Saturday, October 8, 2016


Greeting my brothers and sisters and those reading this for the very first time. Peace be with you all and grace from our Lord Jesus Christ. He is good all the time my friends, I'm telling you. I have some an awesome story to share with you all today. I came to the front entrance of Panera Bread for a lunch date. It was my second date but with a different person. I already ate lunch, so I didn't mind eating again. I would consider it my second lunch. But a woman walked out the door and as she was walking away from me I gave her a gospel tract. I told her that it's a ticket to Heaven. She was thankful that I gave it to her. I then walked inside and eventually my friend came for us to have lunch. As we were eating I noticed this woman sitting a long ways from us. I thought she was very pretty, and I kept looking back at her. I was thinking about giving her a gospel tract. I went to the restroom and came out. I was still nervous in walking over to her table to give her one. So I just stalled near the registers. I look back at her table and she's not there! I notice her out of my peripheral vision walking near me. She then goes to the register to order something! I was beginning to think the Lord knew I was nervous about coming to the table, so He brought her over to give me an opportunity to give her a gospel tract! How cool is that!!! So when I saw the opening I went for it and said "did you get one of these?" She replied "I liked the way you approached that." Interesting reply. I told her that it's a gospel tract. After I walked out and was talking to the Lord about what just happened. He is good all the time ladies and gentlemen and you never know what can happen when you walk out in faith and witness for the Lord. Let Him use you for His glory. God bless you all my friends and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen. :) 

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