Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Job interview

Today me and my dad played two games of pool table today and it was very fun. Later in the evening I had a job interview. I tried to get to the place I was going to but there was a policeman blocking the road. I took another route and got there. It turns out there was a car accident and that someone was injured and taken to the hospital. Please pray for that person's soul and for the gospel to be given to him/her. The interview was good and I enjoyed it. It was me and six other people getting interviewed. This was a group interview that everyone participated in. We all took turns answering questions and acting. The reason why we acted was to show what we would do in a particular situation. We also had show and tell and I got to present my Bible to the group. I thought that was cool and I had a chance to show the Word of the Most High God to people. I thank and praise the Lord for that opportunity from Him. We also had to answer a series of questions. At the end we each filled out a paper showing our hours and that was it. Please pray for this job my brothers and sisters. Pray that whether or not I get this job, I will still give Jesus Christ the glory. If it's the Lord's will be done, this job will be mine. But it's all for God's glory, not mine. His will be done, not mine. Amen! I love you all my brothers and sisters and God bless you! Pray for the seeds I planted today for God's glory. Thank you! I love you all very much and praise Jesus!!! 

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