Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is a follower of Jesus giving a Mark Cahill booklet to a lost soul/stranger in Atlanta, Georgia. Praise the Lord!!! :D


What a great day! Well today I got my service presentation for my Quest project over and it is done with. And overall, I did great! My economics teacher told me I did excellent which made me really happy. And even before I presented my past English teacher was encouraging me and telling me that I will do great and was giving me awesome positive support. It made me feel confident, but not prideful. At lunchtime I helped my previous English teacher with some work by putting back books that were not on the shelves to their regular spot. And I also tore out sheets of a test paper that Mr. Phillips my old English teacher wanted me to organize. After I did all this work I left the classroom and walked to get a snack at the vendor next to the cafeteria. After I got my chips, I walked into the cafeteria and as I was walking to this table I spotted my friend was at, a student started saying and pretending to bow down to me as I was Jesus which I was not. I started talking with him and his name was Nithin, and when I asked him about his spiritual beliefs, he told me that his parents were Hindu but he was not. He did not believe in a personal god. I started talking with him about the Ten Commandments (which is sin), Jesus, the Cross, Resurrection, etc. He then said "ok, now I know your not Jesus." Wasn't that a little late to figure that out! haha. After I talked with him about all of this, I gave him two of Mark Cahill tract booklets, one of them talked about the major topics that address questions people have and the other talked about the major world religions. I told Nithin to show it to his parents and he said ok and thanked me for them happily and left. Praise the Lord for Him organizing this appointment today!!!

Well this is certainly interesting

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wow! 3/28/12

When I asked to a student this morning during computer support first period "did you get one of these?" He told me that he had already read it, but did not believe the information in the booklet from Mark Cahill. And what was surprising to me was not that, but that he told me that he saw it and that there were copies or people giving them out at an art and wine festival. And he also told me they have the same exact booklet that I was holding at Kaiser hospital. Wow! God is good and He is planting those seeds everywhere!!! Praise Him!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The kindness of Christians. :)

Steve Urkel's (Jaleel White) got some moves. This was recorded about a week or more ago. The show is called dancing with the stars.

God is so good 3/23/12

Tonight was one of the best nights I have ever had. I was deciding before this Friday evening whether I would go to my Friday night youth groups or a Christian event called the answer near Hopkins Jr. High School and Mission San Jose High School. I decided to go to the Christian event. Before I went though, I wanted to pray so that God can lead me to right people and direct my paths so I could talk to the right people. Later on I went to the event and found excellent parking (praise the Lord!). Then as I went inside there were a lot of people there, but I found my friend Leslie who I chatted with for short time then went around and chatted with a student from another High School called American and his name was Kevin. He told me he was a born-again believer in Jesus Christ and gave me the right answer on how to go to Heaven, but I gave him a Mark Cahill booklet to encourage him more in his walk with the Lord. As I was walking around the table area I was looking for some people to chat with and I saw a group of teenagers and decided to walk over to them. The guy sitting on my left, his name was Sean and he was really friendly, then I met his other friend named Kevin who was sitting in front of me. Then another teenager came over and introduced himself to me and his name was Kevin as well haha. They were all students from Kennedy High School. Then Sean started introducing me to his friend and there were all friendly as well. He asked me why I came and I told them that I came to chat with people and talk with them about Jesus Christ, Sean told me "you know, I respect you a lot. That's good man." Then afterwards I was talking with Kevin who was a student at Kennedy, said that he takes classes over at Ohlone College. Me and him were trying to talk to each other, but since there was a concert playing and we didn't want to yell at each other while talking, we took the conversation over to one of the tables away from the band that was playing. The conversation we were having was very interesting as we were talking about religion and science. Kevin told me during the conversation that he was an atheist, but before that he grew up in a Christian family but ditched it. And he also told me a story about how he almost died in a car accident where he was crossing the street and the car was speeding fast. And he also said that when he was 10 feet from the vehicle he quickly moved out of the way while it was speeding at the same speed! And what surprised me even more was that he was an atheist at that time, and he still remained an atheist even after that event that just happened! I was witnessing to Kevin and told him what is the only book in the world that has hundreds of very detailed prophecies? He told me the Koran and I was curious why he said that and I did not want to argue with him because I knew that was the wrong answer, so then I asked him what he believed. He told me he believes in the string theory and the multiple universe theory and it was very interesting to me and we have a very nice and long conversation about it. Kevin told me that he had six girlfriends and that each of them was a devote Christian. But he broke up with them but still talks to them since they are his friends now. We chatted about the same topic about Creationism and Science and other stuff. Then I gave Kevin a Mark Cahill tract booklet and shook his hand thanking him for the conversation that we had. Later in the night I was watching the concert, but something made me want to go outside. The concert was just getting boring to be honest and it was a Christian band. But I knew the Holy Spirit was taking me some where, just I don't know where haha. As I was walking to the front entrance I saw a teenager just sitting on the bench by himself. I walked up to him and started chatting with him. His name was Thanfer and I said to Thanfer "can I ask you an interesting question?" He said "yeah", I said "if you died tonight are you 100% assured that you would go to Heaven?" He said the s word and then "I don't know." So I started asking him what he thought was out there when he died and he told me that he was a Catholic. We went inside to talk more since it was cold outside. I told Thanfer about Christ dying for us, repentance, etc. Then all of sudden, he started sharing his life story with me! He was telling me about how he was in depression for a long time, and how he was in a gang for two years then quit. And he also told me that he took drugs, cut himself and said that he got a gun that was to be delivered to him to commit suicide since he couldn't take his life anymore and was sick and tired of living. And he was telling me during the conversation about how can there be a God with all this suffering in the world, and I told him that it's not God's fault but Satan since he tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. And that brought sin which in turn brought death, evil suffering in our world. And also I said to him that love demands a choice. That we can choose to love our children, our parents and so on. And the reason why we have all this evil and suffering in the wold is because people choose not to love God and obey Him which results in all this bad stuff happening. And I told Thanfer that if people truly believed that we were made in the image of God, we would not do all this stuff we do to other human beings. And I said to him "Thanfer, if I didn't care about you, I would have never walked up to you on that bench and talked with you. But I do care about you. Now think about that." He was just silent and didn't say a word because he knew that was true. Everything he told me was personal and he said that he has never told his family which are the closest relatives he has since he told me he grew up with no parents. And the reason why he quit the gang was that he had people who loved him. Then I told him that I drove to the event and he asked me "you drive?!" I said yeah, he said again "forreals?!" I said yeah again and he told me that he loves cars and we went outside and talked some more, then came back in and he asked me if he could see my car. So I agreed and took him outside to show him my car, and opened up the hood for him so he could see the inside. He told me "dude, you have a nice engine!" And he was telling me a whole lot about cars and manual and automatic drive. He really knew a lot about cars and about the parts, but the only thing that he wasn't happy with was that I told him I drove automatic haha. He told me later in the conversation while we were outside that he was beaten by four or six black guys and the reason he told me was that because he was Asian and thought that he couldn't do anything. I could feel his pain and had sympathy for what he endured all his life. He even told me he was beaten by his grandparents for no reason and they would yell at him. The pain he undertook was just horrible and I knew exactly what he went through. Later, a girl was walking outside to him and Thanfer was just giving her a hug and holding her for about a few minutes. She was just crying in his arms about something that I don't know what. And Thanfer introduced her to me and her name was Brianna. Thanfer told me that I made his day and that hanging outside was much more fun than being in that concert. Then we went back inside and we talked more and we both gave each other our numbers and he told me that anytime we want to hang out, he told me to "hit him up" at anytime. Then we both departed and I drove home singing praises to God and giving him thanks and glory for what He did for me tonight. I knew it was no accident I was talking with those two people that Friday night, Kevin and Thanfer. What a blessing and praise the Lord!!! God is definitely good and He hears us. Wow!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


No matter what is going on, Jesus has your back 100% of the time. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

My beautiful creation

What moved me

This is a text that I received from a friend from my school this is what she wrote:
"Hey George! I just passed by this guy in his 30s who was working at wingstop. I guess it was his dinnerbreak and he had a plate of wings in front of him. I expected him to just dive in 'cause it was a dinner rush, so he just finished a lot of work, but he took off his hat and actually started praying before eating. In public, in front of a lot of people to say grace for fast food. It was more moving than I thought it could be. (Then I sent a response to her). "No problem! It was just like... I mean hes in his 30s on a night shift short of staff for a fast food place. Out of everything, I didn't expect him to be so grateful to the point where nothing mattered except his relationship with God and take time to pray while he's tired and hungry. That's dedication."
When I got this text back, I felt Joy just release from my body. It was the Joyful feeling I have ever had. This story shows that we can be grateful even for a plate of small wings or the smallest things in life that don't matter, yet his action. What he did, had eternal value that will be forever treasured by the Lord God Almighty, who is Jesus Christ. God bless this man and pray for him to show the love of God to others. This is what truly moved me and the Lord most of all. Amen.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

An incredible story from my Christian brother Josh Page.

God directs our steps - and our driving! I was driving up the road this afternoon and stopped by a car that was broken down on the side of the road. I don't know anything about cars, but I know that God sets these encounters up for His glory. As I talked with Kevin & his wife Melonee, they shared with me how they were headed up to a street festival when their car suddenly stopped and now they're waiting on a tow truck. I told them that these things happen for a reason and then began to share the Gospel with them. Both of them were so open to the Truth. After talking for a little while, we pushed their car into an alley way and continued our conversation. Kevin told me, "I know God set this incident up. I know I need to get serious about Him again. Thank you for stopping to talk with us. You are God's messenger to us today!" He then gave me his business card so that we can stay in touch. God is so good! He directs our steps - we must simply open our mouths and testify about Him. Praise the Lord! Go tell the world!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Me and my Christian bro Anthony chatting it up about Jesus and witnessing!!! :D Please scroll down to see the conversation. Ignore the mixed emotions, I don't know why the sad face is there, because you know I put the smiley! haha :)

o ic
well thats really cool
im happy today too lol
finally got to share with my closest friend

Nice! How did that go?

pretty good
for me it was just pulling myself to do it
since its normally harder to talk to closer friends
for me at least

Yeah for sure. The greatest thing is that you are being obedient and bearing fruit just like what Jesus said in John 15:1-17
You are bearing fruit that will last Anthony. Eternal fruit.

even though he said he was an athiest, he is really different than most athiests. he said he just doesn't know much about God so he can't make much judgement about it, but his brother became a Christian last year, so he said he might convert too. then i led into telling him bout the gospel and all
and he said he'll consider it

God is good and He definitely used you for sure Anthony.
Praise the Lord!!!


There is a reason for rejoicing because you planted a seed!

i remember two years ago praying for him, and then finding out last year that his brother became a Christian while at berkeley was surpising
then i was just pushing myself to tell him as well
lol relief that i finally got myself to do it

Yeah for sure. And God got you through. Thank Him for that!

What a story.
Cool story bro. LOL
I just had to say that. hahaha

haha good one

Thanks haha
I am going to make a video now of me introducing Mark Cahill's most popular book one thing and his two best booklets, one second after you and the second greatest lie ever told.
I will still be online, the video I am going to make is short that I am going to post on my blog.

alrite well i gotta go prepare some for the killer 3 essays tmw lol
ttyl man!

ttyl bro!
Nice story by the way!
Chat Conversation End

Me introducing awesome Mark Cahill evangelism materials 3/12/12

Yes He does!!! Amen!!! :D

Saturday, March 10, 2012


The highest form of worship that you can only do on Earth and not in Heaven is reaching lost people for the Lord Jesus Christ. 
-George Lenta Jr. 


"The more we pattern our lives after Jesus Christ, the more God will be able to use us-to change our lives, our communities, our schools. and even portions of our world. Amen to that." 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


First through fourth period today were the same as normal, nothing new. But I did have a lot of energy today which doesn't usually happen without me praying and asking the Lord for boldness and perseverance throughout the day. During my fifth period class I had a really interesting conversation with a student in my class named James. We were just talking and talking about various things until the topic switched to the eternal and we started talking about religion. He was telling me all about his religious beliefs and told me that he and his sister believe in the same religion that she created. James told me about his belief and said that the soul after the person dies, if it is corrupt then these so called "harvesters" give the soul to the destroyers to be destroyed. While the good soul is taken by the harvesters and they begin to mold and shape it into another person which is the most popular belief these days, reincarnation. Before he told me all of this he said to me that he read the entire bible. I don't know if I believe him, but that is what he told me today. He told me that when he and his mom would become bored his grandma which he told me was very religious (remember, being religious does not get you into Heaven, it's by being saved by the blood of Jesus Christ that we go to Heaven), she would take them to the Church building and James was telling me that he didn't want to go, and neither did his mom, and he told me that in the bible it say's that God does not exist. That's is absolutely not even close to being true. I showed him a proof that there is a God by using the excellent example in the book one thing you can't do in Heaven. After I finished telling me that he was saying something else that was opposite of what I said about how the bible says there is no God. Well then the verse Psalm 14:1 that says "the fool says in his heart "There is no God" would be a contradiction in itself stating that the fools in the bible would be the writers God used to write His Word! But this verse simply tells us it's the person in his heart that is admitting there is no God when the evidence is so clear that there is one out there, yet James doesn't want to admit it. We had a great conversation, please pray for the Lord to lead him to Him. Ok, well this last part of my blog post that I will explain really made my day. Right before class I ended I was just waiting near the door and I decided to say bye to my substitute teacher Mrs. Wong she said "Oh bye! Your so polite. Most people just walk out the door without saying goodbye." And I just smiled and said "your welcome." And she smiled as well. When the bell rang, I said bye again and told her to have a good day and she said "bye George! You too!" And I left. Then right after school today I had my adult school program after, so I drove over and today was my math class or consumer math which is just basically business math. I was really surprised by how fast the class went today haha. Well that was my day. I will be updating my blog as always and will hear from me a lot haha. God Bless all who read and enjoy my blogs (I still love you even if you don't like them hahaha), but thank you for following!!! Love you guys! God Bless and praise the Lord!!! <33333

Monday, March 5, 2012


As I was coming to my second period class today I greeted my classmate with a friendly smile like always and she said "oh George" and handed me what I first thought was a gospel tract, but then I looked at it closely and it was actually a card that my stepbrother left on my laptop keyboard that says "The Invitation" on it. My classmate Alicia gave it to me and I told her that my stepbrother already gave me one, but I took it anyway so I could give it to someone else in school. My day went on as usual until I arrived during advisory and I lost one of my ear buds. I was pretty disappointed that I did drop it into this hole in the table, and could not get it back even when I came in during lunch today and asked my advisory teacher to retrieve it for me because she couldn't find the right key, but anything can happen in a day. Proverbs 27:1. The rest of the day pretty much was just the same as always, and I was taking a little nap during my sixth period class today hehe. And that was pretty much it for today. Oh and I started again my adult school classes for this last quarter and I have passed my previous two quarters of adult school and I finished the first day of it which was my class Foreign Literature which was not that bad but the class was packed with fifty or more students. Wow. And tomorrow and this Wednesday I have consumer math which is basically business math that I hope is not that difficult to complete but I know the Lord will get me through it. Every day the Lord is worthy to be praised!!! Amen.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Praise the Lord!!!

Today was just another blessed day. This morning I drove to my Church building and listened to pastor David's message (which I don't remember haha), but it was good nonetheless. But more importantly today was a big day for me because it was the day that me and my Christian buddies passed out gospel tracts promoting our blog but more importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ. I listened to the message then me and Christian brother Austin and my other Christian brother Brent went out to get lunch at L&L which is a Hawaiian barbeque restaurant if you don't know. I had fried shrimp like always haha, and we ordered the food to go to eat it at our Church building. After we ate our lunch, Austin showed me how to make the paper holders where we put one gum package and a paper tract that explains a little bit of the blog but most importantly the gospel. We had some help making them from our other brother's and sister's who came back to the building. Then after we finished making them Austin, Brent, Curtis (Austin's younger brother), and me got in Austin's car and we took off to the Great Mall to prepare ourselves to hand out the tracts. As I was at the Great Mall I decided to witness to a few people to warm up before handing out the tracts. So I approached a young adult, who looked to me like a teenager and began to witness to him. His name was Jamal and I was showing him his sin by going through the Ten Commandments and then shared the Cross with him and the blood of Jesus Christ. I forgot to mention the Resurrection of Christ, but afterwards when I thanked him for helping me out on a project since I approached him with the excellent survey approach as used in the book one thing you can't do in Heaven, I gave him a fantastic tract booklet made by Mark Cahill which explains everything I said to him, but more. Then after I chatted with two teenagers with hats and talked with them about Jesus Christ. They were believers as well and had the right answers, but there was only one problem, one of the teenagers told me that after I asked him the question if you died tonight are you 100% assured you would go to Heaven, he said yes. And I asked him why do you say that and he said that he makes his confessions. And I asked him what do you mean by confessions, and he told me "to a priest." That's a HUGE problem right there because in the bible we confess our sins and transgressions to Jesus Christ our Savior, not to a priest. Then I said goodbye to them and left. Then afterwards I went and chatted with Charles who was the person I witnessed to about a while back, in the putting edge mini golf building. As I came in I said "hey man, how're you doing?!" When I arrived at the desk he was working at he told me how he didn't like the gospel tract card that I gave him because he told me that the card was not filled with love and that it wasn't very nice, and he was just talking to me politely, but did not think that the tract card I gave him a while ago was very nice. Then I was telling Charles that I sincerely apologized for that and that the card he thought was not coming from the right attitude, rather he thought it was coming out of aggression, not love. So I gave him the Mark Cahill booklet one second after you that I have which always comes in handy and I told him that this book will explain the truth in a very loving way and not an aggressive way. And I also gave him Cahill's other booklet the second greatest lie ever told which talks about are there many paths to Heaven? And then it examines the biggest lie ever told was that a human being can be "good enough" to go to Heaven. As more and more people poured in I told Charles that I would talk to him later and told him to enjoy the booklets and he said he would, so I told him to have a great day, then I shook his hand and left. As my other Christian friend Jen came, we handed out the tracts and talked with people. I got rejected several times, but in no way did that stop me. I was so bold for Jesus Christ that I walked into the Century theaters and there were round tables. So I walked up to every single one of those tables (mostly I believe) and asked lost people "did you get one of these?" Most of the people rejected them, but a few took the tracts. Praise the Lord! Then I came back out and did it some more. After a while of handing out gospel tracts I initiated a conversation with a dad and his son. I asked them "can you help me out, I am working on a project?" They agreed to help me. The son was named Andrew while the dad was named Inissio (not sure how to spell his name haha). I asked the both of them the question to start the conversation "if you died tonight are you 100% assured that you would go to Heaven?" One of them told me that he wasn't sure. I wouldn't really call it a conversation, but I tried. That is why I go out and witness to practice and start these conversations. They both had all the right answers about Jesus Christ and I knew that they were Catholic, because most Catholics wear crosses and so do Christians, but they are mostly recognizable to people as Catholics, and it's one of the top religious beliefs out there. I told them to put there trust in Jesus Christ and only in His blood there is forgiveness of sin. And they said thank you and I left. My other Christian friends were passing out the remainder of their tracts and then me and friend Austin, and Brent took off, and so did the rest. It was absolutely a blessed time giving away our gospel tracts promoting our blog, but most importantly explaining the message of the greatest news ever told which is about the Lord Jesus Christ dying for us on the Cross, the rising from the dead to defeat death and give us eternal life that we so undeserve. And one thing that I forgot to mention was that my Christian sister Jen, finished talking with this one person and she said her name was Steffi! And that's the same name from a person that is from our Church youth group! Wow! God is good and there are no accidents ever. What an amazing time, I can't wait to go again whether with a group of Christian friends, or by myself, God is good, all the time. Amen.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I was just watching a snippet of a show that was on television this afternoon and it was about this Hindu women who was telling a story about how she had seen one of the Hindu god's the Lord Krishna. And she was explaining that she saw him in her own house with her own eyes and he had a flute in his hands and she was saying to the young girl who was already grown up in the interview but was explaining what she saw in the past, that he was saying "you want to come and play the flute with us?" Or something like that. And the story she was sharing on television reminded me of a bible verse which comes from one of the four gospels the book of John where Jesus says "I tell you the truth, we speak of what we know and we testify to what we have seen." John 3:11 Whatever we know we speak about, that's true all the time because when we know something we talk about it. And the next part is about testifying about what we have seen. Such common examples are people that report they have seen "flying saucers" or "UFO's" hovering in the air. I don't know if the story she was telling was true or if she was just hallucinating or having a dream. But I am really sure it isn't true because God says He is the only God out there and there is no other. Isaiah 45:22 I just found this very interesting to share, but praise the Lord that we can turn away from false idols or false God and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to take away our sins that other "god's" can't. Praise the Lord for the forgiveness of our sins that can be erased by the blood of the Lamb that was slain!!! Amen!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Today I had a strange schedule which is because we had a rally today which is an event my school hosts that features dances, skits, activities, but today was extra special because it was the black light rally where the lights are shut off and everyone had to wear white in order for their shirts to look purple. I wore a white shirt today which was my live, laugh, love and pray shirt that was made by my Christian friend Curtis. I just had the usual day, then lunch came. And as I was waiting in line I saw a student I recognized and he said "hey George!" So I said hi to him back and his name was Ajay. He came up to me and he was telling about that Mark Cahill booklet that I gave him and was talking about it and he was telling me that he searched something on the internet that caught his attention from the booklet and it was something about Jesus. He was telling me that Hindus believe that Jesus was an avatar and that another god took Jesus's form and died on the Cross. And that he was a god that had ten forms. Whoa! Crazy stuff that you can get into if you boldly share your faith. He told me that he searched it up on a random religious website that he found. Then I told him that I would give him a new booklet that talks about the lies about Jesus and leads the reader to the REAL Jesus and who He is. Then I said bye and continued on with my lunch. Then later on in the day when the rally was in action, I was in the courtyard hanging out because you can choose to go to the rally or not (it was too loud for me). So I just stayed outside in the courtyard and chilled with a variety of people. Then when it was near the end of the school day I talked with a student who was Korean and his name was Chan. I gave him a booklet and then he said to me "are you a Christian?" And I said yes and then he said that he was also! And so we started talking and laughing with each other and I asked him if he knew a student in my advisory class named Joyce and he told me he did. So I told him to tell her I said hi and he said he would. What a nice guy and he told me on facebook how it was really good to see me and told me that through me he felt again how God loves him and loves the world. What a humbling him to say to me and we just met today! Wow! God is good all the time. Amen!