Thursday, August 30, 2012

God's timing is always perfect. Amen.


This was one of the greatest college days of my life so far. I had Theatre improve first which is my favorite and first class of Tuesday's and Thursday's. Today we did some exercise warm-ups where each of us in the class did an exercise action that the rest of the class had to copy. Then after that we played a game that helped us learn each other's names in the class. It was just awesome, I love that class so much and it keeps me wanting to go back to college every every week which is great. I love it! After theatre was done I left to my English class which was in a separate building near the bottom of the campus. In the class we just listened to the professor lecture and then we reviewed a paper that we completed. After that we compared answers and what we wrote. Each group (including mine) needed to type it on Microsoft Word and then present what we wrote on a projector. She never got to ours (hehe), but as long as we did the work, that's what mattered. Later on me and my dad left to Dave and Busters at the Great Mall in Milpitas to have father son time to talk and watch football together. I am not a fan of the San Francisco 49ers but man, they were kicking the San Diego Chargers butt! We ate dinner while watching the game and I frequently went to play a few video games then come back. All of a sudden when I playing a Nascar racing game I hear on the intercom about a person with a white BMW with this license plate to come to the front desk. I saw my dad go to the front desk and then saw him leave out of an entrance. When I asked him what happened he told me that it was nothing and that it was not his car. I was worried at first, but relieved when he told me that information. Everything inside Dave and Busters was loud as hec, and eventually there was a live DJ busting out his loud music. I wanted to leave asap, but my dad told me that until he finished his beer, we could leave. He finished it later on and as we were heading out of the building we saw security and two firefighters. We both saw a women lying on the floor and my dad asked one of the security guards what was going on. He told my dad that he didn't know, or thought she passed out. We walked out of the building and noticed the paramedics and a firetruck. We also saw them rolling a stretcher into the building. I knew the Lord was telling me that time is running short and that people are heading off into eternity. I knew the Lord was trying to tell me "George, wake up. Time is running short, there is no time for games or anything else." God was warning me that I better wake up and start sharing the gospel, the greatest news about His Son the Lord Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected with everyone I meet. I do not believe in accidents and they never happen, I knew that the Lord wanted me there at the right time at the right place to warn me about how close eternity is to each person. As well as Judgement Day. Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow brother's and sisters. We need to wake up and start living the way the Lord Jesus Christ commands us. I don't want to live a mediocre Christian life. I want to live a radically sold out life for the Lord Jesus Christ. Time is ticking and we are running out of it. Make the best you can for living boldly and righteously for the Lord Jesus Christ!!!


Yesterday was much better than my Monday math class because on Monday, the professor was telling us what we needed to buy and what he expected of us. But what caught me by surprise was that I did not expect so much even though of course it's college, but it was new to me. He taught a lesson on place value and what they were called. We also learned how to round and how to translate the number to English form and then the opposite. After that class I had to go to the Ohlone bookstore which was high up on the campus. There were a lot of stairs and it was not fun to climb, my legs are in pain by the time I reach the level of where the bookstore is. I had to wait in line for more than five minutes or even more before I got to the front to purchase my English textbook. My dad gave me $80 so I could purchase the textbook that my English professor said was $75. When I arrived at the counter I found out that the total was $81. One thing she did not mention was that there was a $6 tax fee added to it. So I had to use my debit card to pay for the book. After that my dad came and picked me up, he was a little mad because he was wondering why I waited so long. I just never called to notify him about the time I was using in the bookstore. Later me and my dad went home, then we had to leave in my car because he told me that he found the source of the problem. It was a nail that pierced my front right tire. So both of us left to a tire shop in the Fremont hub called America's tires to have it replaced. Afterwards me and my dad returned home and hung for a little. Then we left to go and check out this one house for rent, but we didn't like it. We checked out this other house and me and my dad liked the guy who was showing us the house where his son and some other person live. My dad thought the house was pretty messy and the room as well. He also did not like how the inside of the refrigerator was unorganized and dirty as well. But we both liked Dave who was the guy showing us the house. He was very friendly and had passion for what he does. He is very involved in the neighborhood and has grown up in Milpitas. From everything Dave was telling us, he knew the police chief, the mayor of Milpitas, etc. He was a very nice guy and his loving support and friendliness got me considering of renting a room at the house. But as of now I am staying with a family friend and has been already arranged. I will be moving into the house sometime this weekend. Now that I finally have a new place to stay, I can worry less about that and concentrate more on what matters such as sharing Jesus (always comes first), reading my bible, doing my homework, etc. I got an email yesterday from a Christian friend after I told her about my financial situation about buying books for college. She told me in the email that the Lord placed on her heart to give me a donation of $100 for my college book! Praise the Lord! God is so good. He will take care of you. Amen!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today was much better than yesterday. The reason was because I had my theatre improve class where I can act and be free to express my own self. That's always fun and I got to do that today. For my improve class we played a few warm up games and we also did exercise warm-ups. I had a really great time in that class and it also made me forget about my math class and what I experienced yesterday. After that I left to my next class which was English and there was yet another lecture just like all my other classes, except in my theatre class it was mostly being on the stage floor and doing something rather than sitting down. For English, we reviewed the syllabus, introduced ourselves etc. and we did some in class assignments. And basically that was my second day at college. This is just the beginning and it's going to become harder, but with the Lord, I can accomplish anything. Amen.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Well today was my first day of college and it went well. I was mostly nervous and somewhat excited just about what I was going to be experiencing, but that feeling is normal. I asked this girl in the bus if she could guide me to the building where my first class was being held. She helped me with that and thanked her and walked over to the building to find my class. I discovered the main entrance eventually and I spotted a classmate of mine from High School. Me and him just talked for a bit, before I saw a student that was familiar on facebook. The student was a brother of someone named Chris from my High School. He was a quick new friend that I met and later he had to go to his class. I left as well to my first class that was on the second floor. I honestly did not know where the class was so I asked a woman at a table. She pointed to the class and it was very close to me, literally. I walked in there was only a woman working on her laptop on a desk. I found out soon that she was not the teacher but that the real teacher would be coming as soon as the class started. More students came into the classroom and then the teacher started lecturing about the class and wrote his name and contact information on the board. He asked us to introduce our names, our major, and how many years it has been since we had a math class. After that then he lectured more then he asked a couple of people to participate in an exercise. For the first exercise he asked two people to stand and gave a girl a tennis ball. The teacher asked her to throw it to the other guy standing across from her. What he was teaching us was that our brain calculates how to throw the ball, what direction it goes, the trajectory, all without us not knowing our brain does these complex tasks. After that, he asked another student to stand up and gave him the tennis ball. He told the student to close his eyes and the teacher walked around the classroom. He told the student to throw the ball to him with his eyes still shut. The student tried to turn in the direction where his voice was coming  from and he threw the ball. The ball was close to where the student with his eyes closed was aiming at. The point that the teacher was trying to make that our brain does all of these complex calculations about the direction of where to throw the ball, how much force to use, what trajectory, angle, etc. And he said that consciously we don't know what we just did, but sub-consciously in our mind our brain knows what it did, but we don't know that. I thought it was very interesting and cool to think about. But what my math teacher and possibly the rest of the students in my class didn't know was that, I know who made the human brain. I know the Creator and I am in a relationship with Him which is the best thing in the entire Universe. The class was kinda enjoyable even though it was mostly a lecture of course. After that I introduced myself to the teacher formally and left the class. I encountered a classmate of mine who is also a friend and we talked for a little bit before I asked him to show me where to buy my parking permit. We left to the library and we encountered another friend from our High School. I told them I needed to leave to catch my bus, so I left. Once I arrived I didn't know I missed the bus by seconds until I asked this guy next to me. I had to wait more than half an hour and more before the bus finally showed up. After the bus ride and walking home, I was just really exhausted from the day since I was burning in the sun while waiting for the bus (I wanted to wait in the shade, but their were bees there). I wanted to come home and relax after a tiring first day of college. I felt like I couldn't take it anymore, and I also feel now that I don't even want to go to college. It's just so much responsibility and I feel like dropping out. Please pray that I will persevere in the Lord's strength my fellow brother's and sister's. I am just so weary from this day and my strength is almost gone. Pray that the Lord will help me through my college life as of now and in the future. I am really scared and I feel that I will not do well. I know that these troubles are short and will not last just like the bible says "For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us and eternal glory that far outweighs them all." 2 Corinthians 4:17 I am asking all of your from my heart, please pray for me. I love you all strongly with my heart and I thank you so much for reading this and supporting my blog as well. Praise the Lord!!!


Yesterday was just an awesome day! Had Church service with my youth group and that was nice as always. Then afterwards I went to my second favorite restaurant Sizzling Stone (you should check it out, awesome Korean food!). Then I came back to my Church building and hung out there for a little bit before I decided to take a walk around the area. Then I came back to my car and wanted to go to my pastor's house for kinect (our bible study event name). As I was coming to this intersection, I noticed a homeless women that I have seen before in the past but have driven by her. But in the past I did give her money and pray for her. This time as I was driving by I knew that it was not right driving past her so I made a u-turn and went back. I parked my car and approached Sherrie (that was her name) and I gave her at least more than $10 and she said "thank you so much, God bless you." Then me and Sherrie started talking, and I got to see her dog and pet her. We talked about various things and then toward the end I asked her "can I pray for you quickly?" She agreed and she held my hand and I started praying that the Lord would provide Sherrie with a home and that He would also provide her with the money that was necessary for her. She thanked me and then I left in my car praising God. God is so good! Bless someone and they will bless you in return. Just like JB, I blessed him with the money for the organization and he blessed me with his Christ-like attitude. Praise the Lord!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yes, amen. Psalm 46:10


Today I needed to get binder paper since I am starting school this Monday. Wow my first year of college, time really does pass by! Before I went to do that I needed to go to a store in mall that I know very well to see if I can apply for a job there. I asked the lady how I can apply and she told me that I need to have a resume to turn in before I can apply there. There is one spot open, so please pray that I will be able to get the job! Then I went to a near by table and began reading my bible in public After that I drove back on the freeway to go to a local Wal-mart that is near my house. As I was walking in, I saw an African-American man outside doing one of those charity organization events. I went inside and got my binder paper, (I wish I would have got pens, but they didn't have my favorite brand!), then came back out. I walked up to the guy who was doing his job and started talking. He was telling me what he was doing and I decided to donate money to the organization that he was declaring to people. I told him if I could donate $20, and he said that would be great. I decided to donate $3 instead because I never realized I had that in my wallet. He said "amen, brother." I complimented him on his cross necklace and asked him if he was a believer in Christ. He said that he was and then me and him started talking. I told him that Jesus said it is better to give than to receive, and he also told me from the Scripture that God loves a cheerful giver. And I told him "from Galatians" and he said "amen brother! your a bible scholar?" Me and him just laughed. I asked him what was his name and he said Jerry (his friends call him JB). I asked JB if I could pray for him and he happily agreed. I prayed outside of Wal-mart in public that the Lord would bless him and he would just continue to pursue the Lord and would work for His Kingdom. JB just took his hand and put it on top of my hand and said "God bless you brother." I told JB that I would love to see him in Heaven one day and he said the same as well. What a blessing that man is. Me and him happily said goodbye. That was one of the happiest moments in my life. I went home praising God and thanking him for the encounter He put across my path with JB. Please pray that the Lord would use JB mightily in the days to come. And for him to make a bold stand for the Lord Jesus Christ. Today has been just a blessed day. Thank you Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Amen to that!!! :D

A nice message a good Christian friend posted on my wall on facebook.

It's nice to get messages like this from a dear friend that is really close. Or just something nice in general. This what my good friend Chloe posted on my facebook wall. "GEOOORGEE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have an amazing birthday <3 Filled with blessings from all your friends and family! I feel very blessed to have an amazing friend like you! I'm really thankful that god has put you in my life! Have a splendid day! (((:" A message like this brings joy to my heart. Praise the Lord for amazing friends like that! :) <3

Quotation from a brother in Christ. Most Christians just want to watch true Christians take the gospel to the battlefield. The only problem for these self proclaimed "Christians" is that they don't want to participate which is really sad.

"The Christians I find most critical are those who are sideline believers, watching every move an elect makes. They are spectators of the Great Commission while the handful of us are partakers on the battleground, fighting for the Truth and the souls of men." 

-Sean Golden


"It's not about that worldly outcome of winning and losing. It's about God being known."

-Tobin Heath


"Have you ever noticed that chaos creates beauty? Right after a torrential rainstorm there is a beautiful rainbow. Or when a star explodes it creates something magnificent. God is the Creator of chaos and beauty. Or after a huge tragedy when an earthquake hits such as the Japan earthquake. That was definitely chaotic, but God allowed that to happen so He could warn people there in Japan to repent of what they were worshiping and turn to Him in the midst of tragedy, so they can get rid of their sins and put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Now that is beauty right there at it's best. God can take something utterly disastrous and turn it into something beautiful. Amen." 

-George Lenta Jr. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

God's Love never ends and neither does His Grace. Amen!!! :D

Horrifying nightmare

Yesterday night I had the most horrifying nightmare I have ever had in my entire life. What I was dreaming was that I was in a room and there were other people in the room as well. But all of these people that were Asian, (I think they were Korean), were trapped in a area where a brown net was covering them. I had a knife and set them free. Then all of a sudden, this guy starts shooting everyone and kills a people. Somehow me and another person survive. Then the gunman starts chasing me and wants to kill me. I run and hide behind these tables in a college like classroom auditorium. The nightmare was so real I could see him shooting at me and I could literally feel the bullets flying past me. What was interesting is that none of them hit me. I was running everywhere trying to get away from the gunman who was consistently shooting bullets at me. I remember there was one part of the nightmare where I was sprinting down the aisle of this huge college classroom going down the steps when I encountered the gunman. He was reloading his gun and I had two choices: I could either hide from the gunman again under a table, or I could stand up and run in front of the gunman and escape through the door. I did feel that I wanted to run through the door, but I just couldn't. I was stuck because I was so scared and was hesitating. So what did I do? Well one thing I knew, I was scared of running away. I needed to make a stand, and take action. I remember my friends's dad told me "don't be afraid." From that moment, my nightmare stopped. I believed that the Lord was showing me a vision of some kind of situation that I was going to encounter later. I don't know if it was true or not, but I'll see. I will talk with the Lord about it, but that was one frightening dream!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today I had to take my friend to this golf range in this area called Sunol to check if his golf club was still there. Then we came back home and hung out a little, before we decided to get lunch. We left to have lunch at Taco Bell, even though I was kinda mad my friend ordered a chicken quasadilla. Afterwards, I needed to drop him off at home. Later I had to go to the bank to get cash, and then buy groceries. Today was a pretty rough day, and it was hard, but I can persevere through the Lord. He is the one that gives me the strength to cope with life's problems every day. God is praised every day. Amen.

Monday, August 20, 2012


This early afternoon I needed to go get gas for my car and then came back home to relax for a little before taking off to my dentist. They told me that I need to get two fillings for my two bottom wisdom teeth because I think they told me that I have two cavities. Not a good thing, yikes. Then later on in the evening I went to Jack in the Box to eat my dinner. While I was there I place a Mark Cahill tract booklet on top of the hand dryer in the bathroom to give people a surprise when they see it. :) When I was in my car, I accidentally spilled a little bit of my Dr.Pepper on the passenger seat. I cleaned it a little, but I'll have to clean it more either tonight or tomorrow. And of course  I read my devotional, that I need to start doing instead of slacking off on it. And then tomorrow I need to take a friend of mine to a driving range that we were before so he can see if his club that he left is still there. My first day of college starts next Monday and I am excited, yet nervous at the same time. I also have to purchase groceries for tomorrow. My days are going to be growing busier but with the Lord, I can persevere through everything. "I can do all things through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13. Amen!

When a problem comes your way, trust the Lord to bring you through it. Amen.


Tonight was the night I was about to go witnessing with a Christian family and part of their Church joined as well. After worship, prayer and bible study, we left to the Great Mall handing out pamphlets about a Christian event that my Christian family's Church building was hosting. Some people didn't want it, and some people did. But the main purpose was that we got the pamphlets out of our hands and into the hands of lost people to invite them. I walked up to these two teenagers to witness to them. I found out that one of the teenagers friend was autistic and so I could not talk with him. But I got to talk with the other teen who's name was Danish. He was a Muslim and told me the common beliefs that all Muslims believe such as: they don't believe Jesus was the Son of God, they don't believe He did on the Cross and rose from the dead, they believe He is just a prophet. I find it interesting in Luke 9:18-20 which is Peter's profession of Christ and who Peter says Jesus is after He asks Him. "Once when Jesus was praying in private and his disciples were with him, he asked them, "Who do the crowds say I am?" They replied, "Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, that one of the prophets of long ago has come back to life." "But what about you?" he asked. "Who do you say I am?" Peter answered, "The Christ of God." Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God who was sent to die for all the sins of mankind. Me and Danish talked and talked and I shared with him the Ten Commandments, repentance, the cross, etc. then I gave him a tract booklet after. Then my Christian friend continued talking with the person I just stopped talking with! God is so faithful, you just have to do your part and God will do His by using another believer to continue the conversation or a new one. What was interesting was that my Christian friend Perry told Danish that he was Muslim for 23 years. I have never heard that before from him and I thought that was very interesting. Then afterward when I was talking with a Christian friend, I told her that I wanted to witness to this young teenage stranger sitting down. I walked up to him and asked him "hey man, how you doing? Can you help me out? I'm working on a project." He said sure and then I asked him "Well I am asking the question if you died tonight are you 100% assured you would go to Heaven?" He told me that he doesn't believe in the Heaven and Hell type of afterlife, so I asked him what he did believe in. He told me he believed in reincarnation, so me and him talked about it for a little. I asked him what his name was and he said Peter. I shared with him the Ten Commandments, repentance, the cross, blood of Jesus Christ, etc. He also told me stories too. He told me that he believed in ghosts as well because he said that when he was going to sleep one night, the door just shut right as if it was an invisible force. Of course there is no such things as ghosts, but demons do exist and will try to take us away from the living God who is the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan exists and will tempt us believers to fall away. We must stand strong with the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Peter also told me that the greatest pursuit is to struggle to live. Isn't that true for all of us? We are in a daily battle every day fighting against trying to live in this world and we struggle with all of these responsibilities in life. And most of the time we have no control over any of them. I am struggling right now trying to live alone and it's tough, it's not easy. But one thing I have that most lost people in the world don't is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the reason I live and I breath every day. Without Him, I am literally nothing. The Word of God is our fuel to live and to survive on this world. Peter also told me another interesting thing how he grew up Buddhist, since both his parents were, but he believed in reincarnation since that is a very popular belief in Hinduism. But was was even more interesting than that was even though he did not believe in Jesus, he saw the passion of the Christ and that just tore him. He acknowledged how much Jesus suffered even though he didn't believe in Him, and the torment he endured while here on earth. He told me people could not stand to watch that since it was so gruesome with all that blood and gore that Jesus shed. But Jesus did that all for us and shed his blood so we can be forgiven of all of our sins. After I talked with Peter I told him that I shared all of this with him because I cared about his soul and where he would spend eternity. During the conversation earlier he was smoking a lot and it was in my face and I had trouble breathing and Peter asked me if I was alright. I told him that I was and he told me that I was freaking him out and he was concerned about me. And then later on when I was finishing up the conversation near the end before I gave him a tract booklet, his friend was coming near us to smoke. Peter told his friend "don't come near him. He's been exposed to a lot of second hand smoke." When you stand up for Jesus Christ, lost people will make a stand for you. Please pray for Danish and Peter to come to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. Praise the Lord!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012


I encourage all of you to check out my other blogs if you have not yet. If you look on the right side you will find something that says "Blog Archive." And if you scroll down, you will find different months and each months has many blogs. I strongly encourage you to check them all out. Of course I will be updating my blog on a regular basis, but I have so much more for you to see! So please, please check out my other blogs. God bless all of you! And thank you so much for reading my blogs!!! The Lord Jesus Christ is awesome!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This makes a lot of sense. A lot of people call themselves "Christians." But most of them aren't willing to pick up their Cross and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.


Today was a pretty laid back day. But the most exciting part of any day is reading my bible! Oh man, that is the stuff! What is better than reading the Word of God? Literally nothing! The bible is the best book and most read book in the world! One of my favorite parts about reading the Word of God is meditating on the Psalms. Because I am singing my heart out to the Most High God, and just reading that part of scripture is awesome. David singing his heart out to the Lord, that is really beautiful. When a person from their heart sings out to the Jesus, it's wonderful. I am not a singer, yet I sing with all my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and to Him, He thinks it's the most beautiful singing He has ever heard. I am singing praises to Him and praising Him for who He is. I am currently on the book of 1 Samuel right now, but the Psalms are just loaded and I love them! I have also been reading my devotionals as well and those are good, but the bible just beats everything! I have also applied for a job yesterday at this place called City Beach which is like a family atmosphere for entertainment and fun. But I would remind myself that it is just another place where I can fish for souls just like the Lord Jesus Christ commanded, just like any other place. I thank the Lord that every day I can have breath and be able to praise Him each day before I take my last breath and walk into His arms for all of eternity. But when my time does come to die, I know that it will be worth it and I will be with my Savior forever and ever and ever..... Amen.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jesus is alive!!! :D

The Lord Jesus Christ is alive!!! That is the greatest news that has ever been spoken! People in the book of Acts couldn't wait to go and tell numerous strangers about this risen Savior who has rose from the dead and defeated death. Stephen, Peter, Paul, Andrew had to tell someone that Christ was alive. Jesus said to his disciples "Don't tell anyone what you have seen, until the Son of Man has been raised from the dead." Matthew 17:9. The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is the best piece of evidence for our faith in the Lord. If Jesus predicted how He would die and did not fulfill it, then we have been lied to and our faith is literally useless. Just as Paul had said in 1 Corinthians 15:14 "And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith." Paul even takes it further saying that if Christ has not been raised, we are still in our sins 1 Corinthians 15:17. But Jesus has rose from the dead and here is the evidence. This is from Luke 24:36-49 when Jesus appears to His disciples. "While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, "Peace be with you." They were startled and frightened, thinking they saw a ghost. He said to them, "Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds? Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have." When he had said this, he showed them his hands and feet. And while they still did not believe it because of joy and amazement, he asked them, "Do you have anything here to eat?" They gave him a piece of broiled fish, and he took it and ate it in their presence. He said to them, "This is what I told you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms." Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures. He told them, "This is what is written: Th Christ, will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things. I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high." The Lord Jesus Christ the only God, has been raised from the dead!!! No other person or "god" could do that. Only Jesus could and He did! He is the Savior of the world. If you have not repented of your sins. Please repent of them and believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Turn away from doing evil and believe in Jesus so you can follow righteousness! Amen!!! If you have repented of your sins and have become "born again" by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ please comment on this blog below. And praise the Lord!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


"One of the reasons we are not as moved by our own faith is because we almost never talk about it with an unbeliever." -John Piper. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I felt that I was not doing my devotionals as much as I could so today I got a chance to return to that task. I read the one today and the one yesterday since I have forgotten. Then I read the Word of God as well and read more than 1 chapter this time. A Christian friend of mine was supposed to come over but he told me that he did not plan it well. So instead he said that he would come over tomorrow so and him can hangout for a little before we go to a hangout party at our Church building. I just stayed at home mostly today and in the evening I got out some chicken that my Christian friends have given me as leftover. I microwaved it and began to start eating. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and I greet the man who is on my front porch. He asks me if my parents were home and I told him no. I told him that my dad, stepmom and stepbrother are traveling to Florida while I am living alone. He gave me a card that was about solar panels and it had his number on it. I  asked Matthew if he was busy (I knew his name before when I asked who was at the door before I opened it) he told me a little. I then had the boldness to ask him "can I ask you an interesting question?" He said "sure go for it", then I asked Matthew "when you die what do you think is on the other side? What do you think is out there when we walk out of here?" He told me that is an interesting question and so me and him start talking. Matthew told me that the soul which he believes enters a cycle, very similar to the beliefs in Hinduism and in Sikhism where both beliefs teach that the soul enters a cycle of rebirth. He also told me some other interesting stuff as well. Then I told him what I believed in and I took Matthew to show him his and how we are guilty of our sins in front of an all holy God. He understood that and I also used an example in Mark Cahill's book One thing you can't do in Heaven. Then he asked me if I would like to sit down, so me and him started talking more. We talked about what he believed then he asked me questions that he had. It was just great. I also told Matthew that I cared about his soul after everything I shared with him, and he appreciated it. I told him that I had a gift for him and so I went back into my house and got my only copy of one heartbeat away. I gave it to Matthew and he told me that he can return it. He was really thankful. I am also surprised that at the beginning of our conversation he told me that only a couple of people would actually talk to him at the door. Then he left and he told me to call him. His number was on the paper advertisement he gave me. Me and Matthew had a great conversation. I am so thankful the Lord brought him into my path so I could talk with him about the Lord Jesus Christ. He even knew a little bit about why Christ came to die which was for our since on the Cross. God is good!!! Please pray for the seed I planted in Matthew, that He would make it grow. Praise the Lord!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Divine appointment

You have heard about divine appointments I'm sure? It's when you meet someone that God has prepared for you to meet to talk with about Jesus Christ. Whether it's a lost person or a born-again Christian. Well this divine appointment happened on my birthday which was 8/4/12. I was planning on going to this mall which is called the Great Mall which is the closest mall I know near my house. And going to Taco Bell to witness in Milpitas. But I ended up going to a Mcdonalds in Milpitas. I came in and went to the bathroom, I saw a guy brushing his teeth in the bathroom and I have never seen that before. I never seen anyone brush their teeth in a public bathroom which is really strange, but it was funny. I came out of the bathroom and walked at a table to put my backpack down. All of a sudden, I saw what I think was the bible. I thought, "no it can't be" and just stared at it before walking over to check if it was. And it was the bible! The man walked out of the bathroom and I assumed it was his so I said to him "hey I saw that your reading your bible" and he said "yeah man." So me and Felix (that's his name) start talking. We talked about false teachers and false teachings, deception etc. He told me he came from the Philippines and grew up Catholic but is now a born-again Christian because he found the truth, which is of course Jesus Christ. He loved the Word of God and so did I. I could tell in his eyes the passion he has for the Lord. He even told me he gave an NKJV bible to the cashier who was working in front. Felix's passion for the Lord Jesus Christ was just awesome. He told me that he comes to Mcdonalds in the evening to read the bible. I so happened to encounter him at the time he was reading it and I didn't even realize it! And I was planning on going somewhere else! You see how the Lord directs our paths and guides or steps. Just ask Him and trust that wherever you go He will provide the divine appointments there. And ask the Lord to soften the hearts of the people He wants you to talk with. Praise the Lord!!! God is sooo good!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


The bible without stories is like food without seasoning. It has no flavor. 

-George Lenta Jr. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Today is my birthday!!! Woo-hoo! Praise the Lord!!! I am 19 now and I am starting to feel old haha. Well this morning I had a mini celebration with my family before they took off across the United States on their 10 days journey to Boca Raton, Florida. I ate a chocolate donut and a glass of chocolate milk (my favorite). I got yet another birthday card (my third one) from my dad. Then my dad had to do a few things before he left. He said goodbye and then took off, I felt like crying but I wanted to hold it in so I wouldn't do it in front of him. Then after they took off around the corner, I just broke down and started weeping. I walked inside the house and said "Father it hurts, please protect them." And I said other things, but I was so emotional at that moment. It's really difficult for me to say goodbye. Please pray for my dad, stepmom, stepbrother to come to the Lord Jesus Christ.  A family friend came over and his dad as well so they could move furniture that we don't need from the garage to his truck. I also got to talk with my mom today and my brother as well as they wished me a happy birthday. My good friend Ajay that lives in Atlanta called me and wished me a happy birthday, which was very nice of him. That's a great friend right there, he is not saved but I am praying for him. Please pray for my friend Ajay and his family so they can come to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. I got a lot of facebook posts on my wall of people wishing me a happy birthday today. I am planning to go witnessing tonight and share the gospel. I want to be bolder for the Lord and share Him with everyone. I thank everyone who follows and reads my blogs, that makes me really happy and I thank all of my followers as well. Please tell your friends and family as well about this blog and also check out my good friends blog that I am a part of Today is not about me, it's all about the Lord Jesus Christ. He gave me life on this day and created me for His glory. He is the one who get's the credit alone. Not me. I am just a lowly humble servant of the Most High God, the Lord Jesus Christ. May He be glorified today tomorrow and forever and ever. Amen.

P.S. I also can't wait to go witnessing tonight!!! Praise the Lord!!! Please pray that the Lord would use me.


Yesterday I wanted to go to my Church building to have some prayer with a few of my youth group people before they left on my Church's youth retreat with other Church's of the same branch CCIC (Chinese Church In Christ). The prayer was just awesome, but it seemed like I covered everything for the retreat! haha. But everyone else prayed and whatever prayer it was, it was wonderful because the Lord God Almighty hears our hearts and our words and He knows if we really meant the prayer or not. After we prayed everyone left downstairs and we just waited for everyone to pack their bags into the bus and then wait to board. I hung out and chatted and was a bit of a complainer because I missed my youth group friends and did not want them to leave haha. When everyone boarded the bus, I came in and hung with them a bit before they left. They were waiting for my friend Brent, and then he called me and said that he was not going. I reported this to the rest and then they told my pastor and he said that everyone should get on the bus now. I said goodbye to everyone I could before they left. As I was driving home from my Church building I saw in the back of car written on a red balloon happy birthday. Today was the day before my birthday, but I knew that the Lord was giving me a sign that it was Him, wishing me happy birthday directly from Himself. That gave me so much encouragement and the love I felt was just awesome, and the peace as well. God is so good. Later on, I came home and did some other stuff. And then later me and my family here in Fremont left to visit our cousins in Cupertino and I had a nice time there as well. I had a nice day today.

Friday, August 3, 2012

False "gods"

In the major religion of India which is Hinduism, a lot of Hindus worship their own gods or idols as I should say. This is very destructive and deceitful because these "gods" are just idols and they don't exist, but it is because they are created by man. Here are some scripture to back that up and show you that these "gods" are just idols. Habakkuk 2:18-20 "Of what value is an idol, since a man has carved it? Or an image that teaches lies? For he who makes it trusts in his own creation; he makes idols that cannot speak. Woe to him who says to wood, 'Come to life!' Or to a lifeless stone, 'Wake up!' Can it give guidance? It is covered with gold and silver; there is no breath in it. But the Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him." An idol has no value because it is hand carved and created by humans, we are trusting in something that we already made. Romans 1:21-25 says "For although they knew God, they neither glorified as God nor gave thanks to him, but in their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal men and birds and animals and reptiles. Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator-who is forever praised. Amen." So as you can see from this passage people are being deceived and being lied to by creating their own idols which is a "god" and chasing after them instead of chasing after their Creator, Jesus Christ who is to be praised forever and ever. Amen. When it said in the passage "images made to look like mortal men and birds and animals and reptiles. That is exactly what we see with the Hindu "gods". The Hindu "gods" that people worship are made to be men or people, they look like humans! Like the Lord Krishna in Hindu belief is a "god" with blue skin, and other "gods" have different colored skin, like green, blue etc. And the Hindu "god" Ganesh is a "god" made to be an animal. Just like it said in Scripture above in the book of Romans! Isaiah 44:9-11 says "All who make idols are nothing, and the things they treasure are worthless. Those who would speak up for them are blind; they are ignorant, to their own shame. Who shapes a god and casts an idol, which can profit him nothing? He and his kind will be put to shame; craftsmen are nothing but men. Let them all come together and take their stand; they will be brought down to terror and infamy." Idols are just created things and people worship them as "gods". But the Lord Jesus Christ is the risen Savior. The one who died on the Cross for all of our sins and came back to life three days later. He is the one He claimed to be, the Savior of the world. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16. Repent of your sins and put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, not those worthless idols. Praise Him forever and ever! Amen!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

God definitely has Chick-Fil-A's back! Praise the Lord!!! :D


When you have boldness their are great benefits. When get out of your comfort zone and use it, you will never be the same. Get out of your comfort zone and tell someone about Jesus, the only one who can save them. 
-George Lenta Jr.