Monday, March 21, 2016

Witnessing stories! Thank you all so much for staying in touch with my blog. Even though I have not blogged for some time. God bless you all! :)

Jesus is soooo awesome!!! Earlier I went to the mall to do some witnessing. Before I went to the mall, I prayed a lot. I kept asking the Lord for divine appointments and praying that He would use me to be bold. And to use me for His glory to share Jesus with people. I asked the Lord to open up my mouth and not let me be a wimp for Jesus Christ. I even asked the Lord to lead me to the right people to talk with as soon I arrived at the mall. As I walking inside the mall I saw these two guys coming toward me. I approached them and engaged them in a conversation. Their names were Ian and (the other person lol). They thought it took being good to get them to Heaven. So I shared the Ten Commandments with them to show their guilt before a holy God. At the end I told the both of them I cared about their souls. They were thankful and shook my hand. I gave them tracts at the end. The next person I saw was a man covered in tattoos. At first, I was going to pass him by, but I felt an urging to talk to the man. I sat down and introduced myself. His name is Steve and I shared the wonderful gospel with him. He was definitely open to it and thanked me for sharing. I gave him a tract as well. The next person I talked to was a man named Steven! Not a bad sequel to the previous name! haha. He was appreciative that I shared Jesus with him. A tract went to him as well. Now the next conversation I had was a good one. I talked a woman handing out jewelry store flyers. Her name is Elizabeth and she grew up Roman Catholic. She thought it took good works to go to Heaven and others stuff. I shared with her the law of God to show her sin before God. I told her that no good works can get her to Heaven, but by repenting of her sins and trusting in the work that Jesus did for us on the cross. She was very thankful that I shared with her. I told her about a free book that she can order online for free. And I also shared scripture with her and she was interested. She was thankful for the conversation. I gave her a tract at the end as well. Now the next part my friends, blew me away. I noticed three women walking towards me and I approached them to talk. I asked them all the question "if you died tonight, are you 100% you would be going to Heaven?" One of them said yes and I said "why?" And she replied "because I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I asked if they all believed in Jesus Christ and they said yes. Praise the Lord!!! So I encouraged them to share their faith in Jesus Christ and gave them tracts to help reinforce their faith in Christ. And I gave more to give to friends that are not born-again and saved. I then prayed for them in the middle of the mall. It has now become one of my favorite encounters from the Lord of all time. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you Jesus for using me. He is real folks and I thank Him for using me today. Thank you for hearing me Jesus and providing these divine appointments. You are good and awesome! I love you!!! smile emoticon heart emoticon Pray for the seeds planted please. Thank you! Romans 1:16

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