Saturday, January 18, 2014


True friendship is about who came and never left you alone when you needed someone to talk to or just to be with to get away from the suffering of every day life. It doesn't matter how long you have know the person because you may know them a long time, but they won't call you or contact you at all. It's about who came into your life and really blessed you and gave you comfort when you really needed it. Even if you have known that person for a short time, he/she cared enough about you and loved you so much to listen to you and to sympathize. That's a true friend. A true friend will make you feel special and will do whatever it takes to make sure your day is awesome! Jesus makes my day awesome every single day but He can bless you with also an amazing friend as well. Just trust Him to bless you with the right people in your life. Jesus knows who should be in your life, and who shouldn't. Trust in His sovereign wisdom. Amen! :) 

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