Sunday, February 14, 2016

Witnessing!!! Please pray for the lost souls. Thank you and God bless! :) And this was yesterday.

I went out earlier today with my sign that I held beside the street to passing cars. I had a few people give me thumbs up and others honk their horns to show approval for what I was doing. A woman asked me about the sign and I told her that I came on the streets because I love sharing Jesus with people. She thought that was nice and I told her to have a nice day. Eventually a woman named Stacey saw my sign and liked what I was doing. We got into a conversation. But what was even more awesome was the shirt she was wearing that said Romans 1:16 which is about not being ashamed of the gospel. And I prayed before I held up my sign that I would not be ashamed of the gospel. And then I saw her wearing the same shirt about Romans 1:16!!! So crazy that Jesus is soooo awesome!!! Are you kidding me! Get fired up!!! God bless her, and pray for Stacey and her fiancee. There was a man inside a bus that I saw who pointed at me. And then he used his finger and rotated it beside his head while saying the words "are you crazy?!" I couldn't hear him and I think that is what he said. I would not be surprised if he did that. The wicked are choosing to reject Jesus and it's sad. Pray for that man who mocked me from inside the bus and all those who saw my sign. All for the glory of Jesus. Jesus, you did it again and you never fail to surprise me. grin emoticon Romans 1:16, Mark 16:15 Prayers appreciated! Thank you! smile emoticon

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