Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hello my brothers and sisters! I would like all of you to please pray for a lost soul I gave a gospel tract to earlier today. When I gave him the tract and told him it's a comic book he replied "for what?" I said "for you to enjoy." He thanked me and then we both walked away. Please pray for the Lord to water that seed that I planted in his heart. I sowed the word in his heart and how he responds to it will be his decision. If he rejects the gospel, then he will be hold accountable for rejecting Jesus Christ our Saviour. But one day he will remember the tract he read that showed him the only way to salvation in Jesus. I did my job by delivering the gospel message to him. The Lord use me to be bold for Him and I am thankful. Thank you for all of your prayers my friends and God bless you all in Jesus name! :) 

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