Saturday, April 23, 2016

Witnessing stories! Pray for the seeds planted my brothers and sisters! God bless you all! :) This was days ago.

Yesterday a woman came to the building I was working at. And after she got helped I gave her a gospel tract and said "it's a cartoon comic book." And she replied "a cartoon comic book? I needed this!" Please pray for her salvation. And today as I was walking to ultimate frisbee, I noticed a couple behind me. I kept walking away, but I need the Holy Ghost was convicting me to go and give a gospel tract to them. I couldn't just let them walk away without the gospel. So I literally chased them down (lol) and offered them a gospel tract and said "God bless you." Pray for these seeds the Lord used me to plant for His glory. When the Lord convicts you, you just go out and do it my brothers and sisters. Wow. Always be obedient to the Lord my brothers and sisters. When we are faithful, He is faithful. When we are not faithful, He is still faithful. Amen!!! Romans 1:16, Romans 10:15

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