Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trip to Orlando

Hello my brothers and sisters! I was gone most of this weekend because I was in Orlando visiting my mom. It took me and my brother a more than 2 hour trip north. And it took us more than 2 hours south. I had a nice time at my mom's house. I also gave tracts out as well and put one in the restroom at a store. I saw a woman sitting alone in a dunkin donuts. I felt convicted by the Holy Ghost to give her a tract. I approached her and gave her a tract. I also told her that Jesus loves her and died for her sins and rose from the dead for her. I gave a tract to a clerk at a gas station and another to a customer. I also gave a tract to a man in a toll booth. Please pray for all the seeds that the Lord used to plant while I was in Orlando. Thank you so much my brothers and sisters and God bless each and every one of you! And happy resurrection day! HE IS RISEN!!! Luke 24:5-7

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