backpack and left. Then after school ended I drove over to adult school and then I saw a lot of opportunities to share the Lord Jesus Christ with people, but I didn't. I am just wasting what the Lord has commanded us to do. Then tonight something just amazingly happened out of me from out of nowhere. My dad came into the room in a very angry mood and was telling me that I have been lying about something that I had to do during lunch for two weeks which was being a lunch TA (teacher's assistant) for my Sophomore English teacher Mr. Phillips. And my brother's told my dad about it. Then when my dad came into the room a second time, he was even more angry and my dad was just gnashing his teeth and I could see it clearly. Then when my dad was about to just yell in my face I was blurting out to my dad about the Ten Commandments, and sin, and the blood Jesus Christ and the Cross and how he saves us. And I told my dad "I want to tell you the truth!" Then my dad was listening to what I said and then he said "what about humanity? What about those people who lived back then?" I was just telling my dad how he came to save us and my dad was talking to me about my work and I was telling him that it won't matter 150 years from now. Then he lowered his voice while still talking about the same stuff like my homework and then he left the room. Then when I got out of my room to go to the bathroom I said to my dad "dad we are here to tell other people about Jesus Christ." God definitely used me then to tell my dad what was going on in me. I really want that to happen more frequently. I knew at that moment God was using me and the Holy Spirit was engaged within me. That is wow.  Praise the Lord!!! P.S. Please pray for my advisory teacher Mrs. Zimmerman and for God to lead her to Him. Please pray for her soul. She does not want to hear about death or about religious stuff, but I pray that the Lord would not let her end up in Hell for all of eternity. Thank you so much! God Bless!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today during first period I would always talk to my classmate about Jesus and about scripture because it's of utmost importance and I am continually sharing the Word of God with him and it's pretty funny in a sense how I share with him and he may seem bothered like you see on those television shows where the person is just talking to his friend or he is always with him talking to him at any part of the day whether he's in the bathroom, taking a shower, in his bed or whatever hahaha But I would always share with him stuff about eternity because I care about his soul and where he will go after he dies. But during first period a new student was in our class and her name was Aissa I think that's what her name was called haha But anyway's she was wearing like a cloth around her head like you see Sikhs where except it was not a turban but just a cloth on her head. I asked her if she was a new student in the class and she said yes and so I asked her name then she asked me. Then eventually I asked her if she was Muslim and she said she was. I plan on talking with her more about her faith tomorrow so we can both have a good solid conversation on what she believes, eternity and Jesus Christ. Then at lunch today I encountered my Christian friend Mark in the courtyard and I started talking with him and I would be telling him what I do at lunch such as share my faith and he liked what I told him about it. Then as me and him were talking I saw a student just standing by himself so I told my friend Mark I would give him a demonstration of witnessing. So I walked up to the student and asked him I was working on a project and then I asked him the question "if you died tonight, are you 100% assured that you would go to Heaven?" He told me that he was a Christian and then I asked him what did he think it takes to go to Heaven and he told me doing good things. How the world lies to us thinking we can be good enough to go to Heaven! I asked him his name and he said Luis, so then I talked with him more and went through the Ten Commandments with him and he admitted to me that he was a liar, murderer (being angry at someone) and a blasphemer. So he was guilty by God's standard and I didn't need to tell him he was a sinner, he knew in his heart he was those things. So then I walked him through Repentance and the Cross and the blood of Jesus. And then I asked Luis "have you ever repented of your sin and out your trust in Jesus and commit your life to Him?" He told me that he has not and so encouraged him to put his full trust in Christ and then I gave him a Mark Cahill tract booklet and left. We must engage the culture before the culture engages us. Praise the Lord for today!!! Amen!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


"The glory is Jesus Christ." -Scott (speaker at my Church building today at CCIC NV)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

This is fun spot on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. This was recorded a while back.

One awesome night

Yesterday night was just fantastic! Had a great time with my Church doing a Friday night activity with my Church team stuffing balloons down pajama pants that the oldest had to wear (which was me) haha. It was fun! Then afterwards I hung out and my friend Curtis asked me if I wanted to go with him and my other friends and his brother Austin to Mcdonald's. And I agreed to go. So me and my Christian friends: Austin, Curtis, Brent, and Brian left to Mcdonalds. I didn't have anything, but a small Dr. Pepper since I had a big dinner. I decided to bring my backpack with my materials, including my Mark Cahill tract booklets. I only brought three to give out, which seemed logical because it was late at night, even though I didn't know I was going to be invited to Mcdonalds. While we were at Mcdonald's we were just hanging out chatting, I was mostly chatting about God stuff with my friend Austin which was awesome! There was a Filipino family and friend on the other side where we were sitting and I was planning on giving one of my Mark Cahill tract booklets to one of them, but I just didn't. Then there was a Mcdonald's employee who was cleaning the floor and I was going to give him a booklet at that moment, but did not. Then suddenly, the man left to the playground area and I decided to follow him there and when he revealed himself I gave him the booklet and said it's a gift for, it talks about what happens after you die, the truth of the bible, you'll really enjoy it." He said thank you and then I left. Then I came back I was talking with them about what I just did. My friend Brent wanted to learn how to witness and give out the tract booklets so he practiced with my friend Curtis, he didn't so well hahaha, it was pretty funny. We all noticed a man sitting by himself and I told my friend Brent if he wanted to give it a shot at giving that Mcdonald's employee one. He was hesitating a little, but then he didn't. Then I went over and gave it to him and came back. We hung out a little before we left the building and while we were near the register at the front door I shouted "take care!" Only two of my friends that it was awkward and I didn't. I knew that on that night, the Holy Spirit was engaged within me, and it was awesome. That was not me saying and doing that stuff boldly, it was the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord!!! For He is always good and His Spirit always leads us to do the right thing with such boldness and power that we never knew we had. Amen!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

A brother without mercy

Today was an average day at school. Just the usual, except I got to do a mini bible study with my friend Joyce! That was cool. And I shared two of my witnessing stories with her. When I was home doing my usual routine going on facebook and checking JesusFreakz, my brother needed help with the hoop so I decided to go out and help him. On the skinny pole that extends upward and holds the hoop my brother wanted me to hold it and he unscrewed the screw so that I could lift it up higher for him. Well I couldn't do it, and I am weak and let go of the pole and it came crashing down and hit me and my brother in the head. My brother then (after he got hit by the backboard of the hoop came running after me and struck me directly in the back near my spinal column. I could not do anything except back away from my brother and just watch him pummel me with his fists and rage of anger. I was completely defenseless. It's as if watching a lion attacking the deer and I was portrayed as the deer, defenseless. I am going to forgive my brother for the hurt he has executed upon me just like the crucified Son Of God that was beaten and was defenseless and then hung on the Cross for our sins. But Jesus said "Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." I don't know what was wrong with my brother for attacking me and it was very violent and wrong and my brother has broken the sixth Commandment which is "Thou shalt not murder" without him realizing it. But praise God through His Son that shed His blood on the Cross for our sins that we can be forgiven sinners headed to Heaven if we repent of sin and commit our lives to the Savior of the world. Amen!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I was absent for school mostly today because I was doing my Quest project at my elementary school Weibel. I first came to my primary consultant Mrs. Kowalski and worked with her before moving to my next class to help out my secondary consultant Mr. Wheat. When I came out to P.E. the kids that I am working with were excited to see me again and couldn't wait to hang out with me. I did the usual such as participate in an activity during P.E. with them, and also hung out in their classroom and their teacher whom I was working with also named Mr. Wheat. I was watching and observing their actions and behaviors and even had the chance to help them out with their work and encourage them. I always love to see the smiles on the kids faces, it really warms me up and give me love and Joy to see these children that are a masterpiece of the Almighty Creator the Lord Jesus Christ. I had to get my Quest stuff signed by Mrs. Kowalski and then later on when I came to pick up my brothers at school I had a little problem with an attendance clerk that was substituting for my regular attendance clerk and she told me that I had to fill out two slips to leave the campus (I already knew this), but I was talking with her and telling her that I only had two left and that if I had both of my slips signed, then I could not leave campus to do my service the next time I left campus. She told me today to talk with Mrs. Kleinsasser, (which is my attendance clerk) about the issue. I know that God is sovereign over my life and that whatever happens tomorrow is for His glory and I will praise Him for whatever trials that come into my life and just trust Him and that's all. Endure the trial and trust God to prevail. Amen.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today at school during my first period class in the morning a staff member named Mrs. Suziki pulled me out of my class to talk with me. She was telling me that she was told I was giving out literature that had to do with death when it was indeed a tract booklet from Mark Cahill. She was not mad at me or anything but she knew that I was giving it to a student named Logan in my computer support class which is first period because his father had died and he was not feeling comfortable with the feeling of thinking about death, especially since his dad that passed away. He was not in a good mood and she was telling me that I had to stop giving him that stuff because it was making him uncomfortable and that he wasn't in a good mood. I never knew that and I was actually really surprised. I was sorry that I made Logan feel more uncomfortable about giving a booklet that explained what happened after you die, but I was even much more happier that I cared enough about his soul to give him truth and put a booklet in his hands that contained truth in it, and that I talked to him about Jesus Christ. After that, at lunchtime I saw a student that I had witnessed to a while ago and walked up to hijm and asked him the question "if you died tonight are you 100% assured that you would go to Heaven?" He said that he wouldn't so I shared Jesus, sin, Ten Commandments, the Cross, etc. and then I gave him a Mark Cahill booklet and told him to read it and he said he would. Then as I left to the office to take care of a few things, I talked with my school policeman Mr. Morales. He's a really nice guy and is out new policeman this year at Irvington. I saw him in his workplace and decided to visit him. I chatted with him for a short period of time before the bell rang and then before I had to go to class I gave him a Mark Cahill tract booklet and left. I told him to read it and he said he would. I was sooo happy that I got to plant a seed in his life! And I really want to talk with him more on the subject of eternity, Heaven and Hell, Jesus Christ, etc. This has been a very blessed day and each day brings new surprises because our God is full of it. Amen!