Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Witnessing story! This was yesterday at the mall! Thank you for all of your prayers my brothers and sisters and God bless each and everyone one of you! Be bold for the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

Jesus does it again!!! I decided to go to the mall for witnessing and I had a great time. I prayed for the Lord to lead me to the right people to talk to. So as I entered the mall I was walking and talking to the Lord. I came across a guy named Rob and started a conversation. I asked Rob what he thinks happens after he dies and he replied "that's one hec of a question!" He said another word, but I won't write it. We had a very good conversation about Jesus Christ and other subjects. He was very open and we had a more than 10 minute conversation. He was telling me all of this other spiritual stuff and I told him about the Lord Jesus Christ. But what was interesting about him was that he grew up in a Christian home. But Rob decided to go his own way. He does however like the Bible moral teachings and knows about the Holy Bible. Because he told me he has read through it before. But I shared Scripture with him and he just nodded his head. Such an interesting conversation me and him had and I knew it was no accident the Lord set that up for me. And I just prayed before I came to the mall. And Jesus set me up with Rob right there in the mall. Praise the Lord!!! I gave him a tract at the end. And I told him I would give him a book. And he loves to read which is awesome! Pray for Rob and may the Lord bring him back to Him. Glory to Jesus for Him using me to bring glory to Him. Amen. Romans 1:16

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hello everyone! I hope you all have been doing well. I have been doing good working hard and being busy. I am going back to California soon in June and I am very excited!!! So please pray for the trip and ask the Lord to use me for His glory to share the gospel. I want to share the gospel with people on the plane, airport and while I am in California. I can't wait to give out gospel tracts to everyone the Lord puts right in front of me. Also please pray for Doris whom I gave a gospel tract earlier today. Pray for also all the others seeds the Lord used me to plant in people's lives. The Lord is good my friends. Keep your eyes on Him and reading your Holy Bibles. God bless all my brothers and sisters! :)