Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Witnessing 8/30/11

Today was great! I walked most of my way to my two parks since my dad wanted me to gain more weight and not burn anymore calories. But as always I prayed to the Lord yesterday to lead me to the right people to talk to. And as I was walking to the park today I asked the Lord again to use me, not as a mark cahill, not as a rachel scott, or paul, peter, dwight moody, or charles spurgeon. But as a george lenta ready to be used for His service to glorify Him and only Him. I asked the Lord to use me today. Then as I came to my first park weibel no one was there so I moved on. I came to my next local park which is close by named aquas calientes which means hot water in spanish. Their was a man who looked like he was doing some sort of pull up exercise so I approached him and asked "are you into aerobics?" He said no and just told me he was exercising and said that he jogged from paseo padre to where we were. So we started talking and I forgot to introduce myself so we both introduced ourselves and talked some more. His name is peter so I said "can I ask you an interesting question?" he said "go ahead" I asked him "when you die, what do you think is on the other side?" He said that what people believe they should feel comfortable with. So I shared Jesus Christ with him and also the resurrection of Jesus Christ which is the foundation of our faith. He was so intrigued by this conversation that he stopped what he was doing and listened to what I had to say about Jesus. Then he thanked me for what I had to say to him then he started helping me with pull-ups! Then we both shook hands and said goodbye. I thank the Lord for peter today because his soul matters to me and I will pray for the seed that I planted in his life and I would love it also if you could please pray that he knows Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord!!! Amen! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maze day witnessing 8/24/11

Another great day of witnessing to people about Jesus Christ. The first person I witnessed to his name was Matthew and I asked him when he died what he thought was on the other side. He told me he didn't know at all. So I shared with him the reality of Hell and how bad it was and I also shared the true story of the Rich man and Lazarus. Why? Because I cared so much about him, I warned him about Hell, warned him about the wrath of God that will come upon you if you die in your sins if you are not born again by the blood of Jesus Christ. So I shared the true Savior the Lord Jesus Christ with him and talked to him abut sin and about being guilty before God for breaking His Law. Then after the conversation before I left I said "Matthew, the reason I share this with you is because I care where your soul will spend eternity. And I'm dead serious. That's how much I care about you." Then I said bye and left. Then later I found a woman standing by herself so I walked up to her and said how are you doing she said good. Then I asked her what she was doing here and she said she is waiting for her son to get his schedule, then I asked her what her son's name was and she said "kart." I was surprised and said "I just talked with your son yesterday and today I meet you who is his mom!" She said "ok" with mostly no enthusiasm. Then I said "can I ask you an interesting question?" She said ok and I asked "when you die, what do you think is on the other side?" She told me that she didn't know. And I wanted to share Jesus with her, but she told me she had to go. Then I went and chatted with a few people that I knew, even though I didn't share Jesus with them (when I know I should have) then I walked over to an old classmate of mine and asked her what she thought after she died. She was also a Hindu and said that you are born again in multiple lives seven times. I was going to speak more but she was interrupted by her friend and I didn't want to be rude so I found another opportunity to talk again. Then suddenly unexpected someone behind me says "hey George!" and I turn around and it's my friend Karthik. So I said "hey Karthik! How are you doing man?" He said good we started chatting about school and stuff then I said "can I ask you an interesting question?" He said ok I asked "when you die, what do you think is on the other side? What do you think is out there after you die?" He told me he was a strong Hindu believer and he strongly believed in reincarnation. Then we talked about it for a while. And finally he said he had to go and so I said bye and he left. Then the girl next to me who was just sitting their by herself. I introduced myself to her and asked her what was her name. And her name was Lauren who was a senior like me. And then I introduced myself obviously. Then I left because I wanted to find my friend Rachel but unfortunately couldn't. But then later as I arrived home I thanked the Lord for giving me those divine appointment to talk with those people he wanted to lead me to. Because He is always good. No matter what. Amen.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maze day witnessing 8/23/11

Ahh, the smell of new school year starting. Maze day was today where everybody was waiting expectantly for the arrival of their new schedule and their class id. For me it was just another day to praise God and give Him glory for what He is doing and also most importantly to share His love with people. Everyone was friendly and was happy because of the excitement going on from all senior enthusiasm. As for me I was happy and joyful because God's joy is certainly contagious for whoever consumes it. I was happily browsing around to different clubs held in an area near the cafeteria. And as always I greet people with the Joy of the Lord that is so powerful it can bring a smile to a sad or mad face. Later after going to the vice principal for getting a schedule change, a woman who I saw before was calling me to ride a plastic mechanically operated surfboard located in the middle of a blue inflatable. She persuaded me so greatly, I gave in and rode the board which was fun, but not as fun as standing in the presence of the Lamb of the God while singing glorious praises to Him. Then afterward the people who operated the machine, I approached them and struck up a conversation. Their names were Dallas and Eli that looked like they were twenty something year old employees at City Beach. Then I told them "can I ask you both an interesting question?" They said "go for it" I asked "when you die what do you think is on the other side? What do you think is out there after you die?" They both looked at each other and started talking about it themselves! The one young woman Dallas told me she believed in reincarnation and we talked about a little. Then I shared with her the truth about the crucified Lord Jesus Christ and she just nodded and nodded. Then eventually they both had to clean up since maze day was virtually over. Then I told her to check out a book which is a really excellent resource for non-believers which is one heartbeat away by mark cahill. Then I met two other guys who were just standing and chatting. I walked up to them and said "hey guys how are you doing?" They said "good" and just started a conversation like asking them about their grade etc. Then I said "can I ask you guys an interesting question?" They said "ok" then I asked them "when you die, what do you think is on the other side?" Their names were both kart and rodrick. And as I was witnessing to them rodrick believed in reincarnation, or was hoping for it. And the other guy kart talked about saying that we could be in a dream. Not reality, but a dream that we are living out. Then I shared the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ with them. And I told kart to check out a book. But I will eventually share with roderick. I'm still praising the Lord and still giving Him glory because He is still good, and is still using people to share the Gospel. Amen. :)

Park witnessing 8/22/11

I witnessed to two people on this day. One guy I was a Hindu who was a very interesting person. And the other who was Indian also, I asked him "when you die, what do you think is on the other side?" And he told me he had no idea what was out there after he died. I approached him and asked him if I could shoot hoops with him and I shared the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ with him and the other man I was talking with. The first elder man I talked to, his name was Anum. And the second, his name was Aditya. I know that these two people I witnessed to will never forget that person who crossed their path and told them about Jesus Christ. I encourage all of you to do the same also. It's a really fun and great experience when you share the gospel with lost people. Because it shows you really care about them. Before I left after talking with Aditya I told him "Aditya, the reason I just shared Jesus Christ with you is because I care about your soul and where you will spend eternity after you die." He said thanks and then I got a drink of water and took off. I encourage you guys as I said before please tell someone about Jesus Christ whenever or wherever you are before it's too late. Online, the park, mall, school, etc. You only have limited time. Do something that will last for eternity and  have no regrets on judgment day. God Bless! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank you Jesus

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for everything. For my life, my breath, the day and for the wonderful things he has done for me. Yesterday I had a very nice time with my family in California celebrating my birthday at a pizza restaurant. I also got a phone for my birthday yesterday and thanked him for it. Then today I was a little nervous for my driving test, but I pulled through and the driving instructor told me I did an excellent job, which surprised me a lot. She told me that she had never seen someone drive so great and use their turn signals so well. :) But out of everything I have, whether it's the cellphone, or the license, and everything else, I give the Lord Jesus Christ all  the glory. He is the one who provided my cellphone and license. He is the one who sacrificed everything upon that Cross for us. I now realize that out of all the things I have, none of it matters. Because I know that Christ's unfailing love wins us all. Thank you Jesus. Amen. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday praises

Today is great day. It was more fun praising and worshiping God in His Holy Presence than doing anything else. I was singing Phil Wickham's Cannons, along with David Crowder's how he loves, and also Chris August's starry night. It is such a blessed experience to stand in God's presence and singing praises to His name. Today is not about me, it's all about Him. I have a more fun birthday communicating with God because I have a relationship with my Creator. Nothing is more awesome and wonderful than that! I thank the Lord everyday because each day He gives us is a precious gift and and He expects us to use it wisely. "Thank you Lord Jesus Christ or bringing me into this world because to you is all the Glory and honor and power forever and ever. Amen." :)