Monday, October 31, 2011

Endless pain, loving forgivness

My brother can be a real pain in the butt seriously. But I still love him even if he is still an unsaved sinner. Today had to be one of the best days that I have treated my brother with loving kindness. When we were both alone driving in the car and then my brother turned up the music. I thought it was loud and I turned it down. He got loud and started to hit me while I was driving (very dangerous). That took my eyes off the road and I got angry at my brother for doing that to me and we still can't arguing and he kept hitting me. Then suddenly he punched me in the face while I was still driving! Which is extremely dangerous. Then when we got home he kept arguing and I didn't say anything, he just said "I do it to all my other friends and they don't complain" and I just responded "good for them" to my brother. And instead of hitting my brother or taking revenge I know that the Lord will handle him, so I just handed over everything to him. And my brother switches behaviors so after all the physical hitting I took from him that did hurt, I was able to forgive him as the Lord was using me to say that because without Him I can do nothing. "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength." I forgive my brother lovingly and didn't say anything bad to him but just responded gently to him. Praise the Lord!!! His Word is power! Amen!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Mall witnessing with my buddy Austin 10/30/11

Today was truly an awesome day! Me and buddy Austin went witnessing at the Great Mall today because I was so on fire for the Lord that I invited my friend Austin to come share Christ at the mall with me today. My friend Austin was carrying a bag and inside were folded up triangular papers which were also gospel tracts in my opinion but in each they contained a message about Austin's Jesusfreak blog and a packet of strident gum. We stood at one of the entrances just giving them out to people. Some people rejected it and didn't want anything to do with it but their were people that did take it. After me and Austin finished handing out his stuff we grabbed some lunch at a buffet which his dad payed for already (very generous and food was delicious), and what surprised me the most was that my friends Brent, Curtis (Austin's brother) and Laurence were interested so they also wanted to join in. So I gave them two tracts each then we headed into the mall again to actually do some real witnessing. I was the only one witnessing but my friend Austin was observing what I was doing and then I told him while we were in a sports store for him to give it a shot. He gave it a shot, but he told me the lady he was going to witness to was too busy. Austin is my developing apprentice hahaha, but he was learning and I was teaching him how to do it based on the stuff I learned from the book one thing you can't do in Heaven. I got into great conversations including these two Latin Americans and an Asian guy named Will in Dave and Busters. He was a very interesting man, but did not believe in Jesus nor his Resurrection. But I know that man will not forget that young 18 year old who told him about Jesus and truth. Then after me and Austin walked around the mall looking for people to witness to and hand out tracts. Our time was coming close to ending so we both decided to just give out a few tracts and then head back to Church. The whole experience was just fantastic! Then when we got back to Church, we chilled and hung out there. And I also met up with my friend Jen who was playing the piano (she's really great), but I met up with her and asked her how she was doing then she asked me and she told me what I was up to and I told her that me and Austin went to the Great Mall to share Jesus. She said that was awesome and she even asked if she could tag along sometime! I said "Sure, that would be awesome!" And I shared with her what we did and how we did it and she told me "I wish I had boldness like you to share Christ" and then she shared how she felt and I listened. But I felt absolutely humbled by what she said because I know that the Lord is using me to do His Work, not my own. He is using my body to glorify Him and Him alone. Then I asked my friend Jen for a hug and she gave me a hug. (I love hugs), but it's simple acts of love that you do that people really respond to and Jen wanted to join in so I told her that whenever she is free next time that she can come join us and she said that it would be great. Praise the Lord for this marvelous day, uplift His holy name!!! Amen!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Witnessing 10/26/11

Today during lunch I was searching for who the Lord was leading me to talk to about Him. As I was looking around I was meeting and greeting people as I passed by them. I decided to go to the library and witness there and as I entered their was a student standing by himself eating his lunch so what did I do? Well I approached him and started to talk with him of course! His name is Nathan and I asked him what he thought was out there after he died. He said that when you die you lose consciousness of your brain and that whatever happens when you die happens and you can't do anything about it. Then I talked with him about proofs for a God and he found the evidence I shared with him very convincing. He told me "that's what I used to think before, but now it's different." He said that he knew what I was talking about and knew their had to be a Grand Creator for the Universe and the Earth. So then after I talked with Nathan about my beliefs and that there is a Heaven and a Hell and then I walked him through God's Standard of goodness which is the Ten Commandments and showed him his sin. He was quiet because he knew he has broken God's laws and was guilty before him, unless he knew the way out which I showed him. Then I shared what Jesus did for him on the Cross and how He can take away his sin and stand not guilty before God on Judgment day and not be a condemned sinner headed for Hell, but can become a new born again creature in Christ! Then I shared with him repentance and told him that he had a choice whether to accept or reject Christ. At the end of the conversation he shook he said to me "you know you should be a lawyer, you can persuade very well." I told him that I wasn't persuading, but sharing the truth with him because I care so much about his soul that I want to see him in Heaven one day. Then I shook Nathan's hand, gave him a tract and was gone. What a wonderful day to praise the Lord! Amen!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Witnessing 10/24/11

Today was another satisfying day. Always asking the Lord to lead me to the right people to talk to about Him. So today gave out a few tracts before I came to my first customer to witness to. I walked inside my old Spanish teacher's room and greeted him then I greeted another student ask him what he was doing, hw (obviously), then I saw this girl in the back and I started chatting with her. She was a very nice African-American and she was also working on hw too. I was just talking with her and then at one moment I decided to lead the conversation into something eternal so I asked her "Kianjra, have you ever been to a funeral?" She responded "yes, for my uncle." So we started chatting a little bit about that, then I asked her "where do you think he is now" that initiated the conversation into something eternal. she told me how her uncle did a lot of good things and that he didn't hurt anybody and how he didn't harm anyone or himself. She told me he was in Heaven by her assumption. So then I said to her "Kianjra, you know God gave us a standard of goodness called the Ten Commandments, have you heard about them?" She said yeah and so I walked her through the Ten Commandments and then I shared with her Jesus, repentence etc. Then at the end of the conversation I looked at her and said "Kianjra, the reason I share all of this with you, is because I care about your soul and I care where you are going to spend eternity and I hope that means something to you." She responded back "you know I never had anyone say that to me before. And I am going to remember that for a long time." I didn't say anything because I was sooo stunned by what I just heard! I just accepted it with a humble heart, gave her a tract and said goodbye. That conversation really meant a lot, and it was no accident that the Lord put her there in that classroom at that specific time. Praise the Lord!!! Amen!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Witnessing 10/21/11

Today as usual I was handing out a couple of gospel tracts. A few people asked what it was and then I gave it to them. One person didn't want to read it because she didn't know what it was. But I did my job and I will continue it. Well today I felt like I wasn't going to witness, until I saw a student sitting on a bench by himself, so I decided to go and sit next to him. His name is Chris (he is the first male black person I witnessed to), and he was polite and we just started talking and then I asked him "if you died tonight, are you 100% assured your going to Heaven. He said no and then I asked him why and he told me that he doesn't believe in Church stuff but he believed in God. And he said "if I go to Heaven I go to Heaven, and if I go to Hell, I go to Hell." Hell is such a horrifying place so I warned Chris about Hell and how bad it was and about the flames and the darkness and all the screaming that will occur for all of eternity. Then I shared the Ten Commandments with him, sin, Jesus, the Cross, etc. He appreciated it and said "thanks bro" and then I gave him a tract and a cool handshake and left.  Praise the Lord for things like this that matter for eternity! Amen!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

An incredible night (this is October 15 Saturday, not 16)

Tonight I asked my dad if I can go to the homecoming dance after it was over so I could meet with friends. He agreed and so I left. On my way there driving listening to my Jesus music (Christian music my friend Austin calls it, haha awesome) it was just incredible to sing and shout with your voice praising the Lord of Heaven and Earth with everything you've got in your body. As I arrived there I got out of the car and walked toward the school, I tried to find an entrance to go in, but they were all blocked and I could not penetrate through. So I went around the school's drama theater Valhalla and I spotted what looked like a girl sitting on a bench. I went over and started chatting with her. Her name is Sarah and I noticed she had tears in her eyes and I asked her what happened. She told me that she was feeling overwhelmed and she asked one of the party security if she could leave. I witnessed to her and then gave her a tract and then said goodbye. Then I came back to the main parking lot and met a parent who was standing waiting for his son, so I just talked with him a little and gave him a gospel tract. Then I left to the outside entrance and just met people who were coming out such as my friends and people I was giving out random high-fives to. It was awesome! I also gave out a couple gospel tracts while at it too. Afterwards as I was heading back to my car I walked up to a student I knew and gave him a gospel tract. I told him it is a gift and then left. As I was driving home I listening to my favorite Christian music and I felt so hyped for praising the Lord. Then one of my favorite songs came on which was How He Loves by David Crowder. It was playing when I was close to home, so I decided to take an alternate route in order to finish the song. I came by my elementary school's parking lot and just drove in there and just stopped. I opened up my car door and I put my left hand up in the air praising Jesus. It was soooo awesome, I literally can't describe it in words. Praise the Lord!!! Amen!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

He is worthy

The Lord God Almighty who is Jesus Christ is awesome. He is mighty in power, wisdom, intelligence and everything else in His attributes. His death on Cross was truly the most remarkable thing the world has ever seen and will see when they come to believe the Son of God. I raise up my forgiven hands in the air to the only one who is worthy every single moment in my life. Amen.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Disappointed, but thankful

I was really tired coming home tonight. As I was driving home, I felt like I wanted to lay my head on the steering wheel (of course I can't do that, but I felt like it badly). But I came home greeted my brother who likes to tease me and then my dad. Then later he asked me if I got my progress report to show my grades to my stepmom and himself. I remembered a verse in the bible which was Proverbs 12:22 that says "The Lord detest lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful." I was tempted to lie, but I wanted to glorify and honor God by telling the truth, so I said "No." Then my dad came downstairs and took away my car keys because he told me unless I bring a progress report, I won't get my car keys back. I am disappointed yes, but very extremely thankful because when I am driving, their are no lost people with me in the car, only me. But when I take the bus, their are lost people to talk to about Jesus. So now that I have my car keys taken away until Monday, I can now take the bus and witness to people that I would have never met, if I never would have gotten my keys taken away! Praise the Lord!!! Amen!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Never ending Joy and energy

Today was yet, another awesome day. During school I had the chance to distribute tracts to a few students during passing period and lunch. I was walking in the hallway and their was a student next to me so I looked up at him and greeted him then I took a tract out of my pocket and said "hey did you get one of these?" He said no and asked me what was it. I told him it was a gift. Then I walked away. Another time I was in the courtyard during lunch and I said to my friend matthew "did you get one of these?" He said no and I also told him it was gift also. Then I gave one to another student standing near him. And also during the end of lunch, their was a girl walking my, so I approached her and said "did you get one of these?" She asked what it was and I said like always, "it's a gift." I am sure I gave out a few more, but then after school me and my stepbrother went to Mission San Jose high school to watch my brother play his freshmen football team against them. As we entered the parking lot while in the car, we parked and got out and I told my stepmom if I could go and see my friend who is at the school. She said yes, and so I ran over with my Irvington blue crew shirt on and searched for him. In the process of it I encountered my friend and his friends and we started chatting. One of the friends that I met from my friend, his name was Nelson. We both started talking until I noticed my other friend Ryan then I confronted him and we started chatting. Then afterwards I gave a couple of tracts out to people by saying "hey did you get one of these?" After I noticed a classroom. I was curious so I went inside and greeted the teacher who was in there. I forgot what her name was (I don't like forgetting names :p) but I came in and just said hi. She was a nice teacher and we both started talking about life and stuff like that and then I talked to her about my life story. Eventually I started talking about Jesus and in the middle of the conversation she said "I don't mean to be rude, but I'm going to have to stop you right there." She didn't want to hear the truth about Jesus Christ. That didn't surprise me because a similar situation is in God's Word. Listen to what Jesus says "He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God." The conversation didn't go well and she rejected Jesus, yet I loved her enough to share the truth with her. Then I said goodbye and left. Later I met up with my stepmom and stepbrother then left to go see Mission's marching band. I saw a student who was supposed to be in the marching band but he was just sitting down. I started chatting with him and he told me his name is Mitchell. He is currently a sophomore at MSJ, and he told me he ripped something in his leg and couldn't walk. I asked him what he thought was on the other side when he died, he didn't know. Then I did what I normally did, witness, Ten Commandments, Jesus Christ, His Blood, etc. Then I gave him a tract and went back to the school. I gave out a couple more tracts. Then I met up with my friends from marching band and after I had to leave, and on my way to my car I noticed Mitchell and he did the same and said bye to me. I am so thankful for today!!! The Lord is always good!!! I will pray for those planted seeds, and if you could please pray for them also. Praise the Lord!!! Amen!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Explosion of joyful energy

The most unbelievable feeling in the world is having joyful energy that is so contagious you can't wait to spread it around to people around you. That is what exactly happened today. I call it free high five day. Today I went around and agave numerous people, it didn't matter who it was, high-fives. It was the mot awesome feeling I ever had and it could only have happened with the joy of the Lord. "Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10. The joy of the Lord is your strength, if and ONLY IF you want it. God's spirit and His joy resides in you. But the question is, do you want to activate it? You just need to ask the Lord to use you. And ask Him to do whatever He wants you to do. Today was just crazy joyful energy!!! I was giving high-fives to people, I was running all over the place. I even gave a high-five to one student I knew but my hand accidentally extended too much than it should have and I smacked another student in the face, and he got really mad that he started swearing and cursing at me. I was a little unhappy that I slapped hit unintentionally, but for only a short moment. All I wanted to do was sing and dance and clap and scream!!! Jesus's Joy is so contagious around you, that you just have to give it all away to other people you see around you. Tomorrow I am going to do the same exact thing running around with God's joy giving random high-fives to people while giving away Gospel tracts, and nothing else is going to stop me. Amen.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lunch, then witnessing

Today was another great day. Right after Church me and my Christian buddies went to eat lunch at chipotle at the Great Mall. (I had no idea there was a chipotle there), but anyway's we went and ate lunch their which was great. Then right after me and the others except one friend of mine Austin, who couldn't stick around to walk around the mall, needed to do something at Church. But me and my other friends went inside the mall to walk around. As we came in, I was stunned by the amount of people were in the mall, and I knew immediately most of them were lost people. I wanted to give them tracts (but they didn't arrive at my friends Rachel's house yet ><), but as we were walking I noticed two teenagers just hanging out talking with each other and I passed them by. I was so desperate to get into a conversation with them  so I asked my friend Curtis if I could go the other way and meet him at the store they were walking to. He said ok and so I went over to talk with these two teenagers and one was in High School, and the other was in Jr. High but was about to move soon. So I kept talking with them and started a conversation about eternal things. Their names were Cody and Jose, and Cody told me that when you die, whatever you thought about in your head you enter through a door that leads to a world that you thought of. His friend Jose agreed with him and then I started talking about Jesus, Ten Commandments, sin, Heaven and Hell, etc. And I told them "the reason I share this with you guys is because I care about your souls and where you guys are going to spend eternity." They didn't say anything, but I knew that the phrase I just said touched their hearts and got them thinking. Then later as I was walking more through the mall and I was just standing around doing nothing when a guy appears out of nowhere and said to me "hey man did you get one of these?" I asked him what is it, and he told me it was a book out of the Hindu faith. I rejected it nicely and he told me he was doing it because it made people's lives better. But I just started talking with him and he told me he is a monk. I never met a monk before, but he told me that what he believed was many things. And I asked him what he thought was on the other side after you died. Then he flipped through the book and showed me. But I know that Josh (his name) was not showing me truth, but instead showing me something that was just a belief that can never be proven. But I never told him that, he was a very nice guy and even introduced himself to me first! It was awesome meeting another person who stands up boldly for what he believes,even though it was a lie, but I appreciate what he was doing and I want the Lord to continue to bless him in his job so he can make money. Then I met up with the others. God is sooooo good wherever we are!!! Amen!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fish for souls


QUEST. The mother of all projects. This is the final and last benchmark project at Irvington and my hope for graduating High School. I do have high hopes but I feel the only way to complete this project with true success is by having my Heavenly Father above help me. People would say this is the toughest project of all when in reality it is not. All you have to do is complete the work and you will be good to go. But with the help of the Lord I can accomplish anything. I do everything to glorify Him and Him alone. Whatever project I have whether big or small is nothing compared to my God who is bigger than all. Amen.

Sunday, October 2, 2011