Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mission trip story!

Today I went witnessing at the mall with a new friend of mine whom I met at our Church building. His name is Charles. Even though Charles did not have a lot of experience witnessing himself, I had a wonderful time witnessing! I walked up to a woman standing outside named Robin. We had a nice short talk about what she thought was out there after she died. She said Heaven and asked her what religious faith she grew up in and she said Jewish. When I asked her what it took to go to Heaven, she said by repenting and asking Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. She told me she believes in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of her sins! Praise the Lord!!! Robin is a Messianic Jew meaning that she is a Jew that believes Jesus Christ the Messiah or Son of God. It's rare, because most Jews don't believe that. I said God bless you and said the same to me with more enthusiasm! As I was walking by I heard her say to two strangers "God bless you and God bless you!" And one of them said "God bless you too!" I thought that was awesome. While in the food court I tried to witness to two teenagers sitting next to me and one of them said "if your going to lecture me about God then you can just walk away." Talk about pushy! haha. So I tried to talk to him a little more and then his friend showed up. He told his friend about what I was doing and then the other friend said "are you tripping balls?" I said no and then eventually he said again "are you a cop?" and I said that I wasn't. I tried to get into a conversation but couldn't so I gave a gospel tract to the teenager. Then I heard him saying or think I heard him say "I can't take this guy anymore." So he moves to the table up in front. I knew he wanted nothing to do with me but you know what? That situation had nothing to do with me. That teenager wanted nothing to do with God and Jesus Christ. Please pray for him. I had a short talked with a woman named Monica and gave her a tract. I also gave three gospel tracts to three teenagers hanging out in the mall. I also gave tracts to other random strangers. Please pray for all of the seeds I have planted today at the mall my brothers and sisters. This was all for God's glory and not for mine. Glory to Jesus Christ and God our Father! And thank you Holy Spirit for your power to be bold for Jesus. I love you all my brothers and sisters! God bless you and praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Amen!

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