Tuesday, January 14, 2014


"People today who want to see miracles should stop following fake healers and engage in biblical evangelism." -John Macarthur. I have seen plenty of miracles because I pray for the Lord to lead me to the right people to talk with about Jesus Christ. And every single time I pray for a divine appointment, God delivers. It's so awesome. I call those miracles. In our sinful world today lost people want to see miracles as in seeing water turn to wine, or someone walking on water. But divine appointments are the most amazing miracles I have ever experienced. Pray for them my brothers and sisters. Share the Gospel with everyone you can before the Lord Jesus comes to snatch us from the earth and take us home. Share the Gospel biblically the right way, not how pastors and preachers do it because they are imperfect. Follow the Word of God in the bible, it's the perfect truth. Jesus is the truth. I love you all my brothers and sisters. God bless and praise the Lord!!!

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