Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hello my brothers and sisters! I have returned from my trip and I had a great time in San Diego. Although I didn't get to witness as much as I wanted to, I did give tracts out. And the Lord also showed me that He has not forsaken me and never will. I was very encouraged to see Him show Himself to me. Even while on vacation. What was awesome about my return back was that the Lord blessed me with an atheist to talk to! His name is Randall (ran-doll) and we had a great conversation. He grew up Jewish but became atheist. His mother is atheist too. But his dad is a conservative Jew. Pray for all of them and for all of the seeds I planted while on vacation. I even prayed for Randall to sit next to me on the plane flight! The Lord is soooo good and he was very open to talking about religion. Pray for his soul and for his family and friends as well to come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ for the remission of his sins. Thank you so much my brothers and sisters for your prayers! God bless you all and the Lord is good! Thank you Jesus! :) 

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