Thursday, December 22, 2016


Hello my brothers and sisters! I apologize for the absence of new blogs. I didn't tell you all that I went to Georgia to visit a friend of mine. He lives in Cumming but we (including his cousin) all went to Atlanta to visit the Georgia aquarium and the Coca Cola museum. The best part of it all? I got to plant plenty of seeds within those two places. I gave gospel tracts to as many as I could with the limited supply of gospel tracts in my pocket. So I'm asking all of you my brothers and sisters for prayer for all of those people I gave gospel tracts to. And also pray for my friend Ajay. I wrote a letter with the gospel message on it along with Bible verses. A gospel tract was inside the envelope along with the letter as well. Thank you very much my brothers and sisters for your prayers and God bless you all. :) 

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