Friday, July 27, 2012

Praise the Lord u say.


Well, today was my day to leave Orlando. While I was still at my mom's house I saw her crying and my younger brother Joshua. I patted my mom on the shoulder comforting her and I gave my Joshua a hug telling that everything is going to be ok and that I am coming back again to visit. It is definitely hard to say goodbye especially to family members, but even more for my mom because I barely ever see her the entire year. Once my stepdad arrived, he took a shower and then all of us got together and prayed that we would have a safe flight and that I would do well in college. Then we all left in the car to the airport and I was really nervous beforehand at home and even in the car. We had to go to the southwest line to print out my boarding pass when actually we printed out a slim security document for my first flight to Las Vegas. Then we left to the security line and waited there. Once I was close to the entrance of going in, I gave my mom, brother Joshua and my stepdad all a hug and they left. I came into airport security and there were two lines, one going left and the other going right. The one on the right was headed towards one of those full body scanners and I did not like those at all. So I avoided it by going to the right using the regular metal detector scanner. After that, I put my belt on and my shoes and ran over to the train that took me to where the gates were located. I got on safe and was waiting patiently until I got to the other side. Once I got out I was looking above on those signs that guide you to where the gates are located etc. I found my gate and then I went to the Southwest front desk and got my two boarding passes for both my flights. After that I sat down on a seat that was next to a gentleman who was in a semi-formal business suit. I decided to chat with him and his name was David. Me and him started talking about various things like where he was from and what he does. He told me that he works for fidelity investments and that he lives in Miami and was going back home there. I told him that I was going to college and about where I was going. Then later on I said "David, can I ask you an interesting question?" He said "go for it" then I asked "when you die, what do you think is on the other side? What do you think is out there when we walk out of here?" He told me that he did not know and that he has never thought about it before. Then I shared the tombstone example as used in the book One thing you can't do in Heaven to get him to think about eternity. After I told him that he said "good point", and I mentioned to him that we are going to be dead longer than we are going to be alive. I then showed him a proof for a God and he said to me the same thing "good point". He told me during the conversation that I was a deep thinker haha. Then I talked to him about sin by using the Ten Commandments, repentance, the cross, blood of Jesus Christ, etc. I then told David "David, the only reason I share all of this with you is because I care about your soul and where you will go when you die." He told me that he appreciated it and then I gave him a Mark Cahill booklet The most important question of all time. I then had to see if my flight was boarding and it was so I came back and said goodbye to David and left. Well, as you know I always pray for the person next to me on airplane flights before I board and Mark Cahill does the same thing as well, so I decided to try it. I have done it a couple of times in the past, but now I am getting into the habit of doing it. I came onto the flight and sat next to an African-American gentleman and another guy to my left. I was planning on talking to him and then I noticed that he was praying silently with his hands clasped and then he pointed to the sky signaling to the Lord. That gave me an opportunity to talk with the guy and I found out that his name was Allen and that he is a Christian. He currently coaches basketball in Wyoming and has been doing it for ten years. He told me that he struggled with his faith when he was in school back then. He committed his life to Christ but he just did not want to change, but he did of course eventually. I then shared my stories with Allen about me witnessing to others about Christ and he was interested and listened intentivally. I even told Allen at the beginning that I pray for the person next to me on the plane flight and said that it was no accident that it was accident I was sitting next to him. I wanted to talk with Allen more, but he was reading his book and did not want to disturb him. At the end of the plane flight I told him that I enjoyed chatting with him and he thanked me and said good luck. What I didn't realize until I landed in Las Vegas was that my flight from Orlando was scheduled to leave at 5:30, but left at 6:05. My next flight was from Las Vegas to San Jose at 8:05 and I arrived in Las Vegas at around 7:40. So as soon as I got off the plane I rushed from the B gate area all the way to the C gate area which was a long way off. I asked a guy where the gate C8 was and he guided me and I thanked him. I tried sprinting the best I could but I felt that my legs were going to give out and could not run anymore. But I kept going, I persevered the best I could. I was first rolling my bag and realized that it was not fast enough so I grabbed it by the handle, then finally I carried it in both my arms like it was a football. I was carrying my backpack on my back as well and there were people around me staring and looking at me but I didn't care, I was focused on my main goal. After running the best I could down this long hallway filled with people and gates, I arrived at the Southwest front desk and the people were calling me over and they confirmed that it was me. I then boarded my gate and the man said that I was good to go and then he announced my name on the intercom. I got on the plane and had to go all they way to the back row. As I was walking to the back all eyes were on me and it was awkward, but I got used to it of course haha. I came to the back and asked this young women if I could sit in her row and I sat down. She was really friendly and we started talking, I told her how exhausted I was from sprinting from my last gate to this gate and she understood completely. Me and her starting talking about various things. And near the end of the flight when we were landing soon I asked Meagan the question "when you die, what do you think is on the other side? What do you think is out there when you walk out of here?" She told me "that's a good question" and started thinking about it. She told me that she believes that there is something when she dies then she asked me "what about you?" I told her that I strongly believe that there is a Heaven and a Hell and then I asked her what the standard was for who gets one or the other. I went through the Ten  Commandments to show Meagan her sin and then at the end I asked Meagan if she would be guilty or not guilty on Judgment Day. She told me how God will forgive her of her sins and I said that is right, but then I told her at the moment. She said guilty, so I said would that mean Heaven or would that mean Hell and she told me Hell. I told her if you could go from being guilty to not guilty on Judgement Day, would that be a good thing? She told me yeah. Then I talked her about repentance, the cross, blood of Jesus Christ etc. I told her that I cared about her soul and that she appreciated it. Then she told me that it was really nice to talk with me and I the same. Then I got off the plane and had to go to the baggage claim and get my bag. After I got my bag I waited outside and my dad came and picked me up. We left to get Taco Bell for me and then we went home. Crazy adventures you can get yourself into when you trust Jesus completely. There are no accidents to things like this and know it wasn't. But man, the Lord does some pretty awesome and funny things! Praise the Lord!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


So far my vacation here in Orlando, Florida really has been alright. Honestly it could have been better, but the most fun I had was and always will be spending time with my mom, stepdad and my little brother Joshua. I have four days left (five days, if you include today) because I am leaving this Thursday back to California to start my college career. I am very excited but nervous at the same time, but mostly excited because I can't wait for what plans the Lord is planning to reveal. And for what people He is going to bring across my path. I can't wait, the excitement is just going overboard! The things that I did here in Orlando so far that is fun in a worldly sense, is going to a swimming pool with my mom, stepdad and my little brother Joshua. And also going to the biggest Church building here in Orlando is definitely awesome every time. The energy that the Church brings is just awesome and the service is great every time. I thank the Lord that I get to spend time with my mom, even if it is for a short time. And let's not forget my stepdad and my little brother Joshua of course. I will posting more in the future for sure. Praise the Lord forever and ever!!! Amen.

Friday, July 20, 2012


My dear friends. Today has been one of the worst tragedies in the history of the United States of America. After midnight this early morning in the city of Aurora in the state of Colorado. A man committed a mass shooting by injuring 71 people and killing 12 in a Century theaters movie theater during the screening of the Dark Knight rises. Please let us pray for the victims friends and family members and for them to have an open heart to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us remember this day in silence. Thank you and have a blessed weekend.

Monday, July 16, 2012

God will always love you. He will never fail you. Amen.

Amen!!! :D


My stepdad was reminding me again this evening during dinner time of something he talked to me about two years ago. He was talking to me about how preachers or evangelists have a really tough life as they go to preach the gospel in different nations. He told me that I need to be more grateful and thankful to the Lord for what I have because he told me in other countries many people don't have any water, food or shelter and they are dying. While I am here in the United States being picky about certain foods when people would love to devour the food that I won't even touch. He told me that what we have here in the U.S. is considered luxury to other countries. My mom also told me that we are considered "rich" here in the U.S. compared to other nations. My stepdad was also telling me that preachers life is not easy when it comes to sharing the gospel in other nations. The person has to be accustomed to the food there, use whatever they have in that country. And they also have to get used to the house, or whatever they are living in there. There is no Taco Bell, apple store, or any kind of luxury that we have here in the United States that is present there. Absolutely none. And the people living in the country have no idea what a laptop or air conditioning is. My stepdad was telling me that I have no idea what it is like to go hungry. Paul faced the same thing during his life. He was shipwrecked, gone without sleep, went hungry and other horrible things that have happened to him. 2 Corinthians 11:25-27 But Paul persevered and overcame by clinging to Christ and never letting go. I want to live the same way and follow Him no matter what. I want the Lord to help and teach me to become a man and not to be weak but to boast in His strength that overcomes. Amen.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

This is very true. :)

Like son, like father


I was really excited to visit my mom this morning , but also very nervous. One of the things that I don't like very much is airport security because I feel rushed and some people are very impatient and just want you to place your items in the plastic bins and moved through the metal detctor. I had to do that and find my gate by myself by looking at the television monitors. I needed to do all of this myself of course since I was 18 and need to do it more often so then I can get used to it like I am at driving. Well I was planning on doing some witnessing, but I was still thinking about my moving situation and that brought me down a little and I didn't feel lik witnessing. But that was a bad excuse, thousands of people are dying and going to Hell every single day and me not caring is the same thing as me seeing a child drowning in a pool and just walking past him/her. It's just not right, it's very wrong. I need to step my game up, especially at the airport, no matter if I am rejected or not, Christ must be proclaimed. The night before I would pray that the Lord would put the right people next to me on the airplane flight and I stilled prayed that when I was on the airplane. When I boarded my Southwest flight and got comfortable in my seat I introduced myself to the person next to me. He was young (in a physical sense that is) and I don't remember his name but he was a nice guy for sure. He told me that he graduated from UC Santa Barbara and that he majored in finance. He told me that he was working on two projects. I asked him where he was from and he said he was from San Diego. And I told the guy that I was just in San Diego a couple weeks ago for my older brother's wedding. And we chatted for a little bit, I knew that the Lord had an open seat on the plane so then I could chat with him about the Lord Jesus Christ. I didn't get to, so in the end I gave him a mark cahill tract booklet and he took it happily and told me thank you. I was still in the plane since San Diego was just a stop for people that needed to get off, and I just waited and more people came onto the plane. I prayed that the Lord would place the right person next to me on the next plane flight which was to Las Vegas. As the plane got going I introduced myself to the person next to me and his name was Jeremy. He was from San Diego and I asked him what he did and he told me that he is involved in the medicine field with painkillers. I did not witness to Jeremy either but at the end of the plane flight I gave him a mark cahill tract booklet and he took it thankfully. I got off the plane and went into the Las Vegas airport. When I was in the airport I was planning on doing some witnessing and passing out tracts while I was in the Las Vegas airport, but I just never did again. My fear of rejection of men came to me again and I wanted to please people more rather than please the Lord. I was not very happy. I got lunch at Burger King and that sat down back at my seat to eat it. When I got on my flight, I talked with this guy next to me sitting on the flight named Ahmed. I asked him where he was from and he told me that he was from Nagpur, India. I don't remember what he does, but later on during flight I wanted start a spiritual conversation. I asked Ahmed "can I ask you an interesting question?" He didn't say anything but looked at me with curiosity and then I asked "what's happening spiritually in your life? What are you spiritual beliefs or religious faith?" He told me that he does not have one which is very interesting, because most people grow up in stuff. He told me that he just wants to live his life and enjoy being with his friends and does not want to think about stuff like that. I started to tell him about my beliefs and then I started to walk him through the Ten Commandments and then he told me "let's just say I have broken all of them." That is very true, it's just what it says in the Word of God, breaking one of the Commandments is like breaking all of them. I started to talk to him about Jesus and then he started telling me how he had Christian friends that witnessed to him already and chatted to him about this stuff. He also told me a story of how this woman who was really pretty came up to him and asked Ahmed (the guy sitting next to me on the plane flight) "if you died today, where would you go? To Heaven or to Hell?" And then Ahmed said that he would go to Hell. The woman then asked if that bothered him and he said no. Well one thing Ahmed does not know is that Hell is not just a place, it is a place of torment. I wanted to warn him but I did not get to. Then later on in the flight I gave him a mark cahill tract booklet but he did not want it because he already knew about all the Christian stuff that his Christian friends have told him. But he still said thank you to me for the offer. God is good! He does place the right people next to you on the airplane flight, and I am so happy that I got to water the seed! God is faithful for sure! If I never would have engaged in a conversation with Ahmed on my flight from Las Vegas to Orlando, I would have never heard that story from him nor that he had Christian friends talk with him about the Lord Jesus Christ. I remember Ahmed told me that he knows Christ paid for his sins on the Cross and can be forgiven. But one thing he does not know is that he must repent of all of these sins that he is committing and put his trust in Jesus Christ to save him from his sins. But I will keep praying that the Lord would make that seed grow and I also ask all of you to pray for Ahmed as well so that he can be saved. Praise the Lord!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Always put God first and everything else will fall 
into place. 
-What was said on a sticky note when I was at Ohlone college today. 


My first day of driving on the freeway was today! Man, I was kinda nervous and scared at the same time but once I accelerated and got on freeway and got to 60-65mph, I felt more comfortable driving. After that me and my dad went to check out apartments for me to rent a room at so I can stay here in California in Fremont and go to school. We checked out at least two apartment complexes in Fremont. Then we just went home after. Pretty normal day of life looking for an apartment that is a main essential for living. Please pray that I have a place to live so I can go to college here in Fremont. I am asking the Lord this and me and my dad are both searching for where I can live next. Wherever it is, and no matter what happens, God is glorified amen.


As always, I wake up pretty late for Church haha, but I always go nonetheless. I arrived and came during worship service and had nice worship as always. Then our speaker who was Mr. Han (he is white but was raised in the China, so he speaks English and Mandarin both fluently). He spoke about the Church and also showed us a part in scripture in the book of Revelation which talks about the Church in Ephesus Revelation 2:1-7. He talked about how the Church needs to continually be in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and work as a Church together, or suffer the consequences of having that Church removed (not the building, but the people). It was a nice message and I liked it, it really impacted me as well as my friend Jen. But during the service I got a couple calls from my mom, so I called her once the service ended. She was telling me when she could buy my ticket for me to leave to Orlando, Florida so I could go visit her. I told her that I was not sure yet, and my mom was telling me how sad she is saying that I promised her a month, 3 weeks and I did not fulfill that promise to go and visit her. And she started crying on the phone and I tried calming my mom down. It was just an emotional experience for my mom since she barely ever sees me throughout the entire year. So I told her I would call her back (which I did later that night) Then I consulted my Christian friend Austin and we chatted about it together. When I was talking with him, I couldn't help but to break into tears because it was just really emotional for me. He just talked with me gently listening intently for what I had to say to him. Then after he started to pray for me and put his hand on my shoulder and prayed. I am so thankful for my Christian friend Austin because he is such a caring follower of Christ and I admire him greatly. After that, I then left to get lunch at Taco Bell. I knew there were people in Taco Bell that I needed to chat with, but I just never did because of my fear of rejection. And I wanted to give tract booklets out, but I never did that either. Now I know why. It was because that I am filled with a lot of stuff right now in my life and worrying about it that I can't witness and have fun with it because I have all of these things in life that I am worrying about. And also because I don't pray before I share the Lord Jesus Christ. I remember I used to share my faith so much in the past, and now Satan is trying to destroy me by taking me away from evangelism. I don't ever want that fire to burn out, please, please pray for me to be bold for the Lord Jesus Christ and to not fear man. What can man do to me? I have the most powerful person in the entire Universe on my side. So please pray for that. After I went to the Great Mall which is a mall near my Church building to go and witness. And I still couldn't do it, why? Because I never prayed. Without prayer, I am useless. Prayer is like an energy drink, without it you won't be able to have a ton of energy to play hard and give it your all. It's the same thing with prayer. I need to pray to have the Holy Spirit active in me so I can share my faith with passion and boldness like never before and go all out for the Lord. When I was at the Great Mall, I was so ashamed of myself that I left to my pastor's house for Connect. I was at the door and rang the doorbell, but no one was home. I heard Lia (which is the name of my pastor's wife) come in through the garage. I decided not to go in, because I just thought it was a little early so I went to this playground that was literally near their house and sat on a platform. I began to read the book One thing you can't do in Heaven and One heartbeat away. I saw two people that were friend and one of them was walking a dog. I was planning to witness to them, but I just did not have to boldness too. (sigh) Eventually I saw two of my friends that are part of my Church, Tiffany and Theo. I greeted them and they walked inside my pastor's house for Connect. I also came into the house as well, and greeted Lia. My friend Austin called me and told me that he was going to meet me to pick me up so we can go to sweet cup. So I left the house and I met my friend Austin, Jason, and my new friend Kevin in Austin's car. So we all left to this milkshake place which was sweet cup and we hung out there for a bit. Then after we left, and I did not know where we were going. So close when we turned into a parking lot I asked my friend Jason next to me where we were going and he told me that I was going to apply for a job. I literally had no idea. So we went inside and I filled out my job application sheet that my friends have given me already and I applied for the job at this hawaiian restaurant called Bento express. After that we left to David's house (who is our my and my friends pastor) and we chilled and greeted more people as they came. Some were familiar faces, others were not and I greeted them as well. We had two people share something so that people could pray for them. One of the people that shared was me. Then we had worship then bible study. The bible study was on the Rich young ruler in Matthew 19:16-30. We talked about how it's not about how good we are, because are never good according to God's standard which is the Ten Commandments. We must have a close relationship with Christ and forsaking all and follow the Lord Jesus Christ no matter what the cost. Then after that, everyone socialized and I danced for a little bit (showing off my dance moves haha), but I had a good time with everyone. Then I took off and headed home. Great day today. Praise the Lord!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


This afternoon today I needed to get gas for my car, so after I dropped off my stepbrother Emmanuel to his friends house I drove over and put gas in my car. After I did that, I drove back home and hung out for a bit and got prepared to leave to go visit my good friend Austin. He told me that when I arrive at our Church building, that I need to ring the door bell so he can let me in. As I was walking towards the main entrance, people that are part of my Church youth group and their dad were coming out and he just held the door open for me and I walked inside. What was interesting is that I arrived right at the exact time as they came out, God is good! I came inside and greeted my friend Justin who was also part of my youth group and then I greeted my other friend Jen, and we just chatted for a bit. Then afterward I went to this room where my friend Austin was at and he was excited to see me and we greeted each other. We talked for a bit before doing some worship, and the worship hit me pretty hard and I was almost in tears when we were singing this one song. I was thinking about how great God's love is for us and how we have sinned against Him, and that we are not "good enough" to go to Heaven. But that God would send His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, to save us from our sin and grant us the gift of eternal life in Heaven that we don't deserve at all. And I was just so thankful for the blood of Jesus Christ that washes away all of my sin so that I am forgiven of it once I repent of my sins and put my trust in Him. After worship, we head out to one of my favorite all-time restaurants Sizzling Stone. It's a Korean bbq restaurant and the style of choosing your food is just the same as Chipotle and Subway. Austin told me that he would pay for the both of us since he told me it was on him. I could not go last Sunday since I was in San Diego for my older bro's wedding. He promised what he said he would do on that Sunday when we were supposed to meet. So after we had lunch today and talked about various things, we went to get some pearl milk tea, (which I love by the way). Then after that, we left and I told Austin that we'll meet again tomorrow for Church as well as Connect (Connect is a bible study that the college students and older people have together). God is good and He will continue to be good regardless of whatever else we do down here on earth. Praise the Lord!!!


As soon as I came back from San Diego, I had to handle business for applying for a job. But then last Wednesday my cousin gave me a check which was my graduation gift that he forgot to give back to me when I was in San Diego for the wedding. So before I left, I prayed to the Lord and asked Him if this was the right job for me and to give me the right words to say when I am there. So I drove over, and when I arrived there I asked this women who was right near the door if I could speak with the store manager. She told me he is busy so she can me a job application for me to fill out instead. I texted my dad a few times and called him once to ask him about a few questions that were on the sheet. Eventually I completed the sheet and gave it to the women. Then I met the store manager who's name is Sean. He's a really nice guy and I told him my name was George and he talked to me about my form and that I turned it in and he said "very good." He also told me that he will contact me later on. I was happy, and then I left and had to go to the chase bank, which was the bank that my cousin Dennis use's. I went inside and asked the lady in the front to cash my check. She said ok, and right when I was about to swipe my card, she noticed that I had a bank of america debit card. So she asked me to give her the check and she cashed it in for me. The only problem that I had with going to the bank was that the women explained to me that if the check was $50 or more, then bank would charge me a $6 fee. I was not happy when I heard that, but thankfully the check my cousin gave me was $20.12. (he wrote that purposefully because that is the year I graduated haha). But still, a $6 fee!? And I don't even bank at chase, that does not make sense at all, I just hope when the store manager gives me my check, that it will be for bank of america and not chase. And I don't even know if other banks charge the $50 or over $6 fees. Afterwards, I just came home, and I got to talk with my good Christian friend Austin who called me. A normal day of life again today. I am still looking for a place to stay and I still need to call this family because my classmate and pen-pal talked with them to find out if I can move in with them. But God is good and I trust Him with my life, amen!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Well, today was the big day. Not for me of course, but it was for my older brother who was getting married to his fiancee! It was a really exciting day. Before all of that happened, me and my other brothers were just putting golf outside since our hotel which was the holiday inn had a mini putting range. It was nothing too fancy, just a simple putting range with different holes. Except they were laid out in the grass since they were probably cut by a lawnmower. Later on, we needed to get dressed, so me and rest kinda rushed to get ready. I was having trouble putting my suit on so my stepbrother helped me with the tie and I was trying to put the rest of my suit on, as well as my undershirts. As I hung the tie on my neck, I was trying to pull it tight and I was struggling, so my brother came up to me and responded by slapping me in the face. I asked him why he did that and he said because of my "stupidity". My brother likes to commit malice to me a lot and it's not right it's wrong. That's why I leave all judgment up to the Lord Jesus Christ because I know that my brother will get the justice he deserves. But I don't want my brother to go to Hell forever, I just want him to repent of his sins and commit his life to Christ before it is too late. But the way he is going right now in his behavior is just horrible. Please pray that the Lord will wake him up and have him call upon the Lord Jeus Christ for the forgiveness of his sins. Please pray. Then after that, my dad and my stepmom came in and they were not too happy. They found that I have not dressed properly and that I was not fully ready to leave. So my stepmom was complaining and telling me why I was like this and so was my dad. But as for me, I have kept my mouth quiet because the bible says in Proverbs 10:19 "When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise." I have learned to do that a lot on this trip, learning to keep my mouth quiet and not say things I wanted to say that were not appropriate at the moment. So I just stayed quiet while they helped me get dressed properly. Then we all left to the location where the wedding was held. Not a lot of people were there, except the people who were planning the wedding, the decorations, and everything else. We took pictures before the wedding ceremony started and we also met our cousins, family, and relatives who arrived as well. Then the wedding ceremony started and my brother Italo and the sister of my older brother Ross, Tenise both gave a short speech. My brother said a poem and Tenise's sister said something short that I don't remember. Eventually, my brother Ross and his fiancee said their vows and I was not crying at all, I was just very happy for them. It got emotional for a couple of people that told me they were shedding tears. Soon after the wedding ceremony ended, it was the reception party that was held inside this building that was literally right next to us. Everyone came in and socialized until it was time for everyone to sit down for dinner. As always my dad started the tapping of the glasses to represent the groom and bride kissing. That happened a few times. Soon, dinner came and I had shrimp scampie which was really good. And I loved it so much that I asked my stepmom if I could have hers and she offered to give me all of it. My Aunt Fiorella came up to me and told me that it's not right to be taking food from others since it is rude. But I just loved shrimp, I couldn't help it haha. After dinner, everyone mingled again and I met a guy named Bryan. We  just started chatting about different topics and such. As some people got on the dance floor to start dancing Bryan was encouraging me to go out there and dance, but I didn't want to. One of the things I will never forget from him that he told me was that love is the greatest of all things. He told me that in all these religions, each of them teach that love is the greatest and most important thing. That is a very true statement as declared in the Word of Almighty God "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13 We had a nice chat. Then one of my family relatives or my cousin I believe it was, dragged me onto the dance floor to dance so I just moved a little bit. Eventually I left the dance floor, then came back on later. When I was there a second time, my older brother who saw me said to me "show me how to shuffle!" So I started shuffling and everyone was shouting excitedly and I was dancing like there was no tomorrow. It was crazy. I was then encircled by everyone on the dance floor and I was just shuffling away having all these people at my older bro's wedding cheering  for me. It was such an adrenaline rush, my goodness. And I was also drenched in sweat, but my uncle Bruno was even  worse than I was. He whole back was completely soaked! The rest of the night was awesome. After that, my dad planned to continue the party (even though it was just an after celebration which is the truth) at the Hyatt hotel which was really close to the wedding location that we were at. We arrived at the room and greeted everyone, and I was offered a Jell-o shot. I thought it was just plain Jello, but after I tasted it a little the guy who was at my older bro's and his wife's room told me "it has alcohol in it." I stopped eating and just left it. Me, my brother, stepbrother and my cousin Geo were all in my Uncle Bruno's room (he is Geo's dad) watching television. My brother and my stepbrother fell asleep since it was late at night and mostly because they were tired. I was tired as well but still awake since I got used to staying up late. Then later on, we left back to our hotel. That was one of the greatest weddings I have ever been to. Just plain awesomeness. Praise the Lord!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Today was the day before the wedding and it was the wedding rehearsal. We already got settled in our hotel which was the holiday inn and we were relaxing a bit before leaving to the wedding rehearsal dinner which was at dock cafe right near the ocean. And what was so great about it was that behind the restaurant was a outside area where you get a beautiful view of downtown San Diego. I wish I would have brought my camera, darn it! Oh well, things happen. I'm not that mad. I don't want to worry about it. At the wedding rehearsal dinner, my dad proclaimed his speech to everyone which was excellent. He practiced beforehand but it was a great speech. It was the same speech that he said to everyone at the wedding as well. Then it was my older bro's fiancee's mom's turn to speak to the public. Then after that, everyone mingled and we met people, including my cousins. After everyone had dinner and socialized, there was a slideshow of pictures of both my older brother Ross and his fiancee Tenise as they were growing up from childhood into adulthood. The slideshow was very funny and nice and everyone enjoyed it, including me as well. Once that was done then everyone who participated in the dinner rehearsal socialized more until it was time to go. Me and my family said goodbye to my cousins and other relatives, then we left later on. It was a nice night and I was just amazed by the lights of downtown San Diego and was just in awe of the amazing creation of God. The colors were so beautiful, but I can't wait until Heaven when the colors will be vibrant and so detailed beyond imagination!!! Praise the Lord!!!