Thursday, November 20, 2014

Soul winning

Hello my brothers and sisters! I went out to share the gospel tonight and it was awesome! I shared the gospel earlier today when I gave three tracts to the a clerk. Please pray for their souls. I went out tonight to go share the gospel with lost souls and I had so much fun!!! I first went to a place called Boomers which is where they have games and rides for kids and adults. Afterwards I went to the movie theater and gave tracts to people there too. I had so much fun I couldn't stop smiling. The Lord used me to glorify Him and whether or not people accept or reject Jesus Christ, I have done my part. I have warned them by giving them the gospel. It's their choice if they want to repent of their sins and believe in Jesus. They won't be able to say on Judgement Day that nobody warned them. Our job my brothers and sisters is to warn people by giving them the gospel. We MUST blow the trumpet and warn them that trouble is coming. Please pray for all of the seeds I planted tonight my friends. I love you all and God bless! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!! :) 

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