Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Resurrection day!!!

Hello my brother's and sister's! Sorry I have not posted in a few days, but the reason for celebration is because the Lord Jesus Christ has risen from the dead!!! If the Lord Jesus Christ did not rise from the dead, our faith is literally pointless and worth nothing. We might as well pursue life's pleasures and waste our lives on the things of the world instead of on this "Jesus" who said He would rise from the dead, but didn't. But Jesus did rise from the dead because there was over 500 eyewitnesses that saw Him when He was alive! 1 Corinthians 15:6. "Don't be alarmed," he said. "You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him." Luke 16:6 The Lord Jesus Christ is risen and He is worthy of our obedience to Him. Share the gospel and tell the world of this crucified and resurrected Savior Jesus!!! Praise the Lord! He is risen!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Yesterday I was at an event called the answer which is a Christian event that is hosted by all the Christian clubs in the Fremont city district. I always go every year because there are non-believers that attend and that gives me a grand opportunity to share the gospel with lost people there! I finally got to meet my friend Chloe who I always talk with online on facebook. It was great to finally see her in person! I also met two High School students that were standing outside and decided to talk with them. I forgot one of their names, but the other student's name I remembered was Andrew. And he was a really awesome kid. I loved talking with him and he was sharing with me a lot of stories and that caught my attention. That's because I love to share my stories with everyone. Then I went inside and sat down at a table and hung out there. Then a friend that is a part of my Church youth group came and sat down next to me and we started talking. Eventually my friend Rachel who is very sweet and a good friend of mine from our High School, sat down next to me as well. She also brought her other friend Hugo that I knew as well. Later on, I left the table and sat down at this other table with random strangers. I started to introduce myself to everyone, and the man sitting across from me was friendly and introduced himself in a polite manner. Of course most of the people at the event are Christians and are very friendly. After I talked with everyone there and met a few of my friends that I knew, I went back to my table. The event started and there was great worship, and right after we had a speaker. The speaker was fantastic and had a lot of energy. He had a tough life growing up and was sharing his testimony as well as stories about his family. Then, he shared Jesus with everyone who was listening. And he also asked those who have not committed their heart and life to Jesus Christ to raise their hand, or stand up. This was my favorite part of the whole night because it's showing that the Holy Spirit is really convicting lost people of their sin. And they want to repent and turn away from it and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation for their free ticket to Heaven. But not only that, but they are forgiven of their sins by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and are no longer condemned sinners. They are forgiven sinners just like you and me who have repented of our sins and placed our trust in Jesus Christ. After the speaker spoke he asked everyone to get into groups to pray and people were doing that. I saw a boy and a girl crying, and I had compassion on them just like Jesus. So I called out to them and said "hey, can I pray for you guys?" And they said yes. So I gathered a whole group of kids and a couple adults and said "let's pray." I felt so humble making that prayer and I was so thankful to the Lord that I was leading a group prayer even though I was just a lowly forgiven servant of Jesus. After that, there was more worship. Later I left to the bathroom and after I came out a kid that was part of my prayer group walked up to me and said "thank you for praying for us" and introduced himself to me. I don't remember that kids name, but I will never forget praying for him and the rest of the group that was involved. It was such a humble blessing that kid walked up to me and thanked me for that. I will never forget that moment and I am thankful to the Lord for that. The rest of evening went well and I met more people that I have not seen in a while. The event came to an end, and I left to go back home. I am so thankful for what the Lord did this evening for me. Praise the Lord!!! Keep glorifying Him my brother's and sister's! Time is precious so use it wisely. God is good!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jeremiah 33:3

Tonight I was doing some studying again with my friend Vik who is not a believer in Jesus Christ, but I am praying for the salvation of his soul. Please pray for the salvation of my friend Vik and for the seeds I have planted in other lost people's lives. Anyway's as I was driving I noticed a bus that had the number 333 on it. I was staring with my mouth a little open and thinking that I have been seeing that number everywhere I go. I have seen that number more than twice on different occasions. I was just so flabbergasted and amazed of how I keep seeing that number, the Lord Jesus is so amazing. Here is Jeremiah 33:3 'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.' God is good. I don't know how He does what He does, but He is good and His power is mysterious.  Wow. Praise the Lord!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Another regular day of Church today and the usual of course. But what happened later changed my entire day. Oh, and before I tell you about the event I saw the movie Rise of The Guardians which was excellent and I loved the movie! Anyway's back to the story, as I was driving back home today I saw a homeless man on the sidewalk. I knew that the right thing to do was to turn around like I normally do and talk with the person. I parked my car and walked to him. And after I approached and greeted him, I took out my wallet and said "I want to bless you with this sir." He smiled and took the money and then I asked him "can I pray for you?" He happily agreed and I prayed that the Lord would bless him and provide a home for him. His name is David and please pray that the Lord would help him out. Pray the Lord would provide him with a job, house, family etc. God bless that man. It's just so fun to bless people and share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. Their is nothing that makes me more happier than that. It's just like the Lord Jesus Christ said "it is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35 That truth is so amazing like all of the other truths that Jesus shared with us through His Word. Just blessing people who are homeless and are hurting and sharing the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ with them is awesome. Keep an eye out for those opportunities and pray for them! Praise the Lord and God bless each and everyone of you my brothers and sisters!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I love this picture because it shows how we should humble before ourselves before this Almighty God who died for our sins. And to suffer and do this all for us, amazes me. This illustration would best describe me coming before the Cross or the throne of God ashamed of myself. But I am so thankful for His grace and mercy. Hallelujah. Hebrews 4:16


I had a nice productive day today. Even though I didn't do any homework, I did go to my usual Friday meeting every morning. I discussed with my youth pastor friends about my week and so on. After that I drove over to get gas then applied for a job again at City Beach. I felt more confident this time applying for a position, but I know that it's in the Lord's hands. Please pray that the Lord would provide me with a good job with a good pay besides my youth intern job. I drove back to my family friend's and parked my car. As I  opened the door I heard a sound from the hood of my car. When I opened my hood, one of the hoses had sprung a leak and liquid was spraying out of it! I didn't know what to do and was so hesitant, that I knocked on the garage to alert my family friend. He came outside quickly and saw my problem. Then suddenly a man out of nowhere comes out and helps us at the right time. Wow. He told us that my car had sprung a leak in one of the hoses connected to the radiator coolant was thin. That's because the hose was old and my dad has never replaced it, but now it seems like I need to. Plus also the car is old since it's from 1998 which is 15 years ago. So it makes sense that everything is old and eventually needs to get replaced. My dad told me to go to the mechanic while the hose was still attached so he can take a look at it and replace it. But my family friend's sister's boyfriend came over and removed the hose from my car. That means I need to take my family friend's parents car and drive over to the auto parts store to get a new hose. Then me and my family friend will install the hose in my car as well as adding more anti-freeze coolant. Because the liquid sprayed out of the hose when it tore. Please pray for my car situation and that I will get the necessary things tomorrow to take care of my car. Later on, I drove my family's friends's SUV to youth groups tonight, since I asked if I could borrow it. It was my first time driving the SUV and I was having a blast driving it! The car was easy to drive and was much more fun to use since it was bigger. And I felt like I had a lot of authority driving it. The service tonight was great and we were starting a series on the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan. We talked about prayer and how we can approach the Lord differently in prayer. Francis Chan mentioned in the book of Revelation in chapter 4 about how John saw the Lord in Heaven on His glorious throne. If we really knew how powerful the Lord was and took it literally, we would be out in the world sharing the gospel with everyone without having to worry about fear of man. Read Revelation 4 and see the Lord and how He is in all His glory and power. After the service, I mingled and talked with people. But I talked with my friend's Helen and Angela about the rapture. And how it's the next major event on God's calendar. And Jesus mentioned the rapture in Luke 17:34-35 and it's also in 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17. The rapture is a real event and will happen because it's prophesied in the book of Revelation. Jesus is coming soon and we must be ready like the alert servant Mark 13:32-27 Be prepared my brothers and sisters and share that fantastic news with every lost and hurting person you meet! Praise the Lord!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


What made this day so special and the best day of the week was my last class of the day. As usual in my math class I slept as always. I always talk to this sweet African-American lady right behind me and her name is Pam. She was talking to me about the math class and how she was struggling a lot. As I was sleeping, I was thinking about her and God tugged on my heart to pray with her. So after class I was waiting so I could talk to her. But then a classmate came up to me and needed to borrow my pen. I gave him my pen, but then Pam who was the person I wanted to pray for was leaving. I told my classmate to give me back my pen and then I left so I could talk to her. As I came to Pam she was talking to me about how if she continued performing poorly in the class, she would fail. Then she broke into tears and I could understand what she was going through. I was quiet for a little and then I asked her if I could pray for her and she said that she would love that. So, as we got off the floor I said "let's pray". I put my arm around her and started praying for Pam and that the Lord would bless her and give her wisdom. I love praying for people and it really makes my day. There is nothing more fulfilling than doing things like that for the Lord and glorifying Him. Just praying for this woman made my whole day and was the highlight of my week. God bless Pam and please please pray for her. God used me to touch this woman's heart and I am so thankful beyond words how He would use me. Pray for her soul and may the Lord bless her. I almost was in tears and felt like crying with this woman. God is so good. Amen.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I felt great today! It was because I finally shared Jesus with my non-believer friend Vik. First of all I want to thank the Lord for using me. And second of all it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the prayers of all of you! My friend Vik texted me and asked me if I wanted to get together with him so we could study together at a coffee shop. I agreed and I drove over to his house and picked him up. After we arrived at the coffee shop and started getting comfortable, we were just talking casually. Then suddenly my friend Vik said "interesting" as he was looking at his laptop. I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he was reading about Jesus. Then I said to him "Vik, can I ask you a question?" He said yeah and then I asked him who he thought Jesus was and he told me that He is a consciousness. He believes Jesus was a just another religious teacher who taught many great things just like Buddha and other religious people. Then I let my boldness out and said "Vik, I haven't been really honest with you about myself and my faith." Then that's when I shared the entire gospel with Vik. I told him what Jesus did for him and how He can wash away his sins. But Vik didn't believe what I said at all, and did not understand the concept of sin. I did the best I could to explain it with analogies but he didn't believe at all. At one point in the conversation he told me "can you prove that there is a Heaven and Hell?" I didn't answer that and didn't need to prove it. Remember everyone, our job is not to prove that God exists, prove the bible or any of that. Our job is just to warn the lost about their sin and that Jesus is the only one who can wash it away. All we are doing is planting seeds by warning people about their sin and telling them what Jesus can do for them. That's all. Please, please pray for my friend Vik and that the Lord would work through him. I have planted the seed and now God will do the work. I want my friend and all these other lost people I have planted seeds with to be in Heaven with me. Pray for them and warn them. You did your work and God will do His. God is faithful no matter what! Amen!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Today I had a nice time with my Church and the message that my friend preached was great. I also was very sweaty today since I played a lot of basketball and participated in two intense games with the youth. It was a lot of fun. And we had equip time where we broke off into groups and we shared about what we were worried about and what we were glad for. After everyone shared about what they were worried about, I lead our group in prayer and it felt great just to be in prayer mode and pray for everyone. Then, we shared about what we were glad for and I prayed again for that. Also, I would like to share with you guys that their are certain people that I want to talk with personally. I am asking all of you my brothers and sisters to pray that I would talk to Hannah, Shulamite, Rachel and Bryanna. I really want to talk with these four girls in my youth group with my new Church because I just can't seem to connect with them. So I am asking that the Lord would soften their hearts so I would be able to have a nice conversation with them. I want to be praying for them and asking them deep questions about their life and share openly about the true biblical gospel, because most of them are not saved. So, please, please pray for that. I am asking this out of my heart because I really want to touch other lost souls around me like I am because of the stories I shared. And again it is the Lord using me to impact everyone's souls. It's never about me and never will be. But keep praying that the Lord would use me to hurting people that need the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, tell other lost people about this blog so they can view it. I will posting a lot about the biblical gospel and will be repeating it, just to tell you ahead of time. Let me tell you something, if the gospel ever gets boring to you, then I don't know what to say. The gospel can never get boring and it's the essence of our faith in Jesus Christ. It's the reason why the disciples were so overjoyed to share this news with everyone. Because it changed the way they viewed their lives and how they live for the Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel is the greatest love story ever told and we must share it with the rest of this lost world that so desperately needs it. Keep praying for those lost souls in the world my brothers and sisters. They need Jesus. God bless all of you.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I feel very relieved and thankful for Thursday's. First of all, I can relax after all of the stress and suffering I had to go through the week of school with meeting it's demands. And I can focus more on the Lord and spend time with Him and my Church. Woo-hooo! This morning I brought my last four gospel tracts that I had with me. And I placed them on the back of the toilet seat in three stalls in the boy's bathroom. As I was waiting for my friends I was going to give my final gospel tract to a girl that was sitting by herself. I didn't give the tract to her, but I gave it to a guy who was sitting in his seat about to do his homework. I introduced myself to him and his name is Johnny, but said to call him John which seemed more reasonable. Afterwards, I thought of giving my last gospel tract to John by asking him "did you get one of these?" He told me that he didn't and I told him that it was a comic book and said to enjoy it. Then I left to my first class and the rest of my day was normal including my math class which I always sleep in haha. Please pray for John so that the Lord would open his heart to the message of the biblical gospel in the tract and that the Lord would work thorough him. God is good! Amen!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Woooo!!! Man it feels great to get back into witnessing again!!! God is more than faithful and has brought great divine appointments today and I had two good conversations. I will share these stories with you and I am full of so much joy when I do. During my long break this afternoon after I finished taking a quiz in my philosophy class, I decided to do some witnessing. I knew I had a lot of time, and it was pointless just waiting for my next class when I could share Jesus with students on campus! I walked around and I was waiting for the Lord to show me who to witness to. I saw a student coming towards me and I asked him how he was doing and struck up a conversation with him. I then said "can I ask you an interesting question?" and then I asked "when you die, what do you think is on the other side? What do you think is out there after you die?" The student told me that he has studied different religions and what they teach about the afterlife, but he told me that he hoped it would be something, maybe something good. Then Michael (his name) told me that he is an agnostic and said that he believes that there is something out there, but is not sure what it is. He said there could be a god, but was not certain at all. Michael was very hard to get to and was arguing about god's existence, but I never argued with him at all. As I was walking him through the Ten Commandments to show him his sin, he interrupted me and said "you know, religion works for some people, but not for me. I'm going to end this, but thank you for the conversation." Michael rejected me and wanted nothing to do with what I had to say. But, I planted that seed in his life and I'll be praying for his soul. Afterwards, I walked around and let the Lord faithfully move me to the next person he wanted me to talk to. I walked to the cafeteria, then I walked outside to the pond area. I saw people out there talking, but there was one guy sitting in between these students. He was playing with a rubix cube, so I thought in my head "this guy must be interesting" so I walked up next to him and started talking. After we chatted a little, I said "can I ask you an interesting question?" then I asked him "when you die, what do you think is on the other side? What do you think is out there when you die?" He told me nothing and then when I asked him what he meant by nothing, he said nothing then giggled a little. I don't remember a lot from the conversation, but I do remember that this student was very interesting and had a lot to say about philosophy and other things. He told me some philosophical ideas from Socrates and Plato. And I was listening to everything he had to say about it. He also told me that there is nothing when after we die because he told me that there was nothing before we were born and we didn't know anything because we never existed! He also mentioned that after we die, our body decomposes and that we are "one" with the earth, because our body is eaten and we become united with it. I thought that was interesting. He said to me that his major is molecular biology and to me that is a fascinating major and I was even more surprised that he knew a lot about philosophy! Then I shared with him what Jesus did for him and he just listened and he asked me questions about my faith and I answered them the best I could. Later on in the conversation he told me that he is an atheist. And what's funny about that is his name is Christian. Wow! He then gave me his name so I could contact him and then I gave him a website to Mark Cahill's book for lost people called one heartbeat away. Then we both left. I am so thankful that the Lord used me to share eternal truth with those two souls. God used me as I am and I am so thankful. He led me to those two lost souls and I am very happy that he set up those divine appointments! I prayed before this week started that the Lord would lead me to lost people during the week and would bring divine appointments and He did! This doesn't take me by surprise anymore, but I get so excited to engage in these conversations so I can share our precious Lord with these people who need Him. Please pray for Michael and Christian, pray that the seeds I have planted in their lives will grow and that the Lord would work through them. Thank you so much my brothers and sisters. God bless and praise the Lord!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013


This is a brand new acronym that I created, it's called GUN and it stands for: 


We all have a GUN, but the question is, will we let Him use us? The Lord Jesus uses those who are the losers of the world, He uses those that the world calls "garbage", "trash" or "nobodies." If you want to be great, then be humble and let the Lord use you. Our God is amazing and thank Him every day for what He has done for us on the Cross to wash away our sins! Hallelujah!!! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Please check out this website. The evangelist on the site has been a huge blessing in my life and truly lives a life worth following the Lord Jesus Christ. His name is Mark Cahill and he is an evangelist and he has impacted my life with his books one thing you can't do in Heaven and one heartbeat away. I strongly recommend and encourage you to check out his website and browse around, and feel free to look. And if you want to watch his videos, just go to youtube and type in Mark Cahill and he'll be there. You can't miss his face haha. And also click on the word that says resources and it will take you to his products. All his products are by donation which is awesome and I love it. Please pray for this man as he speaks around the U.S. equipping Christians all over and teaching them how to witness. God bless him and his ministry. Praise the Lord for faithful people like him just like in the book of Acts! God is good!!! Amen!