Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thy Word is Truth

The Word is what sets us free. It tells us right from wrong, truth from false, and good from bad. We need it in order to know why we are here, and how. For us Christians we know the Word is important because we have trusted it and believed it. But is the bible really true? Can we really trust it? The answer to that question that has been going on for years is, yes. People have wondered for countless years, is the bible really true? Did things happen back then like they said they would. Let's look at that. First of all the bible is not just a book written by people, it was written by God through man which makes the book divine. Over 3,000 times in the bible it says phrases like "And the Lord God Almighty says" or "Says the the Lord God Almighty. This clearly means that the book is divine and has no claim of human authorship. If that's not enough to convince people, then let's look at the archeological side. Their have been over 25,000 archeological finds on places, people, and their titles and not one of them contradicted anything found in the bible. (You can look that up on YouTube).  That proves that the Word of God (aka the bible) is completely trustworthy. And also the bible has proven itself prophetical. Their are more than 2,000 detailed prophecies in the Old Testament and factually 25% of the bible is predictive in nature. And all of the prophecies leading up to the return of Jesus Christ to Earth have been fulfilled to the smallest detail. Amazing!!! The bible also historically talks about how the king of Assyria brought people from Babylon, Cuthah, Hamath and Sepharvaim and settled all of of them in the towns of Samaria to substitute the Israelites. 2 Kings 17:24 And incredibly the bible can also be proven scientifically! About 2,500 years ago, science said that there were 1,100 stars in the sky. And the prophet Jeremiah said "the host of Heaven cannot be measured, neither the sand of the sea measured." He said that they were uncountable. And when we see pictures taken by the Hubble space telescope we know the stars are uncountable! Wow! Science confirms many things that the bible says, but as you can see according to the divinity, archeologically, historically, prophetically, and scientifically parts of the bible, this proves the book absolutely trustworthy. Praise God for His wonderful Word! Amen.

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