Sunday, May 15, 2011

Share with no fear

Have no fear. When we believers share Jesus with people, we shouldn't be afraid because He is with  us. Every time we share Jesus we gain power from His Holy Spirit that we didn't even know was possible. And we have strength and courage that we never knew we could have. The Holy Spirit gives us wisdom and words only if we ask it to. It help us do what is right because it is our advisor that God gave to us to assist us in situations. The missionaries that are sent out to other countries, God commands them to do their job, and we should be willing to do the same thing. It takes guts for them to share Christ with people who reject it, don't know about it, and are believers in another religion. But remember we Christians don't have a religion, we have a personal relationship with Jesus (aka God). Were sent out to help lost people (don't know Jesus) to explain to them what sin is and how it separates us from God. And we bring them into a relationship with Jesus. So fellow believers, don't be discouraged, just remember God is on your side and will always help you when you ask Him. I will pray for courage, wisdom, and strength for all of you. God wants us to do our job, so let's get to it. All praise and Glory goes to God for letting us share and bring more people into a direct personal relationship with Him. Amen.

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