Friday, December 28, 2012


Yesterday my dad took me and my brother Mark up to Orlando to and visit my mom there. Once, we arrived we both came into the house and greeted my mom and my brother Joshua. Then for most of the entire day we stayed at the house and hung out until my stepdad arrived at the house. Once he arrived me and my brother greeted him and we hung out for a bit and discussed our plans for the evening. We talked about having some pizza from a real Italian restaurant not far from our house. As well as going to Wal-Mart and finding a case for my new iPod which I did get from Christmas and I am happy with it. But what's funny, I don't feel fully satisfied with it because I know I have the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God which makes me much more happier. That means that I am not attached to worldly things anymore, I have been attached to things of the Spirit. Romans 8:5 We left for the Italian pizza restaurant later and ate the pizza which was very good. I was surprised that there was a kid that worked there, so surprising! After that we left to Wal-Mart so me and Mark could look for a case. My mom also did her usual shopping routine as always. Me and Mark were searching for cases for our iPods and we were figuring out which one would be best. We finally found one package that came with three colors in plastic covers. They were blue, pink and black. I got the blue one because I personally like the color blue haha. Then after that we came back home and hung out for the rest of the evening. I wanted to go to sleep on the couch in the living room, but I couldn't so I just went to sleep with my brother on the bed in our room that we usually stay in. My younger brother Joshua that is my mom and stepdad's son, likes to cause a lot of havok around the house making a mess. It's pretty frustrating but we have to deal with it. That was pretty much my day yesterday.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My #1 favorite bible verse. Christ lives in me. Hallelujah.

Merry Christmas my brothers my sisters!!! :D

I'm not sure if Christ came down on the earth on this day, but whether he did or not we should celebrating the birth of the Savior every day knowing that He is and only He alone can wash away our sins with His precious blood. Celebrate our Savior coming down to the earth to save us! "Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11 Hallelujah and praise to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords forever and ever to the Lord Jesus Christ who is Lord God Almighty. Amen.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I love people like this. A person who stands up for the Lord Jesus Christ in this sinful world. God bless this man. Pray for what he is doing.


Today was a pretty chill day and relaxing. We celebrated my dad's birthday yesterday night and we went out to Chipotle to eat. It was very nice. My dad got two gifts for his birthday. He got the movie that he was not expecting and was really excited to receive it which was the movie prometheus. And he also got an iphone 5 even though I saw him using it the days before haha. Eventually my older brother Italo came over and we greeted him and he stayed with us for the night at my house. My dad, brother, stepmom and stepbrother were all watching the movie prometheus on the second floor. Me and my older bro Italo were just talking and hanging out with his dog Annie. The movie was really loud and there was a lot of bloodcurdling screams and stuff within the movie. My brother Mark didn't like it. Then when it came to bed time, I was talking with my brother Mark and kept on talking and was mentioning how I threw my Flip camera in the garbage. My brother asked me how I could throw away something worth a lot of money and was complaining about it. He even got up and told my dad about it after midnight. My dad was also upset that I threw away something that he paid $150 for and gave it to me on my birthday. I was also mad with myself saying in my mind "how could I do that?" I regretted doing that action and will for the rest of my life. Regrets are the worst kinds of things in life, but the worst one is knowing that you have been warned about the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ and not repenting of your sins and turning to Him. And once that person is in Hell, they will regret that decision for all of eternity. And regretting something forever is way worse than some temporary action that we did here while on earth. My dad was planning on getting me the new ipod 5 for Christmas and now that he has heard of what I did to my Flip camera, I doubt that I will get it. But you know what? It doesn't matter because that ipod will not last in this life forever. It doesn't matter if I get it or not because this life is only temporary and won't last forever. Eternal life with the Lord Jesus Christ on the New Heavens and New Earth is going to be even better than using the latest ipod that is useless trash here on earth. Besides, I will get to use that ipod that I did not receive down here on earth. Why? Because technology isn't sinful, it's the product of our human creativity. Nothing that we humans create is sinful, it's just us using our creativity that the Lord gave us to make things since He Himself is a Creator. That is why I am so excited for that rather than getting something down here that I know won't last, and now that I think about it, it gives me a lot of comfort. It makes me feel much better for not getting something down when I can joyfully receive it up there.  But of course, it's not going to compare to the Joy of being with the Lord Jesus Christ. Even if my dad knows about me throwing away my Flip camera and still get me the new ipod 5, that's grace right there. My dad getting me something that I do not deserve at all. That is equal to God's grace. We don't deserve Jesus, Heaven, and all the glorious riches that the Lord has for us, but God graciously gives it to us because He is good and He loves us. Whatever I get for Christmas or don't get, I am still thankful for the greatest gift of all, the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A true friend. Be a person with these traits. Be like Jesus.

Who's a true friend?

One who stands in the way of danger to protect you.
One who stands by your side to comfort you at any time of the day.
One who will take your hand and guide you in your lowest times.
One who will go out of the way to make you smile.
One who shares everything new and exciting with you.
One who -fill in your own thoughts-

But most importantly,
One who doesn't expect any of it in return. 

He is worth living for. He is everything. Amen. :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Random quotation

"When you feel as though no one is hearing your cries, feeling your pain. There is one that is always there for you. His name is Jesus. Talk to Him, He is listening." -Anonymous

We all need grace in times of need. Hebrews 4:16

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Amen. :)

The Lord will never let us down. NEVER. "Your faithfulness continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures." Psalm 119:90


Today was pretty frustrating for me and my sad. I was not having a good day today at all. My dad is concerned about my new lifestyle that I am living in at my family friends house and does not think it's a good idea. He thinks that I am not eating enough and wants me to maintain my healthiness by eating more and enough. My dad is also concerned about my responsibility actions. I told him how my family friends parents are paying for my groceries and food, and my dad told me that I should be the one to buy my own things, not them paying for me. My dad told me that they are not my parents and that I should be responsible for my own things and pay for them myself. My dad does have a point, but the reason I was asking them to pay for my groceries was because I was afraid I would not have enough money. Well, that is my fault for not trusting the Lord, and I have not been trusting Him like I should. I know the Lord will provide for me, I just have to do my part and start relying on Him more often. My dad is going to cover my budget cost for all of my groceries, and my youth intern job where I earn $150 every two weeks is going to cover my gas for my car. I just have to start committing more of myself to the Lord each day and make sure that I trust Him and no one else. I may be going through some tough times and troubles down here on earth with all the arguing and frustration, but it will be all worth it in the end when I finally see Jesus face to face in Heaven. "For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all." 2 Corinthians 4:17 The eternal glory that we will reach in Heaven with our new glorious reconstructed bodies and seeing our Lord and Savior, our God, Everlasting Father etc. will be worth all of the troubles that we have endured down here. I am staying in Fremont, California for a reason and that reason is for school. But I know that God's purpose is to have me reach out to lost people with the gospel. God placed me in the bay area for a reason, not only for the people I met there, but for a soul purpose to do work for the Kingdom of God and His work only is the only work that matters down here on earth. Pray that I would endure these problems and may the Lord grant me His peace along with His great love, grace and mercy. Amen. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hello my brothers and sisters. Yes I am still alive on earth and not in Heaven yet with the Lord Jesus. I had a very nice flight from San Jose to Chicago. And then from Chicago to Ft.Lauderdale. Both flights were great! But I do wish I would have had chick tracts with me so I could leave them all over and pass them to people. But I will do it in the future, that's for sure. Well, Christmas is in seven days and boy am I excited! I can't wait for that day! I may be excited for gifts and being with the family, but I am more excited about thanking my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for coming down to earth to save us from our sin. Even though we don't know when the Lord Jesus Christ came down to earth, we should be thankful every day for what He has done for us. Christmas just brings that joy of celebrating what He did for us and makes it extra special. I am just hanging out at my house right now in Boca Raton, Florida. My older brother Italo is driving down from Gainsville, Florida (that's where he lives) on the 22nd to celebrate Christmas with us. Right now everything is fine and I am ok. Thank you for the prayers my wonderful family whom I will meet with in Heaven and we shall rejoice with our God the Lord Jesus Christ for all of eternity. Hallelujah!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I woke up at 6:45 this morning because I had to practice for my Christmas skit this morning. Our skit was about the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. I had to to say that the skit went really well and the audience enjoyed it a lot. You better believe I was tired today haha. People from our sister Church building which is Crosspoint Church of Silicon Valley, (except their's is in another city), came over to visit our Church building. I greeted and introduced myself to them. It's always a joy to meet new brothers and sister for sure. I was hanging out with them a lot and one of them that I met named Steve, invited me to get a drink with him and his friends. One of my new friends gave me money to pay for a drink, which was really nice of him. After we left back to our building and hung out more. There was a basketball game happening later at my Church building, but I could not stay because I had to go home. Tomorrow I am leaving to Florida to visit family there. Please pray for me my brothers and sisters because I get really tense and nervous about being in the airport and going to different gates and finding my gate for sure. I get scared about missing my flight. Please pray that the Lord would give me comfort and peace as well as Him watching over me and protecting me. Also pray for a safe flight all the way to Florida. I am making one stop in Chicago, then from there to Ft. Lauder dale, Florida. I get worried because of this, but pray that the Lord would be with me every step of the way. Thank you so much. God bless all of you and praise the Lord. Amen.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today is a very rainy day, but it was productive as well. I had to run an errand for my dad in Florida by driving over to Fry's electronics and buying a cable so he could use it for whatever reason. I was struggling at first trying to find it after asking a store employee, but eventually my dad talked with another employee at the store. The man gave me directions for where to find more of the cables that my dad mentioned to the guy on the phone. I walked over and I found the cable that my dad wanted. I felt happy and very accomplished when I found it. I bought it then came home. I cleaned a little of my family friends room, even though the cleaning crew came yesterday, then I read chapters of my bible in 1 Kings. That is the book I am reading right now. I am going to relax at home for the rest of the day, then tomorrow I have to prepare in the morning for my Christmas skit where we are reenacting the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. My character is the husband of the dead girl that Jesus brings back to life. Hopefully my sister can come tomorrow like she did for my improv show. I love rainy days. Thank you for creating them Lord.

Friday, December 14, 2012


My brothers and sister. Today is a very sad day. About 20 children and 6 adults have been killed at Sandy Hook Elementary school this morning around 9am in Newtown, Connecticut. ABout 27 are reported dead at the school. But remember, they are not dead, the bodies are, the person's soul is in Heaven or Hell for all of eternity. This is very sad and is affecting numerous victims friends and families lives right now. Even people around the United States that were not involved in this incident. Right after the Aurora shooting in Colorado, we have now have this? I can't believe it. This makes me sick just reading this article and thinking about what this sinful man has done. He has killed innocent children including adults as well. Right after he pointed the gun to himself and committed suicide. What that gunman should have done is preventing to kill himself. Go to prison, repent of his sins and commit His life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Even though, it was a very wrong thing he did, he would have been a forgiven sinner and would have gone to Heaven to be with the Lord Jesus Christ. But no, instead he decided to not make that decision, kill himself and send his soul directly to the flames of Hell. He was not made for that. He was made to be with the Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever. But now, that gunman will be without the Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever. Please pray for the victims friends and families that are going through a tough time right now. They need the love and, grace and mercy of our God now. Take a moment and pray right now for them.

P.S. Here is the article about the mass killings at the school if you want to read it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


When I was driving to pick up my family friend Akshay from school today, I came across one of the traffic lights that was red and blinking. Approaching those are difficult because you have to know when to go in traffic. That's when your right of way test comes to mind when you studied the drivers booklet and also took the driving test. I got through it no problem but there was a woman who took a left turn and I stopped in the middle of the intersection and let her go. That was a close one. As I was approaching the next intersection a firetruck was coming on the road to the right and I did what I was supposed to do. I pulled over to the right then after it passed I came back into my lane. As I was in my lane a car on my right unexpectantly showed up and beeped his horn. He gave me a gesture to move over so he could make a right turn, but I couldn't do anything because I had to get back in my lane from pulling on the right side of the lane after the firetruck passed. My heart was racing at that point and was a little scared from what happened. As I pulled into the next intersection I noticed that fish symbol with the Cross inside of it on the back of a car. I knew the Lord placed that car right next to me so I could see that He is with me and was telling me not to be afraid from what happened back at the other intersection. That was a comforting message to me from the Lord. There was a bible study later today at 3:30 at my pastor's house. As I was pulling into my final turn I saw a Cross in the car right behind me. That still encouraged me a lot. When I came to the house a girl who I knew from Church told me that the bible study has been canceled. When I was close to home and was making a right turn into my neighborhood, I noticed yet another Cross hanging from a man's mirror. Wow, the Lord was telling me that He is with me and will never leave me. I felt really relieved from today when the Lord was revealing Himself to me in those little miracles I like to call Godwinks. (Godwinks are a trademark of SQuire Rushnell). Praise the Lord!

Every knee will bow one day to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Lord God Almighty.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Yesterday was an awesome day my brothers and sisters. A friend of mine that graduated from Irvington got baptized today!!! It was a wonderful day yesterday. My friend was really excited to see me because she doubted I would come to her baptism. But I came! I took a few hours off work to watch her and a few others get baptized, and the rest of our Church were watching as well. Then after that, we took off to a restaurant at a near by mall to celebrate. Except that my friend Janice who got baptized could not make it because she was celebrating with her family. After that I left home and prepared to leave to my college for my improv show final that was that evening. I was nervous and excited, but only nervous because my sister and her husband Jacob were coming to watch me perform. The performance went really well and the audience got a good kick out of it and some laughs. Afterward I greeted my sister and her husband and they congratulated me on my performance. They were really excited to see me, mostly my sister and I was the same. We all did not have dinner so I suggested my favorite fast food restaurant Taco Bell haha. While we were there we talked about my performance and improv, etc. Then we both left and drove home. I was really happy that my sister came to watch me. It showed how much she loved me and sacrificed driving miles just to come and watch me perform. It really meant a lot. It's similar to what Jesus did for us on the Cross. Him sacrificing His life, so we can have the gift of eternal life that we do not deserve at all. I plan on inviting more people next semester like friends and also my sister might invite her friends as well to come and watch me.

P.S. This is a balloon that my wonderful sister gave to me after my performance. God bless her! :) And under the balloon picture, is me, my friend Janice who got baptized and my great Christian friend Austin. I am on the left, Janice is in the middle, and Austin is on the right.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Today was a really fun for most of the day. It was because that me and a few classmates of mine went to San Jose to watch an improv comedy show called comedy sportz, which is really funny! I loved the show and I had a good time. A classmate drove me and my other classmates to San Jose and then we hung around and found a place to eat. I didn't eat anything since I already ate mozzarella sticks earlier. I felt that Satan was trying to tempt me stronger than he has before. Because the crowd I was hanging around with was not a Christian group of people. I was hearing a lot of profanity and swearing, but no matter how hard Satan tried to tempt me to swear, I would not do it. Satan can't touch me because I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. I already belonged to Satan when I lived my disgusting sinful lifestyle, now I belong to Jesus. Amen. Besides that I was noticing in the 9:30 midnight show which was for adults I caught the improvisers mocking the Christian life. They were mocking the Ten Commandments which is sin. That really irritated me. I don't take that. I also noticed that during the show one of the improvisers said "not sinning is for pussies!" Excuse me, sinning is not a good thing and it's breaking the law, the Ten Commandments. You see my brothers and sisters how deceitful we human beings can be. It's also very sad that when I look around, Satan traps the person's mind into thinking that when we are dead, we are gone. That's it. That is not true. How do I know that is not true? Because when you read the book of Luke chapter 16:19-31, you see in that chapter the story of the Rich man and Lazarus. When the rich man died he ended up Hell, since he did not get to repent and get back on track. Instead he took it the hard way for all of eternity and he will be burning in Hell forever and ever. My brothers and sisters, this should not happen to anyone to all of the lost people around us. May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified forever and shine. Amen.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

God speaking

When I was driving this evening to pick up my friend from school, I noticed on the back of a car that said "Give Jesus a chance. He died for the opportunity." I also saw a sticker with the K-Love logo, which is the Christian station here in the bay area. I knew that that the Lord was talking to me and using that sticker as a way of communicating with me. I know that for sure. God can talk to you in many ways, you just got to ask Him to speak to you and watch as He reveals Himself to you through life. I believe that the Lord was telling me that I should give more time over to Jesus and His Word and spend more time with Him, knowing that He died to set me free. I was recently talking with the Lord yesterday night and said a very heartfelt prayer, and I believe the Lord sent me this today to tell me what was up. I should spend more time in the Word of God and less time on my laptop wasting time on the internet. I should be reading the Word of God daily and not just on several occasions. I have not been reading the Word recently, and I firmly do believe the Lord told me this tonight as a sign to take Him more seriously. Jesus gave me life, not myself. Jesus gave me everything and I should acknowledge that more often and be thankful for all that He has given me. Pray for me, my brother's and sister's that I may be more serious about talking with the Lord and giving Him more attention than ever. God is good and may His glory and love shine forever and ever. Amen.