Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Church buddies Austin and Curtis Ying (the Ying brothers) performing their duo dance on 12/9/11 for on the spot

Walk at night while distributing Mark Cahill tract booklets (I apologize if you guys can't see me, my video camera doesn't have a light). And this was taken on 12/28/11

A quotation from my brother in Christ Will

"Building relationships to earn the right to share the gospel with people is foreign to Scripture and inconsistent with Jesus's ministry!!" -Will Shearer

Another omegle conversation

This omegle conversation that I had recently was pretty funny in my opinion. He told me during the conversation that we (as in the human race) originated from Africa and that Eve was black. So then I asked him how he knew that to be true and he said that it could not be true and then I asked him where he got his information on it and he told me that he got his info from this movie he watched (which I don't remember). This person I was chatting with was from a city in the Netherlands. Then I sent him mark cahill's site and told him to get the book one heartbeat away and have it delivered to his address. He said to me "maybe I will" and then I just ended the conversation. I can still be faithful indoors on the internet just the same as outdoors in the world. God is good. Praise Him!!! Amen.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Heaven thinking

I always think about going home. About going to the place where I truly belong. With my Savior and God Jesus Christ. As us sinful human beings we always think that the place we are living here is our home, it's not. Yes, Earth is the place God created for us to inhabit and live upon, but this "home" has been brought down by the curse of sin and everything around us is evil and we heart our loving Savior by breaking His Commandments and by that we are undeserving of Heaven. The REAL home we will be going to is the New Heavens (the Universe) and New Earth that God will create. They will both be like our present Universe and Earth, but magnificently upgraded, and it will be Heaven (our true home). And the New Jerusalem, (the huge city down below) will be like super duper awesome and more spectacular than any other city we have been to, wow!!! We can't earn Heaven by our own efforts by God's grace and mercy we can go to a beautiful place called Heaven. "He saved us not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy." Titus 3:5 I think about Heaven some of the time but when I do I explode with Joy thinking about how awesome this place will be!!! No more pain, suffering, death, tears, sadness, or anything negative there. Heaven will be perfect and so will we! Not as in like God, but as in our bodies will be beautiful and perfect but seeing our Lord Jesus face to face, that will be an experience unlike any other!!! I always imagine what it will be like to see our God face to face with our own eyes in person. I can only imagine. I can't wait to go home. Amen.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prayer book (Blog post intended for Christmas morning).

Just this morning for Christmas I got something unexpected that I did not ask for, I got a prayer book to help me with my prayer life. My dad would tell me and my brother's to make a Christmas list to write what we wanted. I wrote down a wireless mouse (that I got), and a pc videogame called left 4 dead. But then when I opened up my gifts, I got a haircut kit (which was for my stepbrother and me for cool haircuts haha), and the other was a new pair of vans shoes (I love those), and then last but least a prayer book. God is good, even when you least expect Him to deliver stuff that we don't deserve and expect, but His gift are great and God is good. Amen.

Friday, December 23, 2011


I am forgiven. Forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ. I have every reason to rejoice because his blood washes away all of my sin that I have ever committed in my life. Just this evening I felt horrible because my dad wanted me  to watch this clip and I didn't want to and my dad became mad and told me how I won't listen to him. I completely disobeyed him. When he told me that I realized again what a filthy dirty, rotten, disgusting, sinner I am and that I don't deserve Heaven. Period. But God's love is strong enough and powerful enough to lift me up out of sin and into His arms for all of eternity. Jesus the sinless Savior and perfect sacrifice came to die for the worlds sins and mine so that all who believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16  It really makes sense how we can come to the Cross after realizing how we are nasty sinners and that we have broken the law of God (the Ten Commandments) and are in need of a Savior which is the Lord Jesus Christ. We can then repent of our sin, turn from it and put our trust in Christ to save us. Praise the Lord for His awesome gift of eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ!!! Amen.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Amazing Omegle conversation

This conversation absolutely brightened my day. I was completely stunned by what this young lady was saying to me. At the beginning of the conversation she said something inappropriate but then I said "wait, can I ask you an interesting question?" And she said "sure" then I asked "if you died tonight are you 100% assured that you would go to Heaven?" Bingo! Conversation initiated! I asked her if she wanted to go to Heaven and she said "of course!" So then I walked her through the law of God which is the Ten Commandments so I could expose her sin. She was very honest with herself and even told me she told a lie just 20 minutes ago when I asked her if she ever told a lie right at that moment! She told me she didn't feel proud of it and we kept  talking and talking. And she was very sweet. I just loved her open honesty with me and she loved how I was sharing the words of Christ with her! Unfortunately the conversation that I downloaded won't open, but that's ok. She was telling me how she was inspired from me to go back to Church. And she was giving me compliments that just made my day. And I also shared one of my stories with her. She also told me that at her school there were four hundred something pregnancies and 12 were this year. I was like whooaa. Crazy stuff happening over there! haha She told me she lives in Kansas and goes to school and she is 16 years old. Her name is Mercedes. I knew this whole conversation was no accident. Praise the Lord for the divine appointments He plans!!! Amen.