Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello my brothers and sisters. Here is my account that happened to me last night at a gas station. She is a woman I gave a gospel tract to. Please pray for her salvation and for her to believe in her heart that Jesus rose from the grave. I posted this on my FB. Thank you all so much and God bless! :) 

So yesterday when I went to get gas I gave a gospel tract to the woman working. I don't remember exactly what she said so I will paraphrase. She said to me "hey, aren't you the one that gave me this comic book?" I replied "yes I did" and she told me that she really liked them and that she has shared them with her family and people that she knew. She was very thankful that I gave her the previous tract and she was happy to receive another one. Again paraphrasing she said "I was like, who was that person that gave me that comic book?" And now she knew that it was me. I even offered to pray for her so I held her hands and I prayed for the Lord to bless her and lead her to the cross. What an awesome divine appointment! You never know what Jesus is going to do at a gas station. Please pray for her salvation. Thank you Jesus!!! This fire the Lord started in me ain't going to be extinguished. And Satan can't stop it. I humble myself at the cross of Jesus Christ and give Him the glory. Amen and amen. Romans 1:16 bro. 

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